p>    The scissors were quickly brought, and Jiang Lin ordered his men to pick up Wei An's obscene pants, cut them into super shorts with two scissors, and put it on for Wei An.

    Immediately afterwards, Jiang Lin pointed to the tree in the middle of the courtyard, “Tie him up!”

    Hearing this, Wei An couldn't bear it anymore, “What are you? Dare to tie me up, I’m the fifth master of the Wei family .”

    Jiang Lin gave Wei An a disgusted look, and said coldly, “Tie.”

    One word, there was no doubt about it.

    A few servants stepped forward and grabbed Wei An's hands and feet and carried him to the tree.
Wei An scolded while struggling, “You dog, you are blind, you dare to do something to me, be careful that I let you get out of the mansion.”

    “Dog, what are you doing, let me down, let me down quickly, or I will kill you dog!”

    Wei An was tied like a dog, he was tied up a little higher, and when they looked up, they could see his white skin all over his body.

    “Since you like to be naked, let you stay naked like this.” Jiang Lin's tone was cold.

    “Bitch, Jiang Lin, you bitch…
woo woo woo…”

    Jiang Lin stuffed Wei An's socks into his mouth, and he didn't wash them for an unknown amount of time.
A gust of wind blew, and they yard full of the smell.

    After Wei An couldn't speak, Jiang Lin turned his eyes to the two women who were messing with Wei An in the courtyard.
The two women covered their chests with their clothes, and stared at Jiang Lin with begging eyes.

    But Jiang Lin didn't care about Lianxiang Xiyu, he said indifferently: “The same thing, cover the place where can dirty the eyes, and tie them on the tree.”


[怜香惜玉 lián xiāng xī yù: to have tender, protective feelings for the fairer sex (idiom)]

The servants immediately started to act, much faster than tying Wei An, and thoughtfully stuffed the stinky socks .

    When they finished tying people on the tree, Zhou Shi appeared yawning, with a look of just waking up, “What's the matter…” Before she finished speaking, she suddenly looked up and saw Wei An, who was naked and tied on a tree.

    Zhou Shi's expression immediately changed, “Who did it? Jiang Lin, is it you? You are so brave to treat your elders like this.
I see you…”


    Jiang Lin interrupted her directly, “Either listen to me, or go up to accompany your good husband, choose by yourself.”

    Zhou Shi’s words were blocked in her throat, and she blushed.

    She stared at Jiang Lin bitterly, but Jiang Lin ignored her gaze and said, “From now on, all the women who shouldn't be kept in this yard will either be sold, or you will raise them by yourself.”


    Zhou Shi was startled by Jiang Lin's commanding tone, but soon her heart welled up with joy.
She had disliked these women a long time ago, but she couldn't drive them away before, and she didn't dare to disobey the old lady's wishes, so she was forced to let them stay, now that Jiang Lin was a villain to help her drove them away, how could she not want to.

    “But they've been with my husband for so many years, wouldn't it be bad to drive them away like this…” Zhou Shi still wanted to coddle.

    It was a pity that Jiang Lin was not the one who accommodated her, “Then you take care of them by  yourself.
From now on, the irrelevant women in this courtyard will never take a penny from the General's Mansion.”

    Jiang Lin turned around and left after speaking.
Before leaving, he only left a sentence, “Look at these three people on the tree, no one is allowed to let them down until tomorrow morning.”

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