She could use the help of the Wei family to eradicate Jiang Lin, and even used Jiang Lin's death to deal with the Wei family under the slogan of revenge for her brother.

    The crown prince was the support behind her.
Once she had a handle, it would be much easier to destroy the Wei family.

    Jiang Lin thought, maybe it was not just killing two birds with one stone, it should be killing three birds with one stone.

    Jiang Lin followed Wei Yunjia's words and said, “You're right, Jiang Jinyue is a bad woman, so she should pay the price.”


The news spread quickly, and when Jiang Lin and the others returned to Wei's house, Wei Yunzhao was already waiting at the gate, seeing that the two of them came back with their heads and tails, he obviously let out a sigh of relief.

    He pushed the wheelchair forward and stared at the two of them, “Are you okay?”

    Jiang Lin shook his head, “There is no danger, we’re fine now.”

    “That's good,” he said, beckoning to Wei Yunjia.
After she was closer, imitating what Jiang Lin often did, rubbing the little girl's head twice, “Don't be afraid, brother will protect you.”

    Wei Yunjia nodded heavily, “Brother, I'm not afraid anymore.
Brother, I can learn Kung fu v, learn the real kung fu.”

    Father and elder brother taught her some tricks before, but mother didn’t like it, and every time she saw her practicing in the courtyard, she would train her and often punish her.
Slowly, she also didn't practice anymore.

    But what happened today told her that if she was better at kung fu and more vigilant, she wouldn’t be easily knocked out and let others manipulate her.

    Wei Yunzhao: “Hey, if you want to learn, big brother will let Xun Qi teach you.”

    “Okay, thank you big brother, I will definitely study hard,” Wei Yunjia agreed, then waved to the two of them, and returned to her yard.

    Jiang Lin pushed Wei Yunzhao back to Zhaoyunyuan, and asked him, “Did Xun Qi tell you?”

    Wei Yunzhao nodded slightly, “Well, I asked him to go out to do something, and I heard about it on the street.”

    In fact, the first thing that came out was the matter of Jiang Lin said at the gate of Wangfu that Jiang Jinyue and Zhao Qiuru stole his mother's dowry, and then more and more news came out.
Wei Yunzhao vaguely sensed that something was wrong, so he asked Xun Qi to pay attention, but he didn't expect Jiang Jinyue to dare to do such a cruel thing.

    Jiang Lin's simply summarized Jiang Jinyue's actions today to Wei Yunzhao, and then said: “Young Master Wei, have you ever thought about what would happen to you if Jiang Jinyue didn't let me marry you, but she married you instead?”



    Wei Yunzhao really thought about it for a moment, and replied: “Perhaps my grave has started to grow grass now.”

    Jiang Lin laughed, “I think it’s true, of course, we still think too beautifully, Jiang Jinyue is probably won't marry you even if she dies.”

    Wei Yunzhao nodded in agreement, and he would rather die than marry her.

    After entering Zhaoyunyuan, Jiang Lin washed up first, and after eating, he asked about Wei Yunzhao's grievances with Qinghe Wangfu.

    According to Jiang Lin's speculation, Jiang Jinyue had arranged for the person who knocked Wei Yunjia unconscious in the latrine and tried to misbehave her, otherwise Jiang Jinyue wouldn’t have suggested to go to that small courtyard, obviously to lure people to catch rape.

    Later Zhou Chengwang and Du Yuling arrested the man who wanted to take Wei Yunjia out of the city.
Jiang Jinyue succeeded in catching the rape.
Wei Yunjia must be right under their noses.
That person wanted to take Wei Yunjia away.
It was not easy, Jiang Lin felt that Jiang Jinyue wouldn’t make such a useless arrangement.

    Because in Jiang Jinyue's view, Wei Yunjia's life would be ruined by catching the rape on the spot, and her goal would be achieved.

    So Jiang Lin suspected that the person behind was arranged by someone from Qinghe Wangfu.
As for whether the other party took Wei Yunjia away before Jiang Jinyue's action or tried to steal her after the action, Jiang Lin didn't know for the time being.

    Wei Yunzhao thought about it for a while, and he also had a clue, “Qinghe Wangfu once invited a matchmaker to come to propose a marriage.”

    “It happened two years ago.
After the victory that year, I went back to the capital with my father.
A matchmaker came to the door and said that Qinghe Wangfu intended to betroth the eldest lady of the mansion to me, and asked the Wei family's intention.”

    Jiang Lin sat across from him with his chin in his hands, as if he was ready to hear the story, so hurry up and tell me.

    Wei Yunzhao shook his head helplessly, “I didn't wait for the matchmaker to come for the second time to ask the Wei family's answer, and I went to the border with my father.
Before I left, I told my mother that she would help me to refuse.
I have been fighting outside all the year round.
Miss and I are not suitable.”

    Later, when he returned to the capital, he met Jiang Rou once or twice, but each time he only got a disgusted look.
Things could still cause trouble now.

    Jiang Lin raised three fingers, “As far as I know now, you almost have three fiancées.
Wei is really lucky,”


Jiang Lin smiled, Wei Yunzhao smiled wryly, he was so wronged, he didn't even talk to these people much.

    Seeing his reaction like this, Jiang Lin stopped teasing him and said, “I think you have to ask your mother about this.
If you just simply refuse to agree, Jiang Rou shouldn't hate you so much because of love, this time the flower banquet was arranged by Jiang Jinyue, and the Jiang family indulged and even participated in it, with a strong purpose.”

    Jiang Lin then asked: “Do you know how old Jiang Rou is now?”

    Wei Yunzhao: “She should be seventeen at that time, the matchmaker said that there is not much difference in age between me and her.”

    Two years later, Jiang Rou hadn't gotten married yet, in this era at the age of seventeen or eighteen, if the girls hadn’t married, she could be called an old lady, and he didn't see Jiang Rou today.
Jiang Lin felt that something was going on here.

    The Wei family was afraid that they offended her severely.

    Wei Yunzhao: “I will ask clearly, how did the family reject Qinghe Wangfu two years ago?”

    Jiang Lin sighed, he really had to chop off his hind legs constantly, and had to wipe his ass.

    He had been tossing for so long, the only thing to be happy about was that the dowry would be brought to him soon.

    Jiang Lin still had this a bit of confidence, because he believed that Zhao Qiuru and Zhao Family were willing to lose face, but Anyang Hou wouldn’t agree, so Anyang Hou would definitely force Zhao Qiuru to pay back the dowry.

    But in order to get the dowry faster, Jiang Lin decided to add more bargaining chips.

    He went for a stroll around the yard, and when he came back, he had two more herbs that no one else had seen before.
Jiang Lin roughly smashed the two herbs and extracted the juice inside. Jiang Lin packed it in a small bottle and handed it to Xun Qi, asking him to help him go to Anyang Houfu at night and pour the contents of the bottle on Jiang Jinyue's pillow and clothes.

    Xun Qi was very happy to help, and he also hated that vicious woman Jiang Jinyue to death.
If he couldn't kill her directly, Xun Qi would really like to do it.

    “Young Madam, don't worry, I promise to pour every drop on that vicious woman's body and face!”

    Jiang Lin smiled, “Then I will wait for the response from Anyang Houfu tomorrow.”

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