“If I dare to return it, it depends on whether that little bastard dares to take it.” Thinking of where those things (the dowry) went, a stern light flashed in Zhao Qiuru's eyes, and the smile on her face became a little more real.

    Zhao Qiuru grabbed Jiang Jinyue's hand  and said, “Yue'er, listen to your mother, there is nothing good about a man in this world, the only thing that is best is to hold the housekeeper's power and money firmly in your hands.”


Just like her, she had been married into Houfu for so many years, had given birth to children for master Hou, presided over the internal and external management of  Houfu , and pretended to be gentle and virtuous in front of him every day, but in the end, because of the dowry, he was about to send her back to her natal home.

    It was also fortunate that she was not the kind of person who would die or live for a man, otherwise she might be so sad.

    “Yue'er, you have to remember what mother said, only mother in this world will not harm you,” Zhao Qiuru earnestly urged.

    Jiang Jinyue nodded.
She and Zhao Qiuru had always been close, so she naturally listened to her.


    “Mother, Jiang Lin is different from before” Jiang Jinyue also called Jiang Lin by his name when she was not in front of people.

    Zhao Qiuru also saw that Jiang Lin was not quite the same as before, and he was no longer as easy to manipulate as before, this time she didn't expect that Jiang Lin dared to make trouble directly because of the dowry, she gave Jiang Lin a handle in advance, so she suffered a loss, but she didn't intend to just bear this loss.

    “It's okay, with mother here, mother won't make that little bitch feel better,” Zhao Qiuru had a cold look in her eyes, since Jiang Lin dared to fight her, then they just wait and see!

    General’s mansion

    Jiang Lin was bathing Wei Yunzhao again.

    Jiang Lin stripped Wei Yunzhao naked again.

    While rubbing Wei Yunzhao's abdomen, Jiang Lin glanced at a certain part of his lower body and said to himself, “Tsk, what's the use of being so big, if you can't wake up, you won't be able to use it in your life.
It's grown waste.”

    Jiang Lin was rubbing vigorously, and when he was about to move his hand down again, his hand was suddenly caught.

    “Below I don't need it.”


    Jiang Lin: “!!!”

    Jiang Lin: “???”

    Jiang Lin looked at the position under his hand, and replied angrily, “The one below has never been used!”


Bah, no, I've never washed that place!!”

    To prove his innocence, Jiang Lin spoke quickly and anxiously, but he later realized that the person who grabbed his hand was his bathing partner.

    He just boasted about this old man.

    Jiang Lin raised his head slowly, and met a pair of dark eyes.
Jiang Lin couldn't discern the emotion in them, but because he was so close, he saw the tiny pores on the other's face that were opened due to the heat…

    Jiang Lin hooked his toes, he felt that even all his pores were awkward.

Then, I really never touched that place, do you believe it?” Jiang Lin bit the bullet and proved his innocence again.

    For a moment, Wei Yunzhao didn't know whether to say he believe it or not, and the two of them were relatively speechless.

    Jiang Lin withdrew his hand silently, and silently stuffed the handkerchief for scrubbing into Wei Yunzhao's hand, “Why don't we talk about it after washing?”

    Jiang Lin stood up and ran out, afraid that something more embarrassing would happen if he was a second late.

    Thousands of words were condensed into one sentence, Wei Yunzhao woke up too early, wasn't it?

    Jiang Lin ran out of the room in a hurry and closed the door behind him.
Xun Qi, who was guarding outside was about to ask what happened when he heard a voice from inside the room, “Xun Qi, come in!”


Surprised, joy welled up in his heart, and he asked Jiang Lin a little nervously, “Young madam, is the general…”

    Before Xun Qi finished speaking, Jiang Lin nodded, “Wake up, go in and serve him, let him get dressed.”

    Xun Qi was happy, and didn't care about why the general didn't call young madam, and immediately opened the door and went in.


    Jiang Lin saw Wei Yunzhao half an hour later.
Wei Yunzhao took a shower, got dressed, and drank a bowl of hot porridge cooked in the kitchen.

    At the same time, he also learned from Xun Qi's mouth that he had an extra husband, who married him as a chongxi.

    Xun Qi praised Jiang Lin in front of Wei Yunzhao, and said, “Imperial doctors and doctors from outside are not trustworthy.
It depends on the young madam for the general to wake up.
The young madam is a good person.”


 Wei Yunzhao knew that the Wei family wouldn’t be peaceful in the future, and whether he could live or not depended on his fate.
Now that he could wake up, Wei Yunzhao was naturally happy.

    But he didn't expect that he could wake up because of the Chongxi male wife.

    Wei Yunzhao asked, “What did he do?”     


Xun Qi scratched his head, “I don't know the details, but I guess the young madam probably practiced this kind of exercise with you, General.”

Under the pillow, he took out the fire avoidance picture and handed it to Wei Yunzhao.

    Wei Yunzhao who opened the book and saw the content of the exercises: “…”

    He really wanted to throw the book directly on Xun Qi's face, and asked him if his brain was eaten by the dog.

    Xun Qi also explained thoughtfully, “This subordinate once heard that Mr.
Shu mentioned it in the teahouse that there is a kind of exercise called double cultivation.
This subordinate guessed that the young madam had performed double cultivation with the general, so that the general could wake up.”


After that, it really hit Xun Qi's face.
Xun Qi opened his eyes to look at the 'Cultivation Technique', and then silently stuffed the fire-avoiding picture back under the pillow.

    “General, this subordinate knows his mistake.”

    Wei Yunzhao rubbed the center of his brows, and the only reason why Xun Qi stayed by his side was because although his mind was not very good, his kung fu was the best. Besides, the others either stayed at the border or were sent to do errands, and they couldn't come back for a while, so only Xun Qi was left.

    When he woke up from coma for several months, he found that he still underestimated Xun Qi's stupidity.

    “Get out!” Wei Yunzhao pointed to the door.

    Xun Qi turned around and left, and kindly called Jiang Lin in.

    The general woke up, it was time to cultivate a good relationship with the young madam, Xun Qi thought so.

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