It was Baiji who came to report.
Jiang Lin's face turned dark after hearing this, and he stood up abruptly, “Do you recognize those idiots?”

    Baiji shook his head, “They have never been to our house.”


    Jiang Lin snorted, ” Whoever they are, they dare to let me go out and get beaten by me.
I will beat them to death, bring me a stick,” Jiang Lin spread his hands.

    Baiwei, who just came from the kitchen, put the rolling pin she was holding in Jiang Lin's palm.

    Jiang Lin: “…”

    Baiwei: “…Young Madam, do you think it's okay?”

    Jiang Lin shook the end of the rolling pin, “…Yes!”

    Wei Yunzhao saw that Jiang Lin didn't have him in his plan , pushed the wheelchair by himself and asked Jiang Lin to go out together, but Jiang Lin didn’t let him go out, so Jiang Lin ordered Baiji and Baiwei to look after him, “Without my order, you all stay in the mansion well, don't run out to watch the excitement.”

    “Yes, Young Madam!” Baiji and Baiwei responded loudly, then pushed Wei Yunzhao to the table with a wheelchair, stared at him without blinking, and guarded him from sneaking away.

    Wei Yunzhao: “…”

    Jiang Lin smiled slightly to Wei Yunzhao, “My husband is good, wait for me to come back.”

    Then he walked to the gate of Wei's mansion with a rolling pin and was almost splashed with a bucket of swill, Jiang Lin became angry on the spot, and took out his rolling pin and flew straight at the forehead of the man who threw the swill.

    The force was not small, and the person was smashed fell to the ground on the spot, leaving a red spot on his forehead.

    The concierge went to help Jiang Lin pick up the rolling pin, wiped it clean and sent it back to him with winking eyes.
Jiang Lin held the rolling pin and looked at the leader, “Xu Tianming, it seems that you didn't remember the lesson from last time.
Do you want me to soak you in the swill bucket today?”

    Xu Tianming stared at him and was about to speak, but was pulled by someone behind him, another man in white with a fan stood in front of Xu Tianming, “It’s me who want to find you today, not him, it's me who come to trouble you.”

    Dressed in white, with a paper fan swaying slightly, and a sinister and dissolute smile on the corner of his mouth, it could be said that he was very good at pretending.

    Jiang Lin asked, “Who are you?”


The man in white's face darkened visible to the naked eye.

    “Jiang Lin, you are so courageous that you don't even remember me.
Back then, when you came to this young master to recommend yourself as a pillow, it was this young master who didn't like you, a flirtatious thing like you, and rejected you.
How dare you forget this young master?”

    Jiang Lin rolled his eyes, “I haven't even recommended myself to the crown prince, and still recommended myself to you, why do you think you’re better than the crownprince?”

    Jiang Lin also remembered who this person was, the empress’ nephew from her natal family, Cao Juncai, the youngest son of the Cao family.

    The original body had also hooked up with him because of his good background, but he definitely never recommended himself as a pillow, after all, the original owner never thought about having anything to do with a man.

    “You fart! You just recommended yourself, and everyone around me can testify,” Cao Juncai was annoyed by Jiang Lin's refusal to admit it, and pushed the servants around him out, determined to compete with Jiang Lin to win or lose.

    Jiang Lin said in a perfunctory way: “Okay, okay, I know you are better than the crown prince, I admit it, okay?”

    Cao Juncai realized that Jiang Lin's words were wrong, and was about to curse, but was cut off by Jiang Lin directly, “The one who splashed the swill is you, right? You called me out to get beaten, right?”

    “Jiang Lin, why are you so vicious? You failed to murder Miss Jinyue, and even ruined her appearance.
Do you know how important appearance is to a woman? Are you still human?” Xu Tianming stood up again to find his presence, The tone was angry.

    Jiang Lin didn't expect that there would be disfigurement.
He stepped forward and knocked Xu Tianming's forehead with a rolling pin, “Your father is a high-ranking official, how did he give birth to such a mindless thing like you?”

    ” I can even put you in the water with one hand, let alone Jiang Jinyue, a woman who can't even run, if I kill her, can I still give her a chance to go home and slander me? Also, is there a difference whether her face is disfigured or not? Aren't they all equally ugly? “


    Xu Tianming yelled loudly, “Shut up, I won't allow you to slander Miss Jinyue, Miss Jinyue looks like a fairy, she…”

    Jiang Lin stopped his performance on the spot,”Bah!”


Xu Tianming's words got stuck in his throat, and his face flushed red.

On the other hand, Cao Juncai felt that Xu Tianming had robbed him of the limelight.
He came today with orders from his family.
He pushed Xu Tianming away and said to Jiang Lin, “Jiang Lin, you are a vicious man with a vicious heart.
You ruined Jinyue's appearance, I want you to look good today.”


    Cao Juncai waved his arms, “Come on, kill him to avenge Jinyue's ruined appearance.”

    Cao Juncai brought a lot of people here, when he shouted, these people rushed up to Jiang Lin with sticks.

    “Young Madam, do you want me to help?” A voice came from behind.


    Jiang Lin turned around but didn't see anyone.
He guessed that they were the twin brother and sister, and they hid in the dark.

    Jiang Lin said: “No need.”

    There were many members, but they couldn't make up for the disparity in strength.
The rolling pin was almost turned into a nunchaku in Jiang Lin’s hands, one stick for each, and when the foot kicked hard, everyone fell to the ground in a short time.

    Jiang Lin clapped the rolling pin with his hands while looking at Cao Juncai and Xu Tianming, he smiled slightly, “It's your turn next.”

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