“Master! It's not good, Madam fainted.”

    “Hurry up, go get the doctor.”

    “What about that little beast, housekeeper, tell that little beast to come back to me, I'm going to beat this evil person to death today.” Anyang Houfu was in chaos in an instant, oh, this time she was really fainted.

    Jiang Lin shouted to Chang An who was in command, “Knock off.”


As soon as Chang An heard the order, he threw a bag of money to the leader and told them to leave quickly.
Before Chang An could finish speaking, these people turned around and ran away.
It was like running for your life, that was called a fast one.

    Jiang Lin chuckled, and pushed Wei Yunzhao to the carriage.

    However, seeing that Wei Yunzhao couldn't get into the carriage by himself, he felt a little regretful, “If the general's legs are fine, we can prepare two horses at the door, and we will run as soon as we get on the horses, which will definitely be more chic.”

    Wei Yunzhao patted himself “I'm not good enough to trouble you.”

    “It's polite to say that, and I believe you will be fine,” Jiang Lin pointed out.

    He asked Xun Qi to carry Wei Yunzhao into the carriage, and followed him.
The carriage moved just as Anyang Hou was chasing him out, but Anyang Hou's angry scolding still reached their ears.

    Jiang Lin lifted the curtain and stretched out his head to make a face at Anyang Hou.
He wanted to shout a few words, but Wei Yunzhao held his head with one hand and pulled him back.
“It's so dangerous, what can’t you say next time?”


 Jiang Lin couldn't help laughing when he thought of what might happen when they met next time, “I'm afraid that when we meet next time, my father might kill me.”

Carried away, Jiang Lin noticed that Wei Yunzhao's gaze on him was a little more scrutinizing after he finished speaking.
He tried to make amends, “Cough, the main reason is that if I have no father, there should be no stepmother, so I'm happy.”

    “Well,” Wei Yunzhao nodded, as if he believed what he said.

    “I don't have a good relationship with my stepmother.
You've seen it today.
I don't think they will honestly return my dowry, so next time we meet, I will continue to prepare a show to honor them.
She was fainted from this little scene today.
Next time I'm sure it will be more unbearable.” Jiang Lin explained earnestly, with an expression like I was just targeting my stepmother and not wanting my father to die.”


    “Well, I can see that you are very smart,” Wei Yunzhao also cooperated very well, and even praised him.

    Compared with the methods used by those in the back house to kill without blood, Jiang Lin's methods seemed too simple, but he was aboveboard, and the most important thing was that it was lively. And most people liked to be lively, Wei Yunzhao believed that Zhao Qiuru's misappropriation of his husband’s former wife's dowry wouldn’t be over for a while, and the people of Shengjing would talk about it for a long time.

    Wei Yunzhao guessed that this might be Jiang Lin's real intention.

    People quickly forgot the things that were lightly revealed, and only when the trouble was big and everyone knew it could be impressive.
After this time, many people would get to know Jiang Lin again.

    And he, from the very beginning, knew a Jiang Lin who was completely different from the rumors.

    Wei Yunzhao thought it was also very interesting.

    No one didn't like to be praised for being smart.
Jiang Lin felt that he had done two good things today, and he was in a good mood.
He smiled and said to Wei Yunzhao: “It's hard work for you to come out with me today.
I'll cook something delicious for you tonight.”

    Wei Yunzhao also said yes, and seemed to be very talkative.

    This time and again plus the delay in the Houfu, it was almost dark when they returned to the General's Mansion.

    As soon as he got off the carriage, Jiang Lin was startled by the Wei family who were blocking the entrance of the general's mansion.
All the female family members were mobilized, and even Wei Yunqi stood beside Wei Yunjia.

    Jiang Lin walked a few steps, but before he could ask what they were doing, Old madam Wei, who was at the front, raised her cane and knocked on Jiang Lin's knee, “Kneel down!

    Jiang Lin didn't watch out for her sudden attack, and he was hit, causing his knee to hurt.

    It was really interesting, everyone wanted him to kneel down today, did he really look so easy to bully?

    When Wei Yunzhao was carried down by Xun Qi, he happened to see Old madam Wei holding up his cane to hit Jiang Lin for the second time.
He didn't even care about the 'weak' image, and hurriedly stopped her, “Grandma!”

    “Yunzhao,  My son, how are you? Is there something wrong? Is there any discomfort? You just woke up, what are you doing running around, just let your mother do it, what if something happens to you? what will happen to the Wei family?”


    Wei Yunzhao just sat in the wheelchair, and madam Wei ran forward a few steps and directly hugged Wei Yunzhao's head and began to cry.

    “Sangmen Xing, why is my Wei family so unlucky to marry someone like you, not to mention the embarrassment you made everywhere, and now abduct Yunzhao to run around for you regardless of his body, vixen, you are a man who learns these dirty tricks, shameless !”

    Madam Wei cried with Wei Yunzhao over there, while Old madam Wei scolded Jiang Lin with a cane.


Jiang Lin laughed angrily at her, “Old lady, I respect you as an elder and Wei Yunzhao's grandma before, so I never said anything serious to you, now it seems that I gave you too much face.
Not to mention that I was forced to marry into your general's mansion.
Just talk about Wei Yunzhao, he voluntarily went out with me and went to see his father-in-law.
Can I stop him? Besides, I’m a vixen who can seduce people, so Wei Yunzhao can only blame himself for not being able to concentrate.
The vixen just said a few words to him and he obediently followed.
A man who can't control his lower body usually can't achieve great things.
Wei Yunzhao was hooked away by me so easily, and your Wei family is not far from being completely defeated.”

    “Shut up! You loser, you dare to curse the Wei family, you are so brave, I will kill you today,” Old madam Wei angrily, holding up her cane  to hit Jiang Lin.

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