Wei Yunzhao went to find someone, and Jiang Lin was in charge of moving the seeds outside.
During the move, he quietly exchanged a batch of seeds with the one from the space, which could yield a thousand catties per mu.

    The steward of the village was surnamed Yang.
Steward Yang called all the households together and gave an order that no matter how busy they were, they must raise the more than 300 catties of rice seeds today, and they could have a day off tomorrow to rest.

    they were very happy, and they started work hard.

    Even Zhou Chengwang and Du Yuling, who were arrested and forced to work as coolies, both had more energy.

    Jiang Lin wasn't there, he went to the pond to catch a lot of fish, and planned to have a fish feast at noon to reward his two good brothers.

    And Wei Yunzhao told Jiang Lin that he was leaving for a while, but he disappeared and didn't come back until it was getting dark in the afternoon.

    Jiang Lin didn't ask him where he was, but said that it was a pity that he didn't have the whole fish feast at noon.

    “I don't know if I can taste Madam's handicraft at night?” Wei Yunzhao asked with a smile.

    Jiang Lin said sincerely, “You can have everything in your dream at night.”

    “Young Madam, is there really nothing left? Soup is also fine, I can eat it with rice,” Xun Qi said, positively fight for the leftovers for himself, he didn't want to eat them in his dreams.

    Wei Yunzhao: “…” Shame on you!

    Jiang Lin laughed, and gave him directions, “You can go to the kitchen.”

    Then Xun Qi left his master behind, and disappeared in a flash.

    “You are not as good as Xun Qi in this respect.
You don't even have the leftover soup to drink.”

    Jiang Lin was telling the truth.
Although he cooked a lot at noon, Zhou Chengwang and the two were impressed by his craftsmanship.

After the meal, there was really only some soup left.
Because no one washed the dishes, they hadn't had time to pour it out.

    Wei Yunzhao probably never thought that one day he would grab the leftover soup and rice from his subordinates.
It was delicious and full, but his mood was a bit complicated.

    Also because of the leftover soup, Xun Qi looked at him with bitter resentment,


“What kind of eyes do you have, it looks like your young master has robbed your wife,” Zhou Chengwang gave a precise description.

    Xun Qi turned his eyes away, and didn't want to bring up the sad things again.

    Zhou Chengwang didn't care, and turned to talk to Jiang Lin, “Aren't you going back to the city tonight?”


    Jiang Lin shook his head, “No, you go to Wei's house and help us tell our family that we will go back tomorrow morning.

    ” Because of Jiang Jinyue?” Du Yuling asked with a frown.

    Jiang Lin nodded, “There is something Jiang Jinyue wants in this house, and she won't be reconciled if she doesn't get it during the day.
Let's stay here for the night first.”

    Du Yuling had some guesses in his heart, but he didn't say much, pulling Zhou Chengwang and left, and if he didn't leave, he wouldn't be able to make it to the city in time.

    The moonless night was black and murderous, the high wind and the sky was on fire, the silent night was pierced by a sharp knife, and the uninvited guests successfully alarmed the two big black dogs kept in the house.

    When Jiang Lin pushed Wei Yunzhao out of the room, he happened to see the two men in black being chased by two black shadows running all over the yard.
Out of fear, they even forgot that they knew how to do qing gong.

    A lot of people came, and two hidden weapons flew from the roof to rescue the two people who were being chased by dogs.

    Jiang Lin ordered, “Steward Yang, take the dogs back to the house, don't hurt them.”

    Steward Yang immediately appeared in the yard, holding one the dogs in each hand, he brought the dogs into the house, and the door was closed tight.

    There were not many people living in this house, but nine out of ten were veterans who had retired from the battlefield.
Although their skills were not as good as these men in black, they were not as easy to deal with as ordinary people.

    Xun Qi had already fought with several men in black, and Wei Yunzhao told him not to keep them alive, so the corpses lay in the yard soon.

    some of the men in black also came over to Jiang Lin and Wei Yunzhao, but they died under Wei Yunzhao's hidden weapon before they got too close.
Occasionally, those who got close were directly broken by Jiang Lin.
After all, no one was survived.

    When all these people in the courtyard were settled, there were two bags of seeds missing in the house, which meant that they could sleep well for the rest of the night.

    Early the next morning, after Jiang Lin explained to Steward Yang how to take care of the rice seeds, he went back to the city with Wei Yunzhao.

    He originally wanted to go to the Anyang Houfu to see Jiang Jinyue's jokes.
After all, he sent so many people, and finally snatched back two bags of wheat seeds.
She would probably cry angrily.

    But before Jiang Lin watched Jiang Jinyue's joke, he first heard gossip about himself.

    “You said Jiang Jinyue went around telling people that I made her carriage fell into the field yesterday to kill her on purpose?”

    Wei Yunjia nodded heavily, “Yesterday I went to Sister Fei's house to play with her.
I heard her maid clearly when she reported back.”

    Jiang Lin: “…”

    “Jiang Jinyue must have been trampled on her brain when she fell yesterday, she could even make up such outrageous lies.”

    Not only lies could be made up, if the lie came out, there were still people who were willing to stand up for Jiang Jinyue for this lie.

    “Young Madam, it's not good.
Someone poured slops around the gate of the Wei Mansion, calling for you to go out and get beaten.”

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