Jiang Lin stood firmly by the pond, only one step away from the pond below, as long as he moved a little further, he would definitely fall into the pond.

    The maid who pushed him lay on the ground, perhaps she didn't hear the sound of falling into the water, she quietly raised her head to peek, and met Jiang Lin's smiling eyes.

    The maid showed a shocked expression, apparently not understanding what was going on.

    Jiang Lin walked back to the maid and leaned over to look at her, “Are you surprised why I didn't fall into the water?”


The maid looked at the jug in Jiang Lin's hand, her eyes full of disbelief, and Jiang Lin asked again, “Is it very strange, I'm obviously drank it, but I'm not drunk, and I don't even react at all?”

The maid wanted to nod, since she saw Jiang Lin drink the pot of wine with her own eyes, how could he have no reaction at all?

    But she didn't dare, she shrank back, looking very scared, “I'm sorry young master, I'm sorry, I didn't mean it, I accidentally fell and hit you, I know my mistake, please Lord, please forgive me .”

    Jiang Lin stretched out his hand to pinch her chin, and the smile on his face deepened, “She is smart, and she reacts quickly, but unfortunately, I heard it all.”

    “You want me to die, or your master wants me to die, right?” Jiang Lin tightened his strength, and the maid's face began to deform.

    The maid shook her head in a panic, “I didn't, I didn't dare, please let me go, sir, I know I’m wrong.” She raised her voice accordingly, as if to attract someone's attention.

    Jiang Lin raised his eyes, and saw a group of people who were going to the small courtyard turned their heads.
Among them, Jiang Jinyue had the fastest reaction, turned around and shouted at Jiang Lin: “Big brother, what are you doing again? Are you even going to attack the maid now?”

    The pond was round, and Jiang Lin's position was just behind Jiang Jinyue's group.
They went directly to the small courtyard from the front, which was exactly opposite to Jiang Lin's direction.
If you didn't turn your head, you wouldn't be able to see what happened behind .

    But it was premeditated, how could not turn back.

    Jiang Lin waved to Jiang Jinyue, “Come here, come here and I'll tell you what I'm doing.”

    His tone was flat, without any emotional up and down, which made Jiang Jinyue felt uneasy.

    The crown prince pulled Jiang Jinyue to protect her behind him, and looked at Jiang Lin with a frown, “Jiang Lin, what tricks are you playing again? Isn't your trouble today enough to shame you!”

    Jiang Lin sneered, “Your Royal Highness, it's not shameful, it's just that someone is so blind that they grew a pair of eyes for nothing.”


The crown prince strode towards Jiang Lin with anger, “You're presumptuous!”

    Jiang Lin ignored him, poured a glass of wine from the jug, and Let the maid drink in front of everyone, but the maid kept her mouth shut and shook her head.

    “It's just a glass of wine, does it scare you so much? Don't worry, as long as you drink this glass of wine and jump off the pond by yourself, I won't hold you accountable.”


The maid still shook her head, her face was full of resistance, and fear could even be seen in her eyes.

    “So unwilling, why? Do you know something?” Jiang Lin asked.

    Jiang Jinyue stood up again, “Jiang Lin, why do you have to be so hard on a little girl, why are you so cruel?”

    Jiang Lin was so irritated by these words, he threw the wine glass in his hand to the ground, and jumped up to Jiang Jinyue , raised his hand and grabbed Jiang Jinyue's neck, “That's no match for you!”

    “Jiang Lin, what are you doing, why don't you let your sister go quickly?” the crown prince began to pull Jiang Lin.

    Jiang Lin tilted his head, his eyes were flushed with ruthlessness, “Get lost!”


He didn't give the crown prince any face.

    Jiang Jinyue struggled, slapped Jiang Lin with her hands, and asked with difficulty, “Jiang…Jiang Lin, what are you…doing?”

    Jiang Lin held the jug and poured wine into Jiang Jinyue's mouth, “What do you think I'm going to do? Don't you want my life, so let's see who wants whose life.”

    Jiang Jinyue struggled harder, closed her mouth and refusing to drink.

    “Drink, are you afraid? Didn't you put the poison yourself? You know the effect the best, and it will definitely kill you.
Don't you dare to drink it?”

    Jiang Jinyue still shook her head, “I didn't, I didn't do anything, Jiang Lin, let me go.”


The crown prince also ordered, “Come on, pull Jiang Lin away!”

    Jiang Lin looked over with a cold look, “Try, I can break Jiang Jinyue's neck with just a little force, let's see who moves faster.”

    The person called by the crown prince hesitated, and the crown prince said coldly: “Jiang Lin, you are so courageous, if you dare to hurt Jinyue today, be careful and I will take your head!”

    Jiang Lin looked back at the crown prince, “You pick those two eyes under your forehead early, so you don't get out of shame.”

    “You!” The crown prince was anxious, and pointed out, “Pull him away, if he dares to resist, you will execute him immediately .”


    As soon as he finished speaking, Jiang Jinyue screamed, and the veins in Jiang Lin's hand pinching Jiang Jinyue's neck could almost be seen bulging, and the crown prince's men stopped again.

    Jiang Lin looked at Jiang Jinyue, who was having difficulty even venting his anger, and softened his tone, “Put the poison in the wine, let the maid push me into the water, and kill me.
You really deserve to be Miss Jiang.”

    “I know you will say that you didn't do it, and I have no evidence to prove that you did it.
Don't worry, I won't fight with you with the evidence.
I'll just fight back with fire.”


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