Jiang Lin dragged The crown prince into the dowry matter in a few words.
Even if The crown prince really had such thoughts in his heart, he would never admit that the dignified crown prince had his eyes on other people's dowry, even tricked the person to be a chongxi. If such words were spread, he would really lose face as a prince.

    The crown prince's face was dark, looking at Jiang Lin who was said to be pleasing to him and could be persuaded by just saying a few words, but actually showed no respect to him at all, feeling very uncomfortable.

    “Jiang Lin, you are so courageous, who do you take Gu as?” The crown prince retorted sharply.


[孤 gu lt.
Lonely, is typically a self-address for the ruler of a regional power, feudal prince]

    Hearing this, Jiang Lin's smile instantly brightened, “I knew Your Highness is not such a person, that's really great, Your Highness will also uphold justice for me and let me get back my mother's dowry, right?”

    Jiang Lin blinked, He looked at The crown prince expectantly.

    The crown prince was slightly taken aback, perhaps because of the excitement, Jiang Lin's face was also a little red, he looked cute and good-looking, and smiled seductively, The crown prince suddenly felt that Jiang Lin liked him.

    “Since Gu is here, he will naturally uphold justice for you,” The crown prince almost subconsciously responded to Jiang Lin's words.

    But as soon as he finished speaking, he regretted it.
He came to suppress Jiang Lin who came to trouble Anyang Houfu, so why did he uphold justice for Jiang Lin instead? 


The crown prince was regretting when Anyang Hou suddenly said, “Your Highness, this is a family matter of the Anyang Houfu.
I'm afraid it's inappropriate for Your Highness to do this.”

Anyang Hou felt a little bit guilty, but he didn't want to give Jiang Lin's mother's dowry, it was such a huge sum.

    The crown prince also felt that something was wrong, but he always didn't like people turning against him.
The crown prince turned his eyes to Anyang Hou and was about to speak, but saw Jiang Jinyue shaking her head at him with pleading eyes.

    The crown prince already had a good impression of Jiang Jinyue, and the beauty begged him like this, and thinking of Jiang Jinyue's admiring eyes on him just now, the crown prince's heart softened instantly.

    He cleared his throat and changed his mouth, “Master Hou is right, this is a family matter of Houfu, and it’s really not easy for Gu to interfere.”

    Then he called Jiang Lin's name sharply, “Jiang Lin, you are now a member of the general's mansion.
Your every word and deed represents the General's Mansion, you must not smear the General's Mansion any more, the Wei family has made great contributions to Daiyue, if you dare to ruin the Wei family's reputation, you will not be forgiven.”


    It's really a high-sounding statement.

    After The crown prince finished speaking, Jiang Lin shook his head at him with disappointment on his face.

    Jiang Lin looked at the crown prince fixedly, “Your Highness is still just a crown prince, and it's normal for him to turn his back on me.
If Your Highness becomes the emperor in the future, I'm afraid there will be chaos in the world.”

    “Since Your Highness refuses to uphold justice, Jiang Lin will naturally not force it.
I beg Your Highness not to meddle in the family affairs of the Anyang Houfu.”


As soon as Jiang Lin said the words, the crown prince's face turned livid.

    “Jiang Lin, you are so courageous!”

    “Jiang Lin doesn't dare, please punish him,” Jiang Lin confessed his guilt cleanly, but the disappointment on his face became more and more obvious.

    He choked the crown prince, and he was neither punished nor not punished.

    There was also the matter of changing his words, The crown prince was completely placed in the middle at the moment, and now he didn't know whether to change it back or not, and whatever he did was in response to Jiang Lin's contradictory words.

    Jiang Lin ignored him, and asked Anyang Hou directly, “Father, don't you say something about the dowry?”

    Listening to Jiang Lin's mouthful of dowry, Anyang Hou's little guilt had completely dissipated, “You are a man.
What kind of dowry, it’s shameful.”

    “You have no clothes to wear, so just take all the clothes you left in the Houfu with you.
As for the meeting gift for the General's Mansion, I have prepared it before, and you take it back together.
Besides, I will give you one thousand taels of silver, so there is no need to mention the dowry.”

    Jiang Lin was not surprised by what Anyang Hou said, the money was touching, and the dignified master Hou had to use the silver, not relying on the family business of the Anyang Houfu, but on the generous dowry of 'Jiang Lin' mother, Yun Wanyan.

    Yun Wanyan was born in a well-known family in the south of the Yangtze River.
The charming girl was fascinated by the handsome scholar who visited the south of the Yangtze River, and the handsome scholar was fascinated by the beauty of the girl.
The two wanted to be together regardless of their elders' opposition.
Two years later, ended in tragedy with Yun Wanyan's death.

    Anyang Hou married Zhao Qiuru, now the Minister of Rites, in the blink of an eye.
Although the Zhao family had power, when it came to money, ten Zhao families were not worth of one Yun family.

    And Zhao Qiuru's entry into the Anyang Houfu may have the intention of focusing on Yun Wanyan's dowry.


So father is going to take your dead wife's dowry for himself?” Jiang Lin asked directly.


    “Shut up, what is private embezzlement? Although your mother left a dowry, you have spent it all these years, and there is not much left.
This master Hou will add another thousand taels of silver to you.” If he wanted to withhold the dowry from his deceased wife, he would lose his face.

    Marquis Anyang also understood that this little bastard came back today for the dowry, and those rumors outside were his arrangements in advance.

    “Raise me with my mother's dowry, are you still using her dowry to support the entire Houfu, father, are you a bit useless, relying on my mother's dowry for everything will make people laugh.”

    “Niezhang, what nonsense are you talking about!” Anyang Hou made Jiang Lin's eyes turn red again.


[孽障 niè zhàng: evil creature]

    Jiang Lin: “Is it nonsense? You can figure it out if you do the math, but you have to find someone who can uphold justice.
His Royal Highness doesn't want it, so why don't we go to the Yamen.
At that time, we will invite more people to be the witness, Take out my mother's dowry list, and I'll tell you how much money I've spent over the years, I remember it all.”

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