In fact, the content was very simple, just six words: Zhao Qiuru, return the dowry.

    But the writing was big, and the beggars lined up two by two, more than twenty people stood in more than ten rows, all holding the same content before and after, and crossing the street mightily, the scene was very spectacular.

    Many people in Shengjing could read.
Although they didn't know who Zhao Qiuru was, they understood about the dowry.

    The people were curious, so they followed the beggars to watch the excitement.
This time, they arrived outside the Shangshufu of the Ministry of Rites.

[尚书 shàng shū: high official, government minister]

    It just so happened that the Minister of Rites also named Zhao, and this Zhao Qiuru was either the son or the daughter of the family.

    The people who watched the excitement didn’t leave, and even more and more people gathered, staring at the gate of the Zhao family, wanting to see how the Zhao family would react.

    Suddenly there were so many people outside, and the signs held by those beggars, it seemed that something was serious, the concierge hurriedly reported to the housekeeper, the housekeeper took a peek through the crack of the door, his expression changed immediately, and he hurried to find the mistress of the house .

    Jiang Lin and Chang An also mixed in the crowd, watching the gate of the Zhao family opened, and a group of servants came out to drive away the beggars.

    They just came to hold up the sign, Jiang Lin also said before, if someone wanted to beat them, just run away.

    The beggar who was at the end bypassed the servant and ran to the housekeeper, stuffed a note into his hand, and then ran away quickly.

They came and went away quickly, and the people didn’t continue to watch without any excitement, and they left with regret.

    Jiang Lin didn't move.
After the crowd dispersed, he stood in the same place and looked at the housekeeper of the Zhao residence.
The Zhao family and Anyang Hou's family were related by marriage, so the housekeeper naturally recognized Jiang Lin.

    Jiang Lin didn't hide, he was telling the Zhao family that this was what he did, and if they wanted to make trouble, they could come directly to him.

    The news of Shengjing had always been spread fast.
There had never been such an act of more than 20 beggars parading the streets with wooden signs.
Anyone who knew about such a rare thing would get together to discuss it.

    Jiang Lin's reputation was not good, most of the people who associated with him were playboys, few of them were sincere friends with Jiang Lin, and these people had been hooked up by Jiang Lin, so they had a very bad impression of Jiang Lin.

    As for Zhao Qiuru, she had managed her reputation well over the years, but no matter how good she was, she was still a stepmother.
The main wife looked down on the stepmother, the stepmother looked down on the concubine, and the concubine looked down on the one who was raised outside.
The chain of contempt had existed since ancient times.

    In addition, what happened this time was to embezzle the dowry of the former wife.
No matter how good Zhao Qiuru's reputation was before, such an incident would be detrimental to her.

    Many people were in the mood to watch a play, and they really wanted to know who would be the winner between the stepmother and the son of the former wife, and some even started a bet on it.

    Zhao  Qiuru in Anyang Houfu learned what Jiang Lin had done, and even scolded the little bitch several times.

    Zhao Qiuru: “Has Master Hou come back?”

The maid went to ask someone, and came back quickly to reply, “Madam, master is back, and he is in the study.”

    Zhao Qiuru handed her hand to the servant girl, who helped her up, “Go to the study room to have a look.”

When the news reached the mansion, Anyang Hou naturally knew about it, “Nizi, you bastard, you have to lose the face of the Houfu to be reconciled.
Come on, go to the General's Mansion and call that little bastard back to me!” “

    Anyang Hou's angry voice came out of the room, and Zhao Qiuru changed to her pitiful and aggrieved face in a second and entered the door, calling softly, “Master Hou, master Hou, you have to make the decision for the concubine, Lin'er, he…
what he did this time is too much.”

   “The dowry is clearly agreed to be delivered to the general's mansion in seven days, and the concubine is already thinking of ways to raise it, but the deadline hasn’t yet come, and he has ruined the reputation of the concubine in this way, what will the concubine do in the future.

    Adopting Jiang Lin's suggestion last time, Zhao Qiuru didn't cover her face with a handkerchief while crying, but silently let the tears flowed down, and it was indeed more endearing than before.

    Husband and wife quarreled at the head of the bed and at the end of the bed.
As long as the woman was willing to let go of her body, the man would only be angry for a while.
Zhao Qiuru had already coaxed Anyang Hou.

    Anyang Hou wiped away tears for her, and embraced her heartbrokenly, “Don't worry, I have sent someone to call that Nizi back, and when he returns to Houfu, I will ask him to kneel down and apologize to you.
If he dares not to listen, I’ll break his dog’s leg!”

    Jiang Lin didn’t know that someone had missed his leg, and was taking Chang An back to the general’s mansion slowly.

On the way, Chang An looked at Jiang Lin worriedly, “Master, Isn’t it not good to do this?”

    Jiang Lin raised his eyebrows, “Why, Zhao Qiuru is spreading rumors about me, and I’m not allowed to tell the truth?”

    Chang An: “But Madam is your elder after all, and she is also the Madam of the Hou family.
So others will gossip about the young master.”

    Jiang Lin: “Then I'm still the son of the master Hou, how can she a stepmother be more noble than my mother the first wife?” As for gossip, wasn't there a lot of gossip? Jiang Lin was not afraid at all.

    Chang An scratched his head, “It doesn't seem to be.”

    Jiang Lin patted him on the shoulder, ” That's enough, don't worry, your young master, I have my own measure.
Since Zhao Qiuru wants to use the hands of the Wei family to deal with me, then I can only go to find her parents.
Whether she cares about her parents or not is her responsibility.”

    Jiang Lin sighed, looking forward to the follow-up, looking forward to the follow-up, and he was also very willing to contribute to the construction of Shengjing Bagua Road

    After returning to the mansion, Jiang Lin had just entered Zhaoyunyuan when Xun Qi came to Jiang Lin, “Young madam, the general misses you, so go in and be with him.”

    Jiang Lin: “…Although I don't know how you come to this conclusion, but I’m sure it’s impossible for him to miss me.”

    Xun Qi was equally sure, “How can it be impossible, as soon as madam and the others left, the general asked where you went, and I said you went out of the mansion, if the general could leave now, He must have gone to find you in person.”

    “Our general is married for the first time, and he has no experience, so he will inevitably feel a little shy when facing you, young madam.
Don't worry, young madam, I will convey the general's thoughts to you more in the future.

    Jiang Lin refused, he was afraid that according to Xun Qi's paraphrase, he would be beaten to death by Wei Yunzhao sooner or later.

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