Zhao Yunyuan

    Xun Qi hurried into the room, “General, remember to be nice to the young madam, or you will be in danger.”

    Wei Yunzhao was leaning on the bedside to read the letter, and looked at Xun Qi in puzzlement “What happened?”

    Xun Qi told Wei Yunzhao about  Old madam Wei  and Zhou Shi's troubles with Jiang Lin, how Jiang Lin fought back, and what he said to Wei Yunjia in the garden.
Xun Qi added, “Young madam is an expert, and he sleeps with the general every night.
If he wants to kill you, this subordinate won't be able to stop him.”

    “Grandmother and Fifth Aunt are very dissatisfied with Jiang Lin?” Wei Yunzhao and Xun Qi had different concerns.

    Xun Qi knew about the affairs of the family, and Xun Qi also saw the obvious intentions of those few people, so he told about the two girls from the Zhou family and the Dong family who had come to take care of Wei Yunzhao for half a month.

    “The subordinate feels that these two are not good enough for you general.
The girl from the Zhou family has regarded herself as the mistress of the house as soon as she came.
It was said that she was serving the general, but it was only the maid who brought the medicine and fed the general every day.
She didn’t even touch your hands when dressing and wiping the general.
It’s not like the young madam who does it by himself every day.
He bathes the general, boils milk, makes fruit juice and vegetable juice, and I have never seen someone take care of you so meticulously.”

    “As for the girl from the Dong family, she seems to have a gentle personality, but she only knew how to sit by the window every day, wrote poems and drew pictures, and she had never even touched the matter of feeding medicine, which was worse than the girl from the Zhou family.”

    Xun Qi finished speaking, and finally concluded, “Young Madam is the best.”

    Wei Yunzhao pondered for a while, “I remember Jiang Lin came to the General's Mansion only a few days ago?”     


Xun Qi said rightly, “It's all based on comparison.”

    And just outside the door, Jiang Lin's voice talking to Wei Yunjia could be heard.

    Wei Yunzhao stuffed the letter under the pillow, lay down under the quilt, and continued to pretend to be unconscious.

    When Wei Yunjia and Wei Yunqi came to see their elder brother, they were actually looking at his face, and then asked the maid about his situation.

    It was thanks to Wei Yunjia that the matter of Wei Yunzhao woke up didn’t come to light.
It was her who told the maids not to come over when Jiang Lin was bathing her elder brother.
Just waited in the yard or went to do your own business.

    When Wei Yunzhao woke up in the morning, there were Jiang Lin and Xun Qi inside and outside the room, and later Xun Qi went to serve the porridge in the name of Jiang Lin, so that most of the day passed, no one found that Wei Yun Zhao was already awake.

    Wei Yunqi went to the bedside and grabbed his brother's hand and said a lot of words, urging him to wake up quickly, while Wei Yunjia was next to Jiang Lin, judging from his complexion, Wei Yunzhao was indeed much better now.

    Hearing Wei Yunjia's thanks, Jiang Lin smiled, “After entering your Wei family's door, I must take care of your family members in the future, or if they drive me away like today, then I won't even stay even if you cry.”

    Wei Yunjia didn't know that Jiang Lin didn't say this to her, so she explained to Jiang Lin seriously, “My elder brother is not that kind of person, he will treat you well.”

    Jiang Lin continued to laugh, repeating what he said before “Let's see how he behaves,” he lowered his head and moved his wrist again.

    Both Wei Yunjia and Xun Qi felt that this was sending some kind of signal, so one silently prayed for his general at the door, and the other told her comatose brother before leaving, don't be a white-eyed wolf, sister-in-law was very kind, if you woke up, remembered to be nice to him.

    After seeing off Wei Yunjia and his brother, Jiang Lin sat on the side of the bed and asked the person on the bed, “When are you going to wake up?”

    Wei Yunzhao opened his eyes, sat up and said, “Soon.”

    Jiang Lin didn't quite understand this at first.
Until the next morning, Xun Qi said outside the door that someone was coming from the palace, and he brought the imperial doctor to see the general.

    Jiang Lin already knew that Wei Yunzhao had to wake up today, it was obvious that he had noticed something yesterday, he got the news that the palace made such an arrangement and came early.

    Jiang Lin silently pulled his leg back from Wei Yunzhao's body, pretended not to see Wei Yunzhao's eyes, and got up to get dressed.

    Before Wei Yunzhao was in a coma, Jiang Lin didn't feel anything wrong lying in the same bed with him.
It was a little awkward for two sober people to sleep together last night, but they had to sleep together, otherwise it would be suspicious.

    Based on the idea that two big men wouldn’t lose a piece of meat even if they slept, the two still slept in the same bed.

    It was nothing at first, but Jiang Lin didn't know that he didn't sleep well until midnight last night.
He just hugged Wei Yunzhao's arm or used someone's chest as a pillow and made Wei Yunzhao woke up.

    Wei Yunzhao also woke him up by the way.
Jiang Lin looked at the position where he put his hand, and the image of him bathing Wei Yunzhao during the day involuntarily appeared in his mind.
It was also at this position that Wei Yunzhao woke up.

    In such a similar scene, Jiang Lin's mind was too clear, and he subconsciously said, “You are quite sensitive here.”

    Jiang Lin didn't know Wei Yunzhao's reaction at the time, but he wanted to find a crack in the ground and sneak in directly.

    In the second half of the night, Jiang Lin didn't dare to fall asleep, but when he woke up, his leg was on Wei Yunzhao's body again.

    Although, Jiang Lin thought, it was better touching the abdominal muscles than almost touching the place below the abdominal muscles…

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