Zhou Chengwang laughed like a fool, “Why haven't Jiang Lin and the others come, they are about to get up.”

    Du Yuling asked: “Do you really want to rush over and hold Jiang Jinyue in the field so that she won't get up?”

    “You remind me that if Jiang Lin doesn't arrive before she gets up, I will go and hold her in the field.” Wait until Lin'er arrives to see how miserable Jiang Jinyue is.”

    Du Yuling: “…”

    He silently closed his mouth, fearing that there would be too many reminders and something irreversible would happen.

    Jiang Lin and Wei Yunzhao also happened to catch up.
They saw a picture of a beautiful woman coming out of the mud.
Jiang Jinyue walked from the field to the ridge covered in mud and water with difficulty.

    Jiang Jinyue saw that Jiang Lin and the others were all looking at her by the side of the road.
Her eyes could kill.

    Jiang Jinyue said coldly: “I'll remember today's account, Jiang Lin, I won't let you go!”

    Then she was supported by the maid and went to the direction of farmhouse.

    Jiang Lin stared at Jiang Jinyue's back, and asked Wei Yunzhao next to him, “Is she sick, and she can blame me for falling into the field?”

    Wei Yunzhao replied, “If that's the case, then don't bother.


But soon they met again at the gate of farmhouse.
Jiang Jinyue and her maid kept knocking on the door, “Is there anyone?, open the door, open the door quickly.
” Looking very eager..

    Jiang Lin and the others watched from behind, and after a while, Jiang Lin said, “Hey, the master is here.”

    Jiang Jinyue turned her head to meet Jiang Lin's eyes, “Is this the Wei family's house?”

    “Impossible, “Jiang Jinyue subconsciously denied that it was Wei's house. The system clearly said that the grain seeds were placed in this house, so Jiang Lin was going to snatch her away again?

    Jiang Jinyue couldn't accept this fact, “Jiang Lin, don't lie to me, I won't let you get away with it this time, it's mine, no one can take it away!”

    After finished speaking, Jiang Jinyue turned around and continued to knock on the door .

    Jiang Lin shook his head, feeling that Jiang Jinyue's illness was getting worse.

    “Xun Qi, open the door,” Wei Yunzhao ordered.

    Xun Qi opened the door with the key, and Jiang Lin and the others lined up to pass by Jiang Jinyue, and walked in.

    Jiang Jinyue's eyes widened, her face full of disbelief, “Why?”

    She called the system frantically in her heart, “Why why, system, why didn't you tell me that this is the Wei family's house, why is my grain seeds in the Wei family's house?”


The system's voice was as indifferent as ever: [The grain seeds were brought back by the character Wei Yunzhao, so it's not surprising that it was placed in Wei's house. The system allows the host to obtain the seeds and does’t restrict the means used by the host.
The host is asked to get the grain seeds before it’s planted. ]

    Jiang Jinyue almost collapsed after hearing what the system said.
She didn't expect that the grain seeds was Wei Yunzhao’s, and she had to snatch away this seeds from him.

    Jiang Jinyue was not reconciled, “Why! Didn't you say that I’m the heroine? Why can Jiang Lin and Wei Yunzhao be ahead of me in everything? Why should they?”

    System: [So the system requires the host to win over or to eradicate these two people, because the host didn’t complete the system tasks and caused the passiveness, the system does’t bear the relevant responsibilities. ]

    Jiang Jinyue clenched her fists, “I'm too soft-hearted, I won't let them go again, I must get the grain seeds this time!”

    Jiang Jinyue learned from her elder brother that the empress was looking for the crown princess for His Highness the crown prince, if she couldn't get the grain seeds, and if she didn't have enough bargaining chips, then the Empress wouldn’t choose her based on her reputation that was ruined by Jiang Lin.

    Jiang Jinyue gritted her teeth, wiped the muddy water on her face, and said to the maid, “Go, let's go back first!”

    Zhou Chengwang saw that Jiang Jinyue leaving with the maid from the crack of the door, a little disappointed, “She left so soon, I still don't want her to leave yet! I thought she was going to mess with something, Lin'er, why did Jiang Jinyue come here suddenly?, she looked like she was looking for something.”

    Jiang Lin guessed what Jiang Jinyue was looking for, the grain seeds, the Xuancheng rice seeds that Wei Yunzhao's people brought back from Xuancheng.

    In the original book, it was Jiang Jinyue who offered the seeds of Xuancheng rice that squeezed out the original candidates for the crown princess and successfully entered the East Palace.

    “She is looking for a way to marry the crown prince,” Jiang Lin gave Zhou Chengwang a look, without elaborating on him.

    Zhou Chengwang was quickly attracted by the layout of the house, and looked at it while walking, “Hey, Xun Qi, is this house unoccupied?”

    Xun Qi replied: “There are people, but they are all in the backyard, and the young master has ordered, anyone who knocks on the door, don’t open the door for them, we all have the keys, so we don’t need to knock on the door.”

    “No wonder Jiang Jinyue knocked on the door for so long and no one paid attention to her.”

    Wei Yunzhao asked Xun Qi to entertain Zhou Chengwang and Du Yuling.
He took Jiang Lin to see the seeds of Xuancheng rice.

    There were five sacks in total, weighing about three hundred catties, and the seedlings could be used in four to five hundred acres land.

    “When do you plan to let people grow the seedlings?”

    “I guess Jiang Jinyue came here today for the Xuancheng rice seeds, and she will come again soon.”

    Wei Yunzhao said: “The ground has been prepared, and the seeds can be sown today.


“Then today, let's go back after sowing,” Jiang Lin made a decision.
He didn't believe that the seeds were stained with manure, and Jiang Jinyue could let someone to pick them up again.

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