Old madam Wei didn't say to keep him here to set the rules at this moment, she was obviously thinking about what Jiang Lin had said to her. And madam Wei couldn't do it anymore, Jiang Lin was a man after all, so it was inconvenient.

    With the attitude of the two of them, no one else would say anything, only Zhou Shi sneered at him in a strange way, and Jiang Lin ignored her.

    The General's Mansion was quite big, and there were two maids named Bai Ji and Bai Wei, who introduced it to Jiang Lin as they walked, so that Jiang Lin could get acquainted with it.

    After walking for a while, Jiang Lin found a little tail following him.
When he looked back, the little tail wanted to hide, but Jiang Lin picked him up and hugged him, “Little guy, why did you follow me? The other?”

    The little tail was Wei Yunqi, and somehow he got rid of the maid who was serving him and followed him. He looked at Jiang Lin curiously, didn't struggle while being hugged, and whispered, “I want to see big brother.”

    Wei Yunqi was still young, and Jiang Lin felt that his soft, round face matched the little milk voice could make people felt cute.

    Seeing a pavilion ahead, Jiang Lin hugged Wei Yunqi and sat down in the pavilion, asked the two maids to put the things on the stone table, and ordered Bai Ji to call the person who served Wei Yunqi. He ran out alone, so the others might not know and they were worried.

    Moreover, the Wei family didn't believe him, and Jiang Lin didn't feel relieved to let Wei Yunqi follow him.
It was better to call the people who served Wei Yunqi directly, and they would follow Wei Yunqi wherever he went.     


Bai Ji came back after a while, followed by two maids, and Wei Yunjia who ran faster than the maids when she saw Wei Yunqi. As soon as she rushed up to the pavilion, she hugged Wei Yunqi back into her arms, touched his head and asked, “Are you okay, little brother?”     

Wei Yunjia obviously wanted to ask Wei Yunqi if Jiang Lin did anything to him, but Jiang Lin was here, and she felt that it was not good to be too straightforward, so she just hugged Wei Yunqi and took a good look.     

Jiang Lin didn't care about Wei Yunjia's attitude.
In the current situation of the Wei family, it was a problem for him to be gentle and kind to him.
With Wei Yunjia here, Jiang Lin asked them to follow him to Zhaoyun Garden to see Wei Yunzhao. When he went back, Jiang Lin found that there was a man dressed like a guard at the door of the room, standing upright by the door holding a sword.     

Wei Yunjia led Wei Yunqi over to talk to the guards, “Brother Xun Qi.”     

The man called Xun Qi greeted Wei Yunjia and Wei Yunqi, and didn’t forget Jiang Lin, who was called the young madam.     

Wei Yunjia: “Brother Xun Qi, how is my brother today?, has he taken any medicine?”

    Xun Qi: “The general looks much better today, and the medicine is going well.
I believe the general will wake up in a short time.”

    Regardless of whether this was true or not, Wei Yunjia and his little brother were very happy to hear it.
, happily went in to see Wei Yunzhao.

    Jiang Lin hadn't eaten anything all morning, so he was so hungry that he asked Bai Wei to go to the kitchen to bring him something to eat, and he leaned against the door to chat with Xun Qi.

    “Are you guys guarding your general day and night?”

    Xun Qi hesitated for a moment before answering, “Yes.”

    Jiang Lin: “What about last night, were you the one guarding outside?”

    Xun Qi: ” Yes.”

    Jiang Lin: “So what did you see last night?”

    Xun Qi showed hesitation, but he quickly replied, “Last night, Ye momo gave the young madam a picture to avoid the fire, and asked the young madam to do something with the general.
At first, the young madam didn't agree to consummate the house.
Later, the young madam wanted to force the general to sleep, but Ye Momo didn't agree, so the young madam couldn't be happy last night.” Xun Qi concluded.

    Jiang Lin: “…” That's pretty incisive.

    Also hit the nail on the head.

    Jiang Lin thought for a while and said, “Then you should thank me, otherwise your general should have been with Hades for a long time today.”

    Xun Qi didn't know if he was persuaded by Jiang Lin's words, but he really said it honestly , “Thank you, Young Madam.”

    The young madam sighed in his heart, it was a bit too much to be honest.

    Fortunately, Bai Wei came back with breakfast and drove away the embarrassment for Jiang Lin.

    Both Wei Yunqi and Wei Yunjia didn't eat, Bai Wei brought the siblings' portions, and the three of them ate breakfast together.

    The brothers and sisters of the Wei family didn't speak a word, and Jiang Lin didn't know what to say to them, so the meal was very silent.

    The defender Wei Yunjia didn't intend to leave after eating, but instead asked about Jiang Lin giving Wei Yunzhao a bath in the morning.

    “Last night, what did you do to my elder brother? Why is there so much black mud?” After washing with two large buckets of water, and even staining the sheets and quilts, this was really weird, and the maids naturally didn’t dare to hide it, Wei Yunjia knew it as soon as she entered the door.


 Jiang Lin waved to Wei Yunjia, asking her to come closer.
Wei Yunjia raised his head suspiciously, and Jiang Lin whispered, “Do you want your elder brother to live or die?”

Her eyes widened, her face full of anger.

    Jiang Lin: “There will be black mud in the future.
If you want your elder brother to survive, then you should keep this secret well, and don't let anyone who shouldn't know about it.”

    Wei Yunjia: “Why should I trust you?”

    Jiang Lin smiled, “Just because your brother Xun Qi doesn't know what I did.”

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