Cao Juncai faltered in an instant, jumped up to hide behind Xu Tianming, and whispered to Xu Tianming, “Before we came here, you didn't say that he is so good at fighting.
If I knew it, I would call some masters.”

    Xu Tianming: “…I said it.”

    Cao Juncai retorted, “When did you say it, why didn't I remember?”

    Xu Tianming: “I said I can't beat him.”

    Cao Juncai finally realized, “It means that you are a master, and even a master can't beat him, right?”

    Xu Tianming didn't want to talk to him anymore.

    The content of the two talking reached Jiang Lin's ears, and Jiang Lin couldn't help scolding a fool.

    “Which of you two will come first?”

    Cao Juncai said harshly to Jiang Lin while hiding behind Xu Tianming, “Jiang Lin, do you know who I am?, do you know who my father is?, if you dare to touch me, You're dead!”

    “I warn you, my aunt is the Empress, and His Royal Highness the Crown Prince is my cousin, if you hurt me, be careful you will be punished.”

    “Oh,” Jiang Lin said with a cold face, “It's okay if you don't move , I’ll let you go after you lick up the swill you let people pour at my door.”

    Xu Tianming said with an angry face, “Jiang Lin, don’t bully people too much!”

    Jiang Lin smiled, “I'm bullying people too much, you don't bully people too much by pouring swill on my door and letting me come out and get beaten by you.
Since you want to stand up for Jiang Jinyue, let her see how much you sacrificed for her, so that she will remember your kindness in her heart and admire you.
Let you do what you want.”


    Xu Tianming: “Jiang Lin, a vicious person like you is not worthy of mentioning Miss Jinyue's name.
I just came to you today to give you a warning.
If you dare to do anything to Miss Jinyue, don't blame me for being merciless, even if you are the eldest son of Houfu, I still dare to touch you.”

    “You're so awesome.
After after you talk to me like this, think about whether you can go back from my hand safely today.” Jiang Lin took a rolling pin and slapped Xu Tianming.

    Xu Tianming retaliated in pain, and was suppressed by Jiang Lin within a few strokes.
Jiang Lin's eyes were sharp and cold, “Xu Tianming, don't mention what happened in the Houfu before, this is the second time you have troubled me for Jiang Jinyue.
I hope there won't be the third time, otherwise I will directly dispose of you.”

    Jiang Lin kicked Xu Tianming down with such force that Xu Tianming couldn't get up.


    Jiang Lin skipped him and walked towards Cao Juncai, Jiang Lin stretched out his hand and pointed at the swill that had been splashed all over the place, as well as the dirt marks on the gate of Wei's house, “You are the one who asked someone to do this, because the Cao family is the empress’ natal family, even the emperor calls your grandfather father-in-law, so you dare to bully people around like this?”

    “The current fifth-rank official of the Wei family can't afford to offend your dignified uncle's family, so I won't beat you, since your parents can’t take care of you, so I'll take you to your grandfather and let him take care of you, the emperor's father-in-law should be reasonable.”

    Jiang Lin lifted Cao Juncai by the neck and turned him around, “Let's go!”

    Cao Juncai struggled with teeth and claws, “Jiang Lin, how dare you, if you dare to touch me, my parents will not let you go, if you let me go now, and then go to lick the swill by yourself, I will not care about this matter with you.”


Jiang Lin ignored him, and pushed the people forward.
Seeing that his master was arrested, the servant Cao Juncai brought stood up enduring the pain and surrounded Jiang Lin and Cao Juncai. And because they were afraid of Jiang Lin, no one rushed to save their master, so they just walked around with Jiang Lin.

    On the way, they also helped Jiang Lin pointed out the way to Cao Mansion.

    Cao Juncai also stopped his scolding and threats at the beginning, and then he gradually gave in.
He even asked Jiang Lin to make conditions with him, but Jiang Lin pretended he didn't hear anything.

    When they arrived at the gate of the Cao Mansion, they had already followed by many spectators.
With the experience of shouting at Jiang Jinyue and Zhao Qiuru earlier, Jiang Lin was familiar with the road this time, and directly hired the people to shout for him on the spot.

    As a result, a deafening shout sounded outside Cao's house: ” Cao Guojiu, come out to fetch your grandson!”


[国 guó: country; nation; state; national ; 舅jiù: maternal uncle]

    Just such a sentence, each time they shouted, they paused for two breaths, and then continued to shout, Jiang Lin's purpose was to call Cao Guojiu himself, came out to pick up people.

    The Cao family was a real wealthy family, not to mention ordinary people, even the court officials were not qualified to enter.
When the concierge saw Jiang Lin appeared at the door with their young master, he immediately reported it.

    As soon as the news reached Cao Juncai's mother, Mrs.
Cao, the words to ask the old man of the Cao family to go out to fetch his grandson sounded outside, and people in the courtyard heard it clearly.

Cao immediately lowered her face, and asked angrily: “Who dares to be so rampant, dare to act wildly at the door of my Cao's mansion, beat people with sticks.
If they dare to resist, they will be sent directly to the Yamen, and the governor will deal with it fairly!”

    The concierge said  “The one who came is the young master of Anyang Houfu.”

Cao frowned, “Isn’t Jiang Lin married to the Wei family?”

Cao suddenly remembered what she told her son to do, she didn't expect Jiang Lin was so bold to come to Cao's mansion.
Cao asked the maid next to her, “Is the master back?”

“Send people to guard the door of the study, and when the master come out, let them say that I had already gone to deal with the affairs outside, and there is no need for him to come forward.”


Cao led a group of people to the gate of Cao's mansion, and Cao Juncai saw his mother came out , he was so excited that he was about to cry, “Mother, save me quickly, Jiang Lin bullied me, and he beat me, mother…”

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