“Jiang Jinyue, do you dare to swear to God that this hairpin was not taken from my mother's dowry? You don't have to be too harsh, just say that you will never be able to marry the person you love in this life.

    ” If you don’t have a sweetheart, who knows what kind of cat or dog you will marry with the order of your parents and the words of a matchmaker.
Just take an oath to prove your innocence, so that your reputation can be preserved.
What a wonderful thing.” Holding Jiang Jinyue’s arm, the little girl kept encouraging.

    Jiang Jinyue raised her eyes to meet Jiang Lin's gaze, and saw a smile in his eyes.
Jiang Jinyue had a feeling of being seen through, as if Jiang Lin knew everything.

    Jiang Jinyue didn't dare to swear, she shook her head and shed tears, “Big brother, I'm your sister, why are you being so aggressive, do you really hate me that much?”

    Jiang Lin snorted coldly, “Do you think you and your mother can deny the fact that you and your mother stole the dowry by talking so much nonsense? Jiang Jinyue, if you ask me why I’m aggressive, then I will ask you, why do you still have the face to cry? You do the wrong thing, you thought it would be okay to cry once or twice, or do you want to cry to some passing men, let them act as justice envoys to accuse me of bullying girls?”

    “Then you can cry as much as you want, cry louder, Let's see which stupid man will stand up for you, Miss Jiang!”

    Jiang Lin turned his head, and glanced at the group of young masters who came after him.
With their attitude towards Jiang Jinyue, they wanted to speak for her, but because of Jiang Lin's stupid man, he successfully stopped them in their tracks.

    they even felt that the way Jiang Lin looked at them was filled with the meaning that I thought you all look like idiots, so no one dared to make such a move.


The scene was silent for a while, and because of this, Jiang Jinyue's crying was particularly obvious , crying and still not forgetting to argue for himself, “It's not me…I'm right…Why did big brother want to kill me…”

    “What are you doing?”

    Just as Jiang Jinyue was performing alone, a voice with aura suddenly appeared.

    Jiang Jinyue, who was crying and sad, raised her head in the midst of her busy schedule, and when she saw the person, her grievance magnified infinitely, and she called out delicately, “Your Royal Highness.”

She wanted to refuse but still welcoming, wanted to say something but still said nothing, this was really success to make the crown prince frowned felt deep dissatisfaction, “Jiang Lin, what are you doing!”


Seeing the figure of the crown prince walking straight towards Jiang Jinyue, the people present couldn't help but flashed the same thought, the stupid man appeared.

    Maybe this thought was too strong, and the way they looked at the crown prince was a little subtle.

    But the crown prince didn't notice, he was staring at Jiang Lin, asking him to give an explanation.

    What could Jiang Lin do? Naturally, he was satisfied.
After saluting to the crown prince, he greeted Chang An, “Replay what happened just now to His Royal Highness.
Remember, you must have enough momentum.”

    “No,” Jiang Jinyue subconsciously blocked him, and didn't even care about crying.

    Those words must not be heard by the Crown Prince, otherwise…
Jiang Jinyue's face was pale, and she couldn't imagine what the Crown Prince would think of her and the Houfu afterwards.

    But would Jiang Lin be someone who would listen to her? Obviously, Jiang Jinyue didn't have that face, so the cymbals rang, and the slogan was shouted again, louder and more imposing than before.

    Those boys and buddies who came later were stunned, but their hands were ready to slap and say hello.
Fortunately, reason stopped their hands, but they were a little uncomfortable…

    And Jiang Jinyue, the person involved, was provoked again, still in front of her sweetheart.
The face was so full  of embarrassment that it was already on the verge of falling.

    The crown prince's complexion was not very good either, obviously such words was beyond his expectation.

    Jiang Lin pretended not to see the reaction of the two, and said to the crown prince: “Your highness, last time you refused to help as a witness to let the Houfu to return my dowry.
Jiang Jinyue's mother is really shameless, and she hasn't returned it until now.
I really have nowhere to go.
Because of this that I made such a bad move.”

    The girl who was holding Jiang Jinyue's arm withdrew her hand at some point, but she was still standing beside Jiang Jinyue, and after Jiang Lin finished speaking, she gave Jiang Lin's support, “Your Royal Highness, this matter is also important.
You can't blame Young Master Jiang, but If Jiang Jinyue and her mother have a little remorse and shame, they will not wear the hairpin from someone else's dowry to the banquet today, it’s the relic of Young Master Jiang's mother.”

    Although he didn't know the girl helped him, but an enemy's enemy was a friend, Jiang Lin smiled at the other party, and then asked the crown prince cautiously, “Your Highness, I just want them to return my mother's belongings, is there something wrong with that?”


He couldn't even say yes.

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