The confinement soup on the table, oh no, the chicken soup, was no longer hot.
Jiang Lin was about to invite Wei Yunzhao to drink it, but in a blink of an eye, Wei Yunzhao's brows became a little red.

    Jiang Lin stepped forward, grabbed Wei Yunzhao's hand, and found that his hand was indeed bleeding, the skin was broken.

    Wei Yunzhao wiped off the blood on his hand and said, “It's just a minor injury, it will heal soon.”

    “Does it hurt?” Jiang Lin asked.

    Wei Yunzhao looked at the broken skin on his hands, and shook his head slightly, “I'm used to it, and I don't really feel it.”

    Jiang Lin remembered the wounds he saw on Wei Yunzhao’s body when he bathed him, big and small on his chest and back, It was hard to count, there were old and new wound, and they had become a part of his body that couldn’t be washed or wiped off.

    The medals of these men were obtained by him for protecting tens of millions of people in Daiyue.

    Jiang Lin suddenly felt a little distressed, such a person should never be a cannon fodder, he should live well, lived for a long time.

    Seeing Jiang Lin grabbing his hand in a daze, Wei Yunzhao moved his fingers, “A little injury, it's not a problem, don't worry.”

Jiang Lin came back to his senses and let go of Wei Yunzhao's hand.
He asked the maid to bandage it.


The chicken soup was cold.
“I'll send it to the kitchen to warm it up for you before bringing it back for you to drink.”

    Wei Yunzhao was about to refuse, Jiang Lin left with the crock pot in his hand.
Wei Yunzhao felt the urgency in his steps, and he felt a little strange.

    Jiang Lin moved quickly, and the maid here finished bandaging Wei Yunzhao's hand and he came back not long after, and not only brought back the chicken soup, but also fried two dishes and added rice.

    “Try it,” Jiang Lin handed the chopsticks to Wei Yunzhao.

    A plate of fried cabbage, a plate of twice-cooked pork, the color was good, the aroma was strong, and it would appeal the gluttons in people's stomachs.


    Wei Yunzhao had already guessed that Jiang Lin made it, and he thanked him before moving his chopsticks.

    Delicious, these two words were the only words left in Wei Yunzhao's mind as soon as the dish was eaten.
It was the most common cabbage, but the taste was completely different from what he usually ate.
He had never eaten such delicious cabbage.
Wei Yunzhao felt that the royal chef in the palace might not be able to cook this taste.

    Then he tasted the meat again, it tasted very good, and it was still better than the cabbage. From the moment he took a bite, Wei Yunzhao hardly stopped until the plate was cleared.

    The chicken soup also smelled more fragrant than before, and the mouth was full of the fresh fragrance.
Wei Yunzhao recalled that Jiang Lin said it was confinement soup, and he said honestly: “If you can drink this kind of soup all the time, many people will rather stay in confinement forever.”

    Jiang Lin didn't expect Wei Yunzhao to mention this, he chuckled, “That's not possible, this soup can only be given to you, the general, after all, the general will carry our second child.
It's a heavy responsibility.”

    Jiang Lin glanced at Wei Yunzhao's abdomen when he said that, the teasing meaning was self-evident.

    Wei Yunzhao was not angry, but continued: “Madam, you had to work hard, or the child may not come so easily.”

    His eyes also fell on Jiang Lin's abdomen, full of scrutiny.

    “I remember the day I woke up, my wife was very envious of his husband’s huge development, but I can't help you much in this matter,” Wei Yunzhao said meaningfully, “But my wife is not yet a weak crown (22 y.o), so I think it's still a long time.
Madam, please drink more soup to replenish your body.”

    Jiang Lin: “…”

    had you ever seen it before? You knew it still needed to grow!

    Jiang Lin snatched the bowl of chicken soup from Wei Yunzhao's hand, “You're out of food “

I will never cook for you again, you're old enough to eat by yourself!


    The dignity of a man couldn’t be challenged!

    Wei Yunzhao was amused by Jiang Lin's angry appearance, this was the first time Jiang Lin saw him laughing like this, he looked really happy.


    The deep voice was alluring, but the smiling Wei Yunzhao was even more alluring.
His formerly serious face seemed to be tinged with spring, making people tickle.

    Jiang Lin: “…Your grandmother's eyesight is really bad, obviously you are a vixen,” Jiang Lin snorted, even if a vixen who said that he was young (small), he was still angry.

    Wei Yunzhao stretched out his hand and pulled Jiang Lin's ear closer, Jiang Lin gave him a suspicious look, but still cooperated, Jiang Lin heard Wei Yunzhao whisper in his ear, “You are very big.

    The corners of Jiang Lin's mouth couldn't be controlled to rise.
It didn't matter if it was true or not, but any man liked others to exaggerate himself.

    Jiang Lin forgave Wei Yunzhao so simply and without principle.

    When a man could make this kind of joke, the relationship would be sublimated a little bit.
After the big and small things were revealed, Jiang Lin brought up the dowry matter.

    “The seven-day period had passed, and the Anyang Houfu hasn't given me the dowry yet, so I'm going to honor them again.”

    He had been busy cleaning up the general's mansion these days, and he didn't take care the dowry matter.


So this time he intended to be filial to the older one and get the dowry back at once, otherwise there would be too many small fights, and the Anyang Houfu may be a dead pig who was not afraid of boiling water and would be treated as a dead pig.

    Wei Yunzhao shook his head, “Today, someone from the palace delivered the emperor's oral order, let me enter the palace tomorrow, and you can go with me tomorrow.”

    Jiang Lin frowned, he didn't deal with the imperial doctor and people in the palace, so he didn't know about it, “You just woke up not long ago, and you are announced to enter the palace so quickly?”

    Wei Yunzhao said: “Because what that person wants is in my hand.”

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