“Presumptuous! The fifth is your elder, is this the attitude you should have towards elders?” Wei Yunzhao said what old madam Wei was thinking in her heart, and old madam Wei became angry with embarrassment, and turned to Wei Yunzhao.

    “Elder?” Wei Yunzhao seemed to find this word a bit funny, “If you act like an elder, you shouldn't be here today, thinking about your granddaughter-in-law's dowry!

    ” I have nothing to say about spending all the family’s money on fifth uncle, but if you want Jiang Lin to spend his money to support fifth uncle, you are thinking too much.”

    old madam Wei froze, looking unnatural.

    Jiang Lin had some guesses in his mind.

    old madam Wei couldn't say no to Wei Yunzhao, and focused her cold eyes on Jiang Lin, “What? You, a man who can't lay eggs, can't help Yunzhao at all when you enter the Wei's house.
You plan to eat in the house for nothing?”

    Jiang Lin smiled, “It seems that the old lady insist on asking me to take out something today, that's fine, Zhao Qiuru looked down on your Wei family before, and didn't even prepare the gifts for meeting ceremony, now that I have money, I'll make it up for you.”

    Jiang Lin remembered all the gifts he received, and according to the value of the gifts he received, Jiang Lin picked out things of similar price and returned them one by one.

    Then he said to old madam Wei: “Don't worry, old lady, I don't live for free, I'm still helping Wei Yunzhao to manage the house.”

    “By the way, old lady, how is your copy of Buddhist scriptures? Let me have a look, I’m still waiting for the Buddhist scriptures you copied to pray for my husband, and pray that his leg will recover soon.”

    old madam Wei frowned when she heard Jiang Lin addressing Wei Yunzhao as husband, “Shameless, vixen “

    Jiang Lin wasn't angry at all, and instead smiled back at Wei Yunzhao, “As long as my husband likes it, it doesn't matter if I’m shameless.”


    These provocative words made old madam Wei's hands tremble with anger, pointing at Jiang Lin and yelling, “Broomstar, Hu Meizi, what did my Wei family do to marry someone like you into the house? God really didn't open his eyes.” 

 [狐媚子 hú mèi zǐ: a Chinese term, used to refer to a woman who is good at seducing people with her charming appearance]

    Jiang Lin: “Because there is an old lady in the Wei family, hehe.”

    Old lady Wei raised her cane, “You! You, you bitch…”

    Wei Yunzhao interrupted her, “Grandmother, enough is enough, the gift is also taken, grandmother now that your wish is fulfilled, go back and copy the Buddhist scriptures, grandson is waiting for grandmother’s Buddhist scriptures.”

    Then, Wei Yunzhao looked at madam Wei and said, “Mother, please help grandma go back to rest.”

   Madam Wei was a little afraid of such an unsmiling son, she answered, and helped old madam Wei away with the maid.

    A group of people left, and the remaining Zhou Shi stopped Jiang Lin when he ordered someone to move the dowry, “Then what…
nephew-in-law, do you think you forgot something?”

    Jiang Lin stared at her for a few more times, then came to his senses, and stretched out his palm in front of Zhou Shi, “I forgot, thanks to fifth aunt's reminder, fifth aunt, return the gold hairpin on your head to me.”


    Zhou Shi's face froze, “I didn't mean that , look, you have given the gifts to your mother and several sister-in-laws, what about mine and our fifth room?”

    Jiang Lin's emotions were a little complicated for a while, mainly because he didn't know whether to say that Zhou Shi's face was thick-skinned or she really didn't know herself.
He smiled, ” Fifth aunt, did you forget? At the beginning, the old lady, my mother and several other aunts gave me a meeting gift.
When I came to Fifth aunt, I was ridiculed and she wanted to drive me out of Wei's house.”

    “I am a kind-hearted person, and I can't return those words to my fifth aunt, so I have nothing else to give my fifth aunt.”

    Zhou Shi: “Well, Jiang Lin, I didn't expect you to be such a narrow-minded person, I see through you.”

    With a cold snort, Zhou Shi raised her foot and walked out, “If you don't give it, you won't give it.
Look, in the future you will beg our fifth room.” 


“Fifth Aunt, wait a minute,” Xiao Zhou just took two steps before being stopped by Jiang Lin.

    Zhou Shi's heart was overjoyed, and she turned around quickly, “Why, regret it?”

    Jiang Lin raised his hand and pulled off the gold hairpin on Zhou Shi's head, “It’s Fifth Aunt who forgot to return my things to me, Fifth Aunt now you can go.”

    Zhou Shi stomped her feet angrily, gave Jiang Lin a hard look, and said a few more harsh words, seeing that Jiang Lin ignored her at all, she reluctantly left.

    After a trip, she didn't catch anything, and she was very angry.
Zhou Shi felt that her aunt was right.
Jiang Lin was a loser, a disturber of the family.
Sooner or later, the Wei family would be broken up by him.

    Jiang Lin didn't care what Zhou Shi was thinking.
After the things were moved, he pushed Wei Yunzhao back to Zhaoyunyuan, then called Chang An and Xun Qi, and told them, “

You go and find out what Wei An is doing these days, go to…the brothel and ask, if you find out, then follow along.


“Yes,” the two replied, and turned to work.

    “Your Fifth Uncle is lustful and has no talent, so is there nothing wrong with him?” Jiang Lin asked Wei Yunzhao.

    Wei Yunzhao: “Not before,” but now he was not sure.

    Usually they could only see Wei An in three places in the mansion, one was asking the accountant for money, the second was pretending to be cute in front of old madam Wei, crying for money, and the third was talking and playing with his concubines in his yard.


    You couldn't see him anywhere else.

    As for what he was doing outside, the female members of the Wei family didn't know, maybe his only sense of restraint was that he didn't let trouble come to him directly.

    But this time, old madam Wei came to ask Jiang Lin for a dowry, and Wei Yunzhao knew that it must be related to Wei An.

    Wei Yunzhao said: “We'll know when Xun Qi and the others come back.”

    There were few people who could use him now, and his movements were also being watched by others.
Wei Yunzhao couldn't pay attention to Wei'an for the time being.
Wei An didn't lose his mind completely, so it was better not to make any big troubles.

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