“Grandmother doesn't have only one son left, but only one son.”

    When Old madam Wei entered the door with a cane, Wei Yunzhao asked Jiang Lin to push him away first, and then left a sentence for old madam Wei.

    Old Madam Wei staggered and almost fell.

    Looking at the backs of Wei Yunzhao and Jiang Lin, Old madam Wei began to wipe away her tears, and complained to Ye momo, “Cuixiang, Yunzhao is so cruel, he is fascinated by that fox, and he didn't care about his fifth uncle at all.”

    “Cuixiang, this Wei family is going to be destroyed by that vixen.”

    Old madam Wei was thinking about her son and the future of the Wei family, and she was very sad.

    Ye Momo supported her, and gently advised her, “Madam, don't be sad.
Since the eldest young master is unreliable, let's quickly think of a way to rescue the fifth Master.
The fifth Master is injured.
If he is tortured in prison or something, I'm afraid he won't be able to handle it.”


    After being reminded by Ye momo, Old madam Wei immediately lost her sadness, and hurried back to her room, “Go, go back and wait for me to change clothes, let's go to Zhou's house , there are people in my natal family, they will take care of An'er.”

“Hey, old lady, please slow down,” Ye momo replied, helping her to walk forward.

    The conversation between the two soon spread to Zhaoyunyuan.
Jiang Lin and Wei Yunzhao were playing with the puppies.
Jiang Lin asked Wei Yunzhao, “Will the Zhou family agree?”

    “The Zhou family doesn't have that ability,” Wei Yunzhao said directly.


    The Zhou family relied on the Wei family to get started, their foundation was not deep, and they had no talents, so they had the idea of ​​marrying their daughters to the Wei family one after another.

    Old madam Wei only had two elder brothers who were senior officials in the Zhou family, and now her nephew was really in charge.
This nephew was not too close to her like Zhou Shi.

    The kind of people in the Zhou family had already been revealed.
Old madam Wei was able to sacrifice other people in exchange for her son, and Zhou Shi was able to turn around and return to her natal family after knowing that Wei An was not humane.
These were all raised by the Zhou family.

    So how the Zhou family would treat Old madam Wei who was begging to the door, the result was obvious.

    Jiang Lin scratched Ah Huang's chin, and the pup snorted, “Then wait a little longer.”


    Since someone with the heart spread the news about Wei An, more and more people stared at the gambling shop and Wei's family, so the news that Wei An was abolished quickly spread. 

    The Zhou family already knew about it before Zhou Shi went home to file a complaint.
It seemed that they had already guessed that someone would come to the door.
The current head of the Zhou family, Zhou Shangcheng, directly ordered his servants to close the door to thank the guests, and no one would come.

    Just after he ordered this, the servant came to report, and his sister came back.

    Zhou Shangcheng asked, “Is the door closed?”


    The servant shook his head, “It's too late.”

    Zhou Shangcheng said, “Then let her come in, and then close the door.”

    Zhou Shi ran fast, sad and angry all the way, in her mouth she scolded Wei An for his ineffectiveness, and her face was very ugly.

    After entering the house, Zhou Shi directly came to see Zhou Shangcheng, and the first thing she said was, “Brother, I don't want to get along with that trash Wei An, I want to divorce!”

    Zhou Shangcheng gave her a cold look, quite majestic, “I didn’t push sister into the water, you asked for it yourself, and now you regret it, it's too late.”

    Zhou Shi lived a comfortable and beautiful life when he first entered Wei's house.
At that time, the old general Wei was still there, and Wei Su was also a great general.
The battle at the border was tight, and the imperial court used the Wei family. At that time, the Wei’s family was well-known in Shengjing, and few people who dared to come to offend the Wei's family.

    Even if Zhou Shi’s married Wei family’s worthless son, there were still people who praised her outside, because everyone knew that Wei An was the treasure in old madam Wei's heart, and she was old madam Wei's natal niece.

    The future was no better than before, but Zhou Shi could bear it, but now Wei An was not a man anymore, she didn't want to bear anything.

    Zhou Shi said: “Brother, are you just watching your sister become a widow? I'm still young, I don't want it!”

    Zhou Shangcheng frowned, with a cold face, “What kind of good family can you marry after you are separated? Let me tell you, as long as Wei Yunzhao is still alive, don’t think about divorce, don’t talk about divorce, even if Wei An dies, you will be a widow and you have to stay at Wei’s mansion.”

    Zhou Shi couldn’t believe it, “Brother, what are you talking about?, I’m your own sister, you want me to be a widow? And that Wei Yunzhao, he is a disabled person who can't even walk now, what is the difference between him being alive and dead? The family is not the former Wei family, can the Wei family continue to support the Zhou family?”


    Zhou Shi’s mind was clear, they were siblings so she knew what Zhou Shangcheng's plan was.

    “Shut up, if you dare to say such things in front of Wei Yunzhao and cause him to hold grudges, I will not forgive you.”

    Zhou Shi didn't understand at all why her elder brother valued a disabled person so much, but she didn't dare to refute Zhou Shangcheng 's words.

    Zhou Shangcheng saw that Zhou Shi was a little more honest, so he asked her, “Where is Wei An, what did the doctor say?”

    Zhou Shi pouted, “How did I know?, I don't care about him.”

    Zhou Shangcheng asked with a straight face, “What did you do?”

    Zhou Shi said, “I didn't do anything, I just confirmed that he isn't a man and came back.”

    Zhou Shangcheng could almost imagine the circumstances under which his younger sister left the Wei family, and he was furious, “Success is not enough and more failures.”

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