Zhao Qiuru was a little embarrassed, When she went back to Zhao's house yesterday to ask for the things she sent to Zhao's house, she was frequently ridiculed by her two sisters-in-law. 

    As for her mother, although she didn't mention it to her, she must be disappointed, and asked her to settle the matter and stopped getting involved with the Zhao family.

    Zhao Qiuru now also understood that it didn't matter whether it was from her natal family or Houfu, it was the same.
When they asked for things and money, no one would say no to her, but when she was in trouble, no one would help her, and they would only blame her for her uselessness, even forced and threatened her.

    So no one could be trusted.

    Zhao Qiuru grabbed the back of the chair, “Mother will go and ask your father.
Jiang Lin is his son, and his son caused the trouble.
He is responsible.
If he refuses to take the money, then don't blame me for not caring about the husband and wife relationship for so many years.”

    Zhao Qiuru said calmly, but Jiang Jinyue was a little scared when she heard it, she called carefully, “Mother, what are you going to do?”

    Zhao Qiuru pulled Jiang Jinyue's hand and patted it, “Don't worry, mother has a sense of proportion, mother is still waiting for you to marry the crown prince and make me a mother of the first-class imperial wife, and mother will not mess around.”

    Jiang Jinyue was dubious, but the idea of ​​marrying the crown prince was very attractive to her, so she nodded heavily, “Don't worry, daughter will definitely marry the crown prince!”

    Before Anyang Houfu delivered the rest of the dowry, Xun Qi and Chang An inquired about what Wei An had been doing outside recently, prostitution.

    It couldn't be said that it was recently, because Wei An had never been honest, but because Jiang Lin asked Zhou Shi to drive out those women in his yard.
After Wei An returned home, he felt that there were too few women, and he was tired of sleeping with them, so he was even more presumptuous outside


    Wei An had several friends in a brothel called Shuiyue Pavilion, and one of them, a woman named Nuan Xin, took advantage of the fact that the people in Wei An's courtyard were being kicked out by Zhou Shi, and made Wei An spend a lot of money to redeem her.

    Because Jiang Lin tied him naked on a tree, Wei An was a little afraid of Jiang Lin, so he didn't dare to bring her into the mansion, so he kept her outside.

    As a result, as soon as she redeemed her body, Nuan Xin became pregnant, and insisted that it was Wei An's, and let Wei Anna let her in.

    Chang An said: “That Nuanxin is really thoughtful.
She has been telling Fifth Master that she is pregnant with a boy.
She will give birth to a son for Fifth Master.
Fifth Master will have a descendant.
No one will laugh at Fifth Master in the future.”

    “She not only told Fifth Master, but also all the other girls in Shuiyue Pavilion, and even told people near her residence.” Everyone knew that she did it deliberately.

    Jiang Lin asked: “What's Wei An's reaction?”


    Xun Qi answered the question, and he said: “He is tempted, he went back to find the old lady, but the old lady refused to agree.
She said to let fifth master calm down, if it’s a son, he will naturally bring it back to the mansion to raise him.

But Nuan Xin was not such an easy person to dismiss.
She must enter the mansion now, and even threatened Wei An, saying that if he didn't agree, she would go to the yamen to sue Wei An for doing prostitutes.

    Officials of this dynasty would violate the law by prostitution, but the court often turned a blind eye to this kind of thing, as long as there was no trouble, no one would care. But if someone went to the yamen to sue, the yamen couldn’t sit idly by. Wei An's official position was not high, and he was incompetent, if Nuan Xin sued to the Yamen, his official position definitely couldn’t be kept.

    Wei An also refused to be threatened.
After a lot of trouble, he became Wei An who spent money to support his heart.
Foods, clothes, buys this and that all day long, and spends a lot of money. Because Jiang Lin was the housekeeper, Wei An couldn't get money from Mr.
Accountant, so he asked old madam Wei for everything.


    But old madam Wei had provided for Wei An for so many years, and her dowry had been emptied long ago, but Wei An was her lifeblood, and her heart softened when he cried in front of her. Old madam Wei, who couldn't get anything out, remembered Jiang Lin's uproar over the dowry.

    She also knew that Jiang Lin's biological mother left a lot of dowry, so as soon as the people from the Houfu brought the dowry, old madam Wei called a group of daughters-in-law to Jiang Lin, trying to get some money from him.


But Jiang Lin didn't agree, Wei Yunzhao still stood by Jiang Lin's side, old madam Wei didn't get the dowry, and she was embarrassed.

    After listening to the news from Xun Qi and Chang An, Wei Yunzhao's face darkened, “Can you find out who else has contacted this Nuan Xin?”

    Xun Qi: “There are a lot of people.
there were also all kinds of customers from when she was in Shuiyue Pavilion, and it’s impossible to tell who has a problem.”


    But what was certain was that there must be a problem.

    Wei Yunzhao ordered Xun Qi: “Go and investigate, the entire Shuiyue Pavilion will be investigated.”

    Xun Qi took the order and left.
Chang An also said that he would go to investigate again to see if there were any clues.
Only Jiang Lin and Wei Yunzhao were left in the room.

    Jiang Lin rested his chin and knocked on the table while talking to Wei Yunzhao, “Do you think the child belongs to Wei An?”

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