Xu Tianming's words of scolding Jiang Lin turned into shouting for help, Jiang Lin moved the rope to lift him up, but quickly threw him down again, “You can continue to scold, I will stay here with you.”

    And every time Xu Tianming wanted to speak, Jiang Lin would pull him up and throw him down again.
After repeated several times, Xu Tianming didn't even have the strength to speak.

    “Why hasn't Miss Jinyue, whom you admire, come to rescue you? Do you think she can come out and say something for you before you are drowned?” Jiang Lin dangled the rope leisurely.

    Zhou Chengwang and Du Yuling squatted beside Jiang Lin to help, and they smiled and said to Xu Tianming, “Don't worry, we have already sent someone to invite her.
If your girl Jinyue knows that her dog leg is about to die just to stand up for her, she will definitely come.”

    Jiang Jinyue did indeed come, not only her alone, but a large group, the crown prince was among them.

    As soon as she got to the pond and saw Xu Tianming in a mess in the water, she rushed over and shouted at Jiang Lin, “Jiang Lin, if you have any dissatisfaction, just come to me directly, why do you need to involve innocent people!” She shouted to Xu Tianming in the water, “Brother Tianming, don't be afraid, I'll send someone to rescue you right away, and I won't let anything happen to you.”


The voice was gentle, the eyes were concerned, and what she said was sincere.

    Zhou Chengwang answered, “Of course you can't let him have a trouble, or you'll have to marry to Xu's family to cheer him up.
Well, if it's worse, it might be a ghost marriage.
You'll have to spend your whole life as a widow.

    Du Yuling looked at him from the side, “Xiao Wangzi, you know a lot.”

    Zhou Chengwang looked proud, “That's right, I studied it specially when Jiang Lin went to be chongxi for Wei Yunzhao. “


“Regarding this matter, I remember that the imperial decree of the marriage was for Miss Jiang, why did it suddenly change to Jiang Lin?”

    Zhou Chengwang suddenly raised his voice, “Oh~  could it be for your Brother Tianming?”

    Du Yuling chimed in, “Wow, that's so affectionate.
No wonder your brother Tianming is willing to do anything for you, even going up and down the mountain.”

    Jiang Lin thought that his two good friends were really awesome.

    When the two sang together, Jiang Jinyue successfully changed her expression.
She hurriedly explained, “That's not the case.
I have nothing to do with Brother Tianming.”

    Zhou Chengwang: “If you have nothing with him, then what are you doing in such a hurry to get him picked up?”

    Jiang Jinyue said aggrievedly: “Jiang Lin hated me and deliberately troubled brother Tianming, I implicated him, and it’s all Jiang Lin's fault.”


Du Yuling: “Okay, why did Jiang Lin trouble Xu Tianming and not others?”

    Zhou Chengwang: “Isn't it because Miss Jiang and Xu Tianming have a deep relationship?”

    So they went back to the original point, and the others who came with Jiang Jinyue  looked at her and felt very subtle.
They thought they would watch the scene more or less the same like at the gate, but they didn't expect to see Jiang Jinyue's emotional scene after entering the county Wangfu.
Today's trip was so worth it.

    The girl who helped Jiang Lin outside the door stood up, her face suddenly enlightened, “No wonder you refused to swear at the door before, it turns out that you have a sweetheart, in order to marry Xu Tianming, you rather acquiesced that you are a thief.
Jiang Jinyue, I didn't expect you to love Xu Tianming so deeply.”

    She put her hand in her chest, “Wow, I'm so touched.”

    This sentence was to close the relationship between Jiang Jinyue and Xu Tianming.
Xu Tianming had already been picked up by the servants of the county Wangfu, but Jiang Lin didn’t stop them.
After all, his main purpose was to scare Xu Tianming.

    Xu Tianming was so ignorant, he lay on the ground after being fished out and couldn't speak, only Jiang Jinyue defended helplessly, “I'm not, I don't, I have nothing to do with Xu Tianming, all of this is Jiang Lin's conspiracy.

    Jiang Lin nodded, “Yes, it's all my conspiracy.
It was me who called Xu Tianming to trouble me, and it was me who summoned you to save your elder brother Tianming.
It's all my fault for breaking your private relationship with Xu Tianming and ruining your good deeds.”

    Jiang Lin raised his hand, “I admit it.”

    Jiang Jinyue looked at Jiang Lin in disbelief, “Jiang Lin, are you really willing to force me to death? I'm your sister, why do you treat me like this? It's because you failed to seduce brother Tianming, so you have to give up everything and vent all your grievances on me?”

    “Tsk, I still underestimated women,” Zhou Chengwang put his hand on Jiang Lin's shoulder and spoke with a sigh.

    After all, she was the heroine, so she had to react a bit.
Jiang Lin was not surprised.

    He pointed in the direction of the crowd and lowered his voice, “I know in my heart whether I have hooked Xu Tianming or not, but your real lover's face is not very good.
Does he believe that you and Xu Tianming really have nothing?”

    Jiang Jinyue suddenly turned to look at the crown prince.

    Jiang Lin's voice sounded again, “Sister, when Xu Tianming came to Houfu to look for you, you always met him alone, can you tell us what shameful things the two of you did in the room? ”


The crown prince turned and left.

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