s hands raised, and was about to beat him.

    Jiang Lin didn't dodge, the teacup flew over his forehead and left a red mark, looking at Anyang Hou who was about to slap him, Jiang Lin raised his chin and raised his head to let Anyang Hou slapped him, “That's just right, since father is afraid of crossing out the name on the family tree, I will be discussed by others, so please father kill me, after all, I’m the only outsider left in the Anyang Hou's mansion.”

    Jiang Lin slowly closed his eyes, waiting for Anyang Hou's movements.

    Anyang Hou wanted to slap him full of anger when he saw the tears falling from the corners of Jiang Lin's eyes, he suddenly couldn't slap him anymore.

    There was only one thought left in his heart, this was his son.

    The hand fell slowly and was clenched into a fist by him.
Anyang Hou snorted coldly, but he didn't make a move.

    Instead, he glared at Jiang Jinyue, “Okay, what are you doing with your mother's memorial tablet? Is this something that can be moved casually? It's outrageous.”

    Jiang Jinyue was stunned.
She never suffered any harsh words at all, and now her father scolded her because of Jiang Lin's few words?

    “Hurry up and take back my sister's memorial tablet and enshrine it.
You dare to move the memorial tablet.
I think you are getting impatient.”

    Zhao Qiuru, who hadn't spoken much all the time, saw that Anyang Hou blamed Jiang Jinyue for the memorial tablet, so she hurried forward to smooth things over, pushing the matter of taking the memorial tablet to the maid, trying to fool him.

    “Master Hou, you see it's not too early at this time, or else eat first, and it won't be too late to say anything after lunch.” Zhao Qiuru knew that Anyang Hou's heart softened because of Jiang Lin's words at this moment, so if this continued, it was her who would suffer. What's more, there were still people watching the excitement outside, and she was afraid that Jiang Lin would go out and yell again, making things worse.

    The people outside were Jiang Lin's reliance, and they probably dispersed after lunch, and master Hou’s soft-heartedness should be gone, so she would be able to speak up then.

    The Anyang Hou was also in a complicated mood at the moment, and he didn't want to train Jiang Lin anymore, so he followed Zhao Qiuru's words, “Then set the meal, let's have lunch first.”

    Jiang Lin didn't refuse.
Let the carriage outside the door go back empty.

    Anyang Hou, Zhao Qiuru, Jiang Lin and Jiang Jinyue ate this meal together. Jiang Jinyue's two older brothers followed the third prince and were often away from home. One was studying in the Imperial College and could only come back once every ten days.

    As for other concubines, they were not qualified to eat with them at this time.

    Jiang Lin ate very fast, devouring the food voraciously, as if he hadn't eaten for eight hundred years, which made Anyang Hou frowned.

    He couldn't hold back and opened his mouth, “

Whether you eat fast or not, who will starve you?”

    Jiang Lin answered while picking the food, “I received a bunch of presents and didn't return it.
It's too embarrassing.
I dare not eat more, I'm afraid people will say that the son of the Anyang Houfu hasn't even had a full meal, you don't look good..”

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