mother, please don't be angry with me, please, I know I was wrong “

    The tears fell on her red and swollen face, like water leaking out from the pustules, it was disgusting and frightening to see, but it made Zhao Qiuru's heart soften.

    She waved Jiang Jinyue's hand away, sat back in her chair, and said in a cold voice, “If it’s not for you, a heartless daughter, I won’t suffer so much.”

    “Do you think I know that Jiang Lin will continue to cause trouble because the dowry is not right? Don't I want to collect all the money and let him give you the antidote? but if only I can collect them all.
After so many years, you three brothers and sisters have to eat and drink, where do you think all the expenses come from, and where can I go to collect so much money in a while?”

    Jiang Jinyue took the handkerchief handed over by the maid, wiped her face lightly, and sat next to Zhao Qiuru, “

But mother, haven't you already taken away all the things in my room? Is this not enough?”

    Zhao Qiuru's eyes showed jealousy and anger, “Because that bitch Yun Wanyan had too much dowry, I gave it away and sold a lot of things over the years, and I couldn't get them back, so I had to buy defective ones.
But Jiang LinThat little slut actually picked out all the things, and the dozen or so items had to be bought again with money.”


But where did she get the money?, otherwise she wouldn't even lose fifty thousand taels of money.

    Jiang Jinyue knew that there were a lot of things.
After her mother took away her clothes, jewelry and ornaments, her room was almost empty, and even the dowry her mother saved for her was moved.

    Jiang Jinyue also hated Jiang Lin to the core.
If it wasn't for him, she wouldn't be called a thief, lost her face, let alone be disfigured. And those beautiful clothes and jewelry, all should belong to her, it was all Jiang Lin, it was all Jiang Lin who stole what belonged to her!

    Hatred burst out in Jiang Jinyue's eyes, “Don't worry, mother, one day I will definitely solve Jiang Lin and take back all the things he stole from us.”

    Zhao Qiuru: “Don't worry, mother will not let him go.”

    The mother and daughter had the same goals and ideas at the moment.

    “But mother, what should we do if we don't have enough money now?” Jiang Jinyue reached out to touch her face, but she didn't dare to touch it when she got close, and she wanted to cry because she was wronged, “Mother, I can't wait any longer.
If the medicine doesn't work, or there is a scar on the face, then daughter will be ruined.”

    “Mother, please help daughter find a way,” Jiang Jinyue begged.

    What could be done, she spent a lot of her own dowry, a total of 50,000 taels of silver bills, and those decorations cost a lot of money.

    Zhao Qiuru frowned and stared at Jiang Jinyue for a moment, “Yue'er, why don't you ask His Highness the Crown Prince for help?”


Jiang Jinyue shook her head without thinking, “No, mother, how dare daughter see His Highness now, absolutely not.”

    “Mother, why don't we go and ask grandma, grandma must have money, and she still has her dowry.
Mother has subsidized the Zhao family a lot these years, and now that Houfu is in trouble, they can't say that they don't have it at all.”

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