“Big brother, don't you like to seduce men the most, then sister will fulfill you.”

    “You can replace your sister to be the chongxi of the dying man, Wei Yunzhao.
When he dies, you go down to be buried with him !”

In the chaos, Jiang Lin heard an extremely gentle and vicious voice, which sent a chill down his spine.

    He wanted to see who was talking, but he couldn't open his eyes.

    When Jiang Lin opened his eyes again, he saw a wrinkled old face.


    “It's good to wake up.
Since it's a chongxi, there are a lot of things that should be done on this bridal chamber wedding night, but the general is unconscious now, so you can sit up and move by yourself.”

The old woman said , put a book in Jiang Lin's hand, then turned and left.

    After taking two steps, he stopped and looked back, looking at Jiang Lin: “The Anyang Houfu said that you forcibly replaced your own sister to marry.
Since you are interested in the general, then be careful, there are always people outside, and they will help you, that's it.”

[安阳侯; Ān yáng: the prefecture level city in Henan; Hóu: marquis, the second of the five orders of ancient Chinese nobility]

[府fǔ: official residence; mansion]

    After speaking, without giving Jiang Lin any chance to speak, she went straight to the door, opened the door and walked out.
Although she closed the door, Jiang Lin always felt that she would peek into the room through the paper window.

    This scene made Jiang Lin felt a little familiar, and the name that seemed to appear in a dream, Wei Yunzhao, also gave him a sense of familiarity.

    He first looked at the book that the old woman put in his hand.
There was no text on the cover, but when he opened the first page, the two huge characters appeared in front of Jiang Lin.
The traditional version of…

He didn't know…

    He saw two people drawn on it, their upper bodies were half covered by their clothes, but the key parts were exposed quite clearly.

    Jiang Lin: “…”

    Did you ancient people play with such a big scale?

    From the old woman's attire just now, as well as his own red wedding dress, as well as the antique decorations in the room, Jiang Lin could almost be sure that he had traveled through time.

    The size of the book was so large that Jiang Lin didn't dare to read it anymore.
He stood up and looked at the man who was lying on the bed with him.

    The moment he saw the man's face, many memories that didn’t belong to him flooded into Jiang Lin's mind.
The memories told him that he not only traveled through time, but also into a book.

    It was a book that Jiang Lin had read before the end of the world, it was called “The Prosperous Emperor's Favorite”.
It had been too long, and Jiang Lin had forgotten a lot of the plot.
The heroine of the text was set up to meet the gods and kill the gods, and the Buddha blocked and killed the Buddha.
She used her golden fingers to successfully help the hero to ascend the throne.
The two worked together to become the cool text of the eternal emperor.

    The body he was using now was the half-brother of the heroine of the novel, the eldest son of the Anyang Houfu, who had the same name as him, also called Jiang Lin.

    The original mother died early, and Anyang Hou turned around and remarried.
The stepmother gave birth to two sons and a daughter, and the heroine was that daughter, Jiang Jinyue.

    The two words he heard in his sleep before were said by Jiang Jinyue.
The emperor originally gave Jiang Jinyue the marriage, but how could the majestic heroine marry a cannon fodder who was about to die, so it was time to sacrifice the cannon fodder of the original body.

    Hearing what the old woman said just now, the Anyang Houfu also accused him of robbing his sister's marriage, and wanted to let Wei Yunzhao be buried with him after his death.
The calculation was really loud.

    Jiang Lin lowered his head and looked at his wrist.
There was a small red mole on it, and Jiang Lin immediately felt relieved.

    But soon his eyes turned cold.
He, Jiang Lin was never a submissive person.
The Anyang Houfu wanted him to die, but he wouldn’t die.
Not only that, he also wanted to see how a vicious female lead who pushed his brother to death supported the male lead.
What kind of emperor and empress through the ages.

    After a while, Jiang Lin calmed down the emotions in his eyes, and continued to look at the man named Wei Yunzhao in front of him.
He saw that his complexion was pale, his lips were bloodless, and his thin bones protruded, as if there was only a piece of skin left.

    However, the outline could still vaguely tell that he was handsome.
If there was no accident, he was not a cannon fodder.
Presumably he must be the object of love for countless girls in Shengjing City.

    Jiang Lin was a little bit embarrassed.
The Wei family had been stationed at the border since the founding of the Dayue country.
Generations of generals, the name of the Wei family army spread throughout Dayue, and it was known as the army protecting the country by everyone in Dayue.

    It was a pity that last autumn, the enemy invaded the northwestern border of Dayue.
Wei Yunzhao and his father Wei Su were ordered to go out.
Wei Su died in the battle.
The imperial physician was helpless.

    Everyone saw that Wei Yunzhao was going to die, so someone suggested to try the method of chongxi, and then the original owner was forced to marry instead.

    Jiang Lin tapped the little red mole on his wrist, and then there was half a bowl of water in his hand.
Jiang Lin held the bowl and fed the water to Wei Yunzhao.

    Although Wei Yunzhao was in a coma, he could still drink the water.
It seemed that he could feel the vitality brought by this bowl of water.
Wei Yunzhao was still in a hurry to drink.

    As long as it could be fed in, it was good, there would be a way to survive.

    Not only did he want himself to live, but he also want Wei Yunzhao to live well.

    The red mole on Jiang Lin's hand was a space.
Not long after the end of the world, Jiang Lin had this space.
Unlike other space abilities that could store a large amount of things and compress displacement, Jiang Lin's space contained a lot of spiritual energy.
Plants and animals could be grown, and it only took 24 hours to mature.

    There was also a spiritual spring in his space.
The spiritual spring water in it could strengthen the body, and could also cure diseases and detoxify.
As long as a person still had a breath, he could continue his life for a period of time.

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