“Of course it's your fifth uncle!” Old madam Wei blurted out subconsciously .

    But as soon as she finished speaking, she understood that the only thing Wei Yunzhao didn't like in this family was the fifth room, not only now, when the old man and the eldest son were still there, Wei Yunzhao didn't like Wei An, the fifth uncle.

    Wei Yunjia reminded, “Grandmother, you can beg for help as you should, but no one owe you.
Wei An is only a treasure in your heart, and he is nothing in the eyes of others.
Grandmother, if you want to exchange the entire Wei family for your son, I advise you to stop this thought as soon as possible, otherwise you will regret it.”

    “Nonsense, what do you know?, you girl, if you dare to talk nonsense again, I will tear your mouth to pieces,” said Old madam Wei, although her mouth was fierce, but she was also disturbed by Wei Yunjia's words, and he didn't even think about entering Zhaoyunyuan, so she turned around and left.

    Seeing the people walking away, Wei Yunjia was sure she wouldn’t go back, so Wei Yunjia led Baiqiang back to her yard.

    On the way, Baiqiang asked, “Miss, we are already at the door, why don't you go in and talk to the eldest young master and young madam.”

    Wei Yunjia shook her head, “It's getting late, it's not appropriate, I just came here to remind grandmother, that's all .”

    But Baiqiang felt that this trip was for nothing, and the old lady would definitely not listen to it.
The maids in the mansion knew how much the old lady loved the fifth master.
If the old lady hadn't indulged him, how could the fifth master ended like this.



    Zhao Yunyuan

   Jiang Lin heard that there was no movement outside, so he closed the door, then sat next to Wei Yunzhao and poured himself a glass of water, “Tell me, who will your grandmother ask for next?”

    “But, the Zhou family is even more ruthless than I imagined, and they didn't even let your grandmother in.”

    Wei Yunzhao didn't comment, and he wasn't surprised.

    This was obviously the beginning.
On the second day after Wei An was taken away by the yamen, Old madam Wei went to Zhou's house to knock on the door again, but she still couldn't enter.

    In the afternoon, she changed and asked for help from the Dong's family, which was madam Wei's natal family.
The Dong family was very polite.
But at the same time they brought people in, they sent a letter to madam Wei, asking madam Wei to go back to her natal family and took her mother-in-law back.

    As for helping Wei An, the Dong family didn't mention a word.

    Apart from the Dong's family, Old madam Wei went to several other houses one after another, either the Wei family’s daughter-in-law, her close friends in the boudoir, or the family she made friends with later on, without exception, but no one responded.


    With a good attitude, they declined politely.
But those who had been irritated by Old madam Wei in the past and had to endure it, now they were full of sarcasm, which made Old madam Wei trembled all over.

    The bad news came one after another, and the news about Wei An spread among the common people.
After hearing who Wei An was and what he did, many people would say that he deserved it. Some people who admired the generals of the Wei family would scold Wei An harshly, especially when they heard that Wei An was spoiled by his mother, so they became even more impolite and scolded old madam Wei.

    As soon as she returned to the mansion, she received the news that Wei An was punished by the imperial court.
He repeatedly violated the court's laws and regulations.
He was stripped of his official position and demoted to a commoner.

    Old madam Wei passed out on the spot while reciting the eighty scriptures.

    Wei An’s legs just cut off, and was castrated again.
In this situation, it was hard to say whether he could survive if he sufferred another 80 hits.

    Fortunately, Old madam Wei was still thinking about her son, and she didn't pass out for long.
As soon as the doctor came in, the person woke up first, and she was about to get out of the bed as soon as she lifted the quilt.

    “Cuixiang, Cuixiang help me get dressed quickly.
I'm going to see Yunzhao.
I'm going to ask him to help his fifth uncle.
An'er can't bear this 80 hits punishment, it will kill him.”

    Ye momo put the clothes on for old madam Wei, and then said, “Old lady, the eldest young master and young madam have gone out, and it’s said that they haven’t been at the mansion early in the morning.”

    “Where did they go? Look for them, let someone go and call them back,” Old madam Wei said anxiously and flusteredly as she grabbed Ye momo.

    Ye Momo shook her head in embarrassment, “This…
the eldest youngmaster didn't say where he went.
I asked the people in his yard, and they all said they didn't know, and they won't come back until night.”

    “No, you can't wait until night, it's too late , what should I do, what should I do now?” Old madam Wei held onto Ye momo's hand tightly and burst into tears.

    She also began to regret, if she treated Jiang Lin better, would Jiang Lin help his Fifth Uncle for Yun Zhao's sake? Or if she treated An'er better and cared more about his affairs outside and didn't let him go to the brothels and gambling shop, then there would be no such thing as today.

    There were so many maids in the mansion, he could do whoever he liked and wanted, if he wanted to gamble, he could gamble with the servants in the mansion, so that he wouldn't fall into the trap of others.

    Old madam Wei was like a headless chicken, she was so anxious that she could only cry and ask what to do.

    Ye momo thoughtfully persuaded, and also helped out with idea, “Old lady, think about who else can help, those generals who fought with the master before, or the ladies in the palace?”

    “The ladies …Yes, there are women in the palace.” Old madam Wei seemed to remember something, and suddenly stepped forward to a cabinet, opened the lock with the key she carried close to her body, and opened the lock from the boxes layer by layer.
A token was taken out.

    “Fortunately, Cuixiang reminded me, otherwise I would have forgotten that I can still enter the palace to beg the empress.” She put the token in her arms, and then told Ye momo, “Cuixiang, get someone to prepare a carriage, we go into the palace, my An'er will be saved.”

    Ye Momo's eyes paused on Old madam Wei for a moment, and then she responded and went out.

    The carriage left from the gate of Wei Mansion and headed all the way to the imperial palace.

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