’s secret in his cuff, wishing he could go back and read the book now, he didn't really want to chat with Jiang Lin.

    Du Yuling stood beside Zhou Chengwang, nodding his head to express his opinion.
When there was nothing to do, brothers were not as important as books.

    Jiang Lin rolled his eyes, and then led Wei Yunjia to thank Yin Feifei.
Without her today, Jiang Jinyue's plan might really have succeeded.

    Yin Feifei said generously, “Don't worry about these small things.
I'll go back first.
Sister Yunjia can come and play with me at home if you have free time.
I have time anytime.”

    Wei Yunjia nodded, “Thank you, Sister Fei, I will go to find you.”

    Several people got into their own carriages and walked back separately.



    Jiang Lin rubbed the little girl's head, “Are you afraid?”

    Wei Yunjia nodded, a little embarrassed, “I'm afraid, that person was hiding in the latrine, and I was knocked out as soon as I entered.
Sister Fei said that person almost took off my clothes when she rushed in, if it wasn't for her, I would have already…”

    Wei Yunjia didn't dare to say anymore, let alone imagine the consequences of what happened.

    “I'm the one who got you into trouble,” Jiang Lin said guiltily.
It was the first time that someone else was involved in his own affairs, and he felt very uncomfortable.

    Wei Yunjia quickly shook his head, “Brother is not to blame for this matter, it's because that woman is too bad.” Wei Yunjia already knew that Jiang Jinyue had arranged all of this, and when she mentioned her, Wei Yunjia was very indignant.

    “She must have planned it in advance, otherwise how could she send us invitations, and the man hiding in the latrine was arranged early.
She plotted against her brother time and time again, this woman is simply worse than a snake and a scorpion, so vicious.”

    Jiang Jinyue's plan today was not perfect, but if Jiang Lin didn't have the space and spiritual spring water, it was likely to be success.

    Added the poison to the wine, and when he was drowsy, let the maid pretend to fall and push him into the pond.
An unconscious person may not even think of throwing himself into the water, and at that time Jiang Jinyue led the group  in another direction, wait for them to react when they heard the voice, and then called someone to rescue him.
This process would take a lot of time, and a person who had been poisoned couldn't wait that long.

    Jiang Jinyue wanted him to drown in that pond.

    As for Wei Yunjia, it was Jiang Jinyue's plan to kill two birds with one stone.
Jiang Lin believed that in Jiang Jinyue's plan, Wei Yunzhao must be killed.
The Wei family without Wei Yunzhao was nothing to worry about, but even with Wei Yunzhao around, the death of the Wei family was more beneficial to her.

    She couldn't say how much she hated Wei Yunjia, she got rid of her only because her surname was Wei, and at the same time, she could use Wei Yunjia's accident to deal with Jiang Lin.

    Jiang Lin might not necessarily die in the pond as she expected, but if Wei Yunjia, who was brought out by Jiang Lin to the banquet, was tarnished and ruined her innocence, or even lost her life, the Wei family would never let Jiang Lin go.

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