to banknotes, so it was Eighty thousand silver notes.


    Jiang Lin received the bank note, and then carefully looked at the set of headdress.
He said it was a headdress, but it was actually a wedding crown.
It was worn by Yun Wanyan when she got married, and it was even more exquisite than the set Zhao Qiuru presented to the queen. Golden crowns, tassels, and big rubies make it looked like whoever wore it was the most beautiful bride.

    So Jiang Lin didn't believe that Zhao Qiuru would be willing to give away such a good thing, so she must have kept it, either for herself or for Jiang Jinyue.

    Jiang Lin held the headdress and shook it in front of Wei Yunzhao, “It's pretty.”

    Wei Yunzhao nodded appreciatively, “It's pretty, and it's worth a lot.”

    “Of course, otherwise, why would it be hidden, um, but now that the things have been delivered, it also shows that daughter is more important in Zhao Qiuru's heart.”

    Jiang Lin didn't know what to think, and suddenly smiled, “It's just a pity, her daughter is destined to be a white-eyed wolf.”

    After saying this, Jiang Lin took out a small porcelain bottle and threw it to the housekeeper waiting at the side, “The antidote you have been thinking about, go back and tell Jiang Jinyue and Zhao Qiuru, it's better to be quiet.
If you do too many bad things, it's not as simple as a bad face.
She will also have sores on her mouth and tongue, and festers all over her body.”


The housekeeper trembled when he heard this, and answered yes in a low voice.

    At the same time, he also left a sentence for Jiang Lin, “Young Master, Madam said that Master Hou is very angry this time and is very disappointed in Young Master.”

    Jiang Lin said with a cold face, “Oh, it’s none of my business.” The housekeeper staggered as he walked out.

    Jiang Lin thought it was funny, it was all like this, and she still wanted Anyang Hou to control him.
A real father couldn't do this kind of thing like letting his son replace his daughter to be a chongxi for a dying person, so, since the moment he got married, for him Anyang Hou had died.

    The headdress was put back into the box.
Jiang Lin handed over the box to Wei Yunzhao and pushed him back to Zhaoyunyuan.

    As a result, before he even left yard, the servant came to report that someone came from the palace, claiming to be someone close to the empress, and came to give Jiang Lin a reward.

    The person who came was the big court lady Qiu Xi they had seen last time.
Qiu Xi approached Jiang with a gentle smile and said, “The Empress saw that Mrs.
Wei was smart and sensible last time, and she liked him very much.
The Empress wants to let Mrs.
Wei go to the palace to chat with the empress when he had free time.
Today, she even ordered the servants to bring some rewards.”

    Qiuxi waved her hand, and the little eunuch who was holding a tray behind lifted the red cloth covering it, and Jiang Lin recognized it at a glance.
The last time the empress wore a ruby ​​headdress on her head, only compared to the last time, the gems on this headdress were even redder, like weeping blood.

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