Jiang Lin looked at the list that the housekeeper held in front of him with both hands, and thought it was funny.

The housekeeper of Houfu started to show off his skills in front of a young master, Zhao Qiuru was really amazing.

    Jiang Lin took the list, took out his dowry list, and led Chang An, Baiji, Baiwei and others to check it himself. Jiang Lin mainly looked at the things.
Over the years, Zhao Qiuru had given away many things from the dowry and resold them.
Some of them were hard to get back after they got out.
Jiang Lin wanted to know what she used as substitutes.

    Jiang Lin picked out the ones that were different from what he remembered, and when the checking was over, three sets of the most expensive hearddress were missing, and more than a dozen inferior products were selected, and the banknotes were still 50,000 taels short.

    Jiang Lin looked at the housekeeper, “Bring me the letter.”


The housekeeper hurriedly delivered the letter, and Jiang Lin took and unfolded it.
The content was quite long.
The first part was about the whereabouts of the few sets of headdress that were not delivered, and one set was dedicated to the queen, the set that Jiang Lin had seen before; the second set was dedicated to Concubine Su, since Zhao Qiuru's eldest son was accompanying the fourth prince born to Concubine Su.

    Concubine Su had two sons and one daughter.
The eldest son was the second prince, who was one of the crown prince's strong opponents for the throne.
The second son was the fourth prince, who was three years younger than the crown prince.
Not only he could help his brother, but he also had a chance to get the throne.

    The remaining daughter was the eldest princess.
Emperor Changde began to miss his daughter when he had more sons, so this princess was deeply loved by Emperor Changde when she was born.
She was given the title of Fu Hui at a young age, and she was the only one princess in Daiyue who had the title.


[福 fú: good fortune, happiness, luck; 辉 huī: splendor; to shine upon]

    Concubine Su's lineage was gaining momentum, and her sons were a popular candidate for the throne.

    The crown prince was a well-known, and he was also a popular candidate.
Jiang Lin smiled, her son was the companion of others prince while the daughter was the crown prince’s woman.
She bet on both sides, and Zhao Qiuru was not afraid of splitting.

    The last remaining set was given by Zhao Qiuru to her niece as a dowry.
It was said that she went out of town with her husband and couldn’t come back temporarily, so she couldn't get it for the time being, and she would return it when she came back.

    After explaining the three sets of headdress’ whereabouts, he began to beg Jiang Lin to give Jiang Jinyue an antidote, and talked about brother-sister relationship and blood relationship, which made Jiang Lin felt sick.


    As for the replacement defective products and the missing 50,000 taels of banknotes, she never mentioned it.

    Jiang Lin tore up the letter directly, and said to the shocked housekeeper: “

Go back and tell your madam, I don't believe her words, let her return the third set of headdress, or she will wait for Jiang Jinyue to wear it later, and I will cut off Jiang Jinyue's head directly.”


    Jiang Lin pointed to the defective products he had selected on the ground, “Bring these things back, I just want the original dowry.
Tomorrow, you will send it along with the headdress and the missing fifty thousand taels of silver notes, then I will give Jiang Jinyue the antidote.”

    Ever since Jiang Jinyue’s face was covered with pustules, several doctors had been invited in a row, and there had been rumors of her disfigurement outside, but none of the doctors could make her face better.

    According to Chang An's inquiries from the servants from Houfu who he had a good relationship with, not only was it useless, Jiang Jinyue's face began to rot.

    Zhao Qiuru, who originally planned to pack up the dowry slowly, saw that something was wrong, and immediately became anxious, hurriedly went back to her mother's house, and then went shopping again, she sent the dowry to Wei's house the next day.

    The housekeeper was very embarrassed, and persuaded him: “Master, why are you doing this? Miss is your younger sister.
If master Hou finds out that you have plotted against your own sister for a little dowry, master Hou will not be happy.”


Jiang Lin stared at the housekeeper for a moment, then smiled, “What does Jiang Jinyue's bad face has to do with me?” What was more, it had nothing to do with him if Anyang Hou was unhappy.

    The housekeeper: “But young master, you just said that we will bring you something tomorrow and you will give  the antidote.” The butler's idea was very simple.
Doctors couldn't cure it, but Jiang Lin had the antidote.
Didn't it mean that he poisoned the eldest young lady?

    Jiang Lin: “You don't have to come to pick it up.
I can have the antidote, so naturally I can’t have it.”

  Jiang Lin stretched out his hand and pointed at the door, “Send off the guests!”


The housekeeper’s face trembled, and he immediately understood what Jiang Lin meant.
If he wanted an antidote, he couldn't say that he was responsible for the poison.

    The housekeeper thought of his madam’s orders before he came here, and he was a little unwilling, and tried to struggle, “Young master used to be the most fond of master Hou to praise you, why are you so stiff with madam and young lady? If the young master takes a step back, madam will definitely speak well for the young master in front of master Hou.
Then master Hou will definitely look at you differently, and will be satisfied.”

    Jiang Lin's eyes showed indifference, “You can go back and tell your master Hou that I, Jiang Lin, have no father since the day I got married.”

    “So, you can get out too,” Jiang Lin pointed at the door again, sharper than before.

    Chang An stood up to see off the guests with a wink, but the housekeeper was surprised by Jiang Lin's reaction, annoyed that he hadn't completed what his madam told him, and finally left the Wei Mansion full of resentment.

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