It looked like Jiang Lin was messing around, spending money to hire people to shout, but Cao Guojiu didn't show his face, and Mrs.
Cao sent Jiang Lin away.
Jiang Lin didn't get anything good, just like a joke.

    But only the person involved knew that there were something that couldn't be seen on the surface.

    Recently, the emperor had alienated the empress and the crown prince and loved the second prince very much.
At this stall, the Cao family, who was the empress' natal family, even made a fuss about bullying others.
The object for bullying was an official in the court.
What did you think when such a thing got to the emperor's ears?

    At the feet of the emperor, a descendant of the Cao family dared to act so rampantly relying on the support of the empress and the crown prince.
Did he not take the emperor seriously?

    This time, the emperor's estrangement from the empress and the crown prince may have to be extended.

    And Jiang Jinyue, who was exposed, was probably one step further away from the position of the crown princess that she had always dreamed of.

    After Jiang Lin left, the servants of the Cao family came to drive away the people who watched the fun, and Mrs.
Cao also began to scold Cao Juncai, “Stupid thing, did I let you act with such fanfare? You are so talented, you dare to bring people away to splash swill at the door of Wei’s mansion, don’t you think the trouble is not big enough?”

Cao grabbed Cao Juncai’s ear, and brought someone in to teach him a lesson.

    When her eyes touched the two people standing at the door, Mrs.
Cao herself began to feel guilty.
But fortunately she saved face and didn't embarrass herself in front of the servants.


    After entering the study, Mr.
Cao, Cao Wenshan snorted coldly, and asked Mrs.
Cao, “Did you order that useless thing to do it? I told you not to meddle in other people's affairs when you are idle.
Just mind your own business, when will you hear the words in your ears?”

Cao defended herself in a low voice, “I'm not doing it for Shuang'er?, the Cao family can't have the second crown princess since we have the empress, but can't Shuang'er even be a side concubine?”


    “The empress spread the news that His Highness the Crown Prince had some interest in that girl from the Jiang family and intended to make her a side concubine.
The empress heard that the girl has a bad reputation, so she asked me to think of a way to stop His Highness the Crown Prince's thoughts…”

    Cao Wenshan said with a straight face, “Then you shouldn't do such a stupid thing.
You let Juncai get ahead of others for no reason.
What's your plan? Could it be that you still want Juncai to marry that girl?”


“Although the girl is a daughter born from the second wife, her status is not bad, if she is worthy for our Juncai, why can't she marry into the family,” Mrs.
Cao retorted.

    Cao Wenshan told her while spinning around the room angrily, “Do you have any brains? If you say marry, then marry, are you dead if it’s not the member of Anyang Houfu?”

Cao: “It is not easy for a woman to marry into Cao’s mansion. Jiang Jinyue has a bad reputation, and my son is giving her face by marrying her.”

    “You, you, you!” Cao Wenshan was so angry that he didn't know what to say.

    Old man Cao interrupted the conversation between the husband and wife, “Okay, don't worry about Jiang's daughter, my Cao family doesn't want this kind of granddaughter-in-law.
The wife of Wenshan, you also remember that the girls from my Cao family never become concubines.
It's the same for the crown prince’s side concubine, Shuang'er's marriage will be managed by her grandmother in the future, and you don't have to interfere.”


Even though the old man had retired, his majesty hadn’t faded, once he opened his mouth, even Cao Wenshan wouldn’t dare to refute, Mrs.
Cao could only promise to agree.

    “I heard what that kid from the Jiang family said.
If you don't want the Cao family to follow in the footsteps of the Wei family, he can follow me in the future.”

    Cao Wenshan hurriedly said: “Father, my Cao family has many descendants, and there are many promising ones, and I will never let them follow in the footsteps of the Wei family,” Cao Wenshan didn't like such words that belittled his family.


    Old Man Cao sneered and looked at his unclear son, “When the Wei family was in its heyday, even my master would nod and smile when he saw the old general of the Wei family.
What are you guys?”

    Even if he still disagreed in his heart, Cao Wenshan didn't dare to refute the old man, he obediently shut up and didn’t dare to speak again.

    Cao Juncai's performance in Wei's house was also transformed into a board meal plus a night of kneeling in the ancestral hall.

Cao, who encouraged her son, was also taught a lesson by the old lady of the Cao family and punished for copying Buddhist scriptures for one month.
From the Cao family's point of view, this matter was over.


    Jiang Lin, the person who really decided whether to tie the knot or not, met an acquaintance not long after he left Cao's house.

    He walked over at a fast pace and asked Wei Yunzhao who was waiting by the road, “Why are you here? Didn't I tell you to stay at home?”

    Wei Yunzhao stretched out his hand to Jiang Lin, “Come to pick you up.”

    Hearing this, Jiang Lin was a little happy, so he took Wei Yunzhao's hand, and hugged him.

    Wei Yunzhao: “…I just want to see if you are okay.”

    Jiang Lin shook his head cheerfully, “It's okay, those people can't beat me.”


    He carried Wei Yunzhao into the carriage.

    “Where are we going now, are we going back?” Jiang Lin asked.

    “Where do you want to go?”

    Jiang Lin: “I want to beat that shameless idiot Jiang Jinyue while it's hot.
She even lied that I disfigured her.
I'll let her see what is the real disfigurement, the kind that she can't cure it anymore!”

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