The others present laughed in their hearts.
How could the Qinghe Jun wangfei didn’t know about Jiang Lin's reputation, and now she deliberately named him to compose a poem, making it clear that she wanted to see Jiang Lin's jokes.

    Jiang Lin was now a drunkard who had drunk too much.
He didn't save face when he spoke.

    In the end, Qinghe Junwang himself compose a poem to make this matter go away.

    At the end of the first half, everyone began to turn to the courtyard to enjoy the flowers.
Generally, few of them came to see the flowers sincerely.

    After the crowd dispersed, Jiang Lin, Zhou Chengwang, and Du Yuling were left as three drunkards.
Jiang Lin was sleeping on his stomach, while the other two were still drinking with cups.


    Jiang Lin snorted twice, then rubbed his eyes and slowly woke up, first poured himself a cup of spiritual spring water, then got up and told the two followers, “Take care of the two young masters, remember, stay close, and I will pick them later.”

The eyes were so clear that they didn't look like drunk people at all, the two attendants were stunned for a moment, and then under Jiang Lin's unquestionable gaze, they should be respectful.

    Jiang Lin took the wine glass, lifted the jug, stumbled forward with hazy eyes, he became drunk again.

    After the foreplay was over, the framing theme in the second half was usually the most exciting.
Among the novels Jiang Lin had read, eight out of ten had this routine.
Jiang Jinyue had gone and returned, obviously it was impossible to let him go easily .

    He wanted to know what else Jiang Jinyue had arranged for him.

    As soon as he arrived at the door, Jiang Lin bumped into a maid who was rushing over in a hurry.
As soon as the maid saw Jiang Lin, she grabbed the jug in his hand and shook it vigorously, “Young Madam, it's not good.
Young lady is gone.”

    Jiang Lin was startled, and saw the servant girl's face clearly, it was Bai Qiang who was serving beside Wei Yunjia.

    “What happened?” Jiang Lin hurriedly asked.


    Bai Qiang told Jiang Lin about the matter.
It turned out that Wei Yunjia and the young girls were bored before, so they played guessing games, and those who lost would drink tea and eat cakes. When the performance was over, she wanted to go to change clothes.
The servants of the county palace led the way, and Bai Qiang followed to guard outside, but after waiting for a long time, no one came out.

    Bai Qiang felt that something was wrong, so she went in to find someone, but she searched all over the latrine but found no one, even the maid who showed them the way before was nowhere to be found.

    Bai Qiang said anxiously: “I have no choice but to come to you, Young Madam.” She grabbed Jiang Lin's sleeve and shook it vigorously, “Young Madam, wake up and save young lady.”


The ancient woman disappeared, no matter what happened in the end, it would affect the women's reputation and hinder her future marriages.
If you were soft-tempered and couldn't bear those unbearable rumors, you may choose to die.

    There was a cold light in Jiang Lin's eyes, good you Jiang Jinyue.

    Jiang Lin turned around and walked back, hurriedly entered the door, then poured two cups of spiritual spring water from the space to the jug, and poured one for Zhou Chengwang and the other, “Wake up, hurry.”

    Their minds hadn’t yet turned the corner and the two of them looked at Jiang Lin suspiciously, Jiang Lin didn't give them a chance to speak, grabbed the shoulders of the two and said, “My sister is missing, I need you to help me find someone in the mansion.”

    Zhou Chengwang was still a little confused, “Jiang Jinyue, what are you looking for her for? It’s just a good thing she if she is missing.”

    Jiang Lin explained: “It’s not Jiang Jinyue, it’s Wei’s younger sister, Wei Yunjia, the little girl is only thirteen years old, I’m afraid something will happen.”

    Upon hearing this, Zhou Chengwang suddenly regained consciousness, “Damn, that black-hearted woman Jiang Jinyue must have done it.
Let's find someone now.
Even if we overturn the Qinghe Junwang’s mansion today, we will definitely find Wei's sister!”

    Du Yuling was also there, nodding to each other, the two quickly walked out the door supporting each other.

    Jiang Lin left the two entourages alone and ordered, “You go to the front and back gates of the Wagfu separately to guard, and no one is allowed to go out.
If anyone dares to make trouble, do it directly, and I will be blamed if something happens.”

    Then, Jiang Lin looked at Bai Qiang, “You go to Qinghe Junwang and tell him something for me, if something happens to Wei Yunjia at Wangfu today, he will wait for Wei Yunzhao to come and kill his whole family with a knife!”


A few people nodded and ran away, Jiang Lin also went out, still holding the wine glass and jug in his hand, he walked very fast, but his footsteps were not steady, staggering.

    When Jiang Lin found Jiang Jinyue, she was talking with the crown prince at another pond in Wangfu, and there were many people around, all trying to talk to the crown prince.


    When Jiang Lin approached, he heard Jiang Jinyue suggesting to the crown prince, “Your Highness, when I came here earlier, I saw that there is a small courtyard behind Wangfu is full of flowers, and it’s just in bloom.
Let's go over there and have a look.”

    Jiang Lin walked along the river, looking at the direction of Jiang Jinyue's finger, he only saw rows of eaves.
It was indeed a small courtyard, and it was still a small courtyard where people lived.

    It was also at this time that a little maid who was walking towards this side with a pastry tripped over something and jumped forward.
When she was approaching the river, the little maid suddenly stretched out her hand and pushed him.

    Jiang Lin could clearly hear the little girl sai: “Go to hell!”

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