e Jiang Lin.

     Anyang Hou didn't see anyone, and his anger rose up, “Where's that wicked beast? Does he need me to invite him in person before he is willing to enter the door?”

    The servant said: “Master Hou, the young master said, he doesn't dare to wear an unsuitable woman's wedding dress to enter the house, for fear of insulting the lintel of the Anyang Houfu, he is sorry for the ancestors of the Jiang family, the young master asks master Hou to give him a piece of clothes from the mansion.”


 The servant didn't say anything.
Yes, the young master was crying outside, he looked very pitiful, the young master's begging sounded like the Houfu had committed some heinous crime, and they all felt guilty when they heard it.

    And the common people watching the excitement outside were all pointing at the Houfu and scolding Madam, the stepmother, for being vicious.

    “You bastard, pretend, you still dare to pretend at this point, Benhou doesn't believe that you can't even find a piece of clothing in the dowry given by the Houfu, go, tell him, even if you are naked, come in here immediately, or I won’t treat him as my son!”

    Anyang Hou was angry, but Zhao Qiuru was worried, for some reason, she always felt that little bitch Jiang Lin had come prepared today, and that this matter wouldn’t be good.

    Zhao Qiuru tried her best to conceal her uneasiness, and advised the Anyang Hou not to get angry.
Jiang Lin was just an ignorant child, so he was inevitably a little headstrong.
When someone came in, he had to tell him well, so as not to be angry and ruin his body.

    When she said this, Anyang Hou was like a firecracker that had been ignited, and it exploded in an instant, “An ignorant child, he is still a child in his twenties, will he be a child until he dies? …”

    Just as he was roaring vigorously, Anyang Hou caught a glimpse of a bear-like thing wrapped in bright red coming in, followed by the two servants he sent out to invite Jiang Lin.

    The big red bear walked straight up to him and saluted him, “Jiang Lin, the unfilial son, had met father.”

    After the man approached, Anyang Hou also saw Jiang Lin's face, and he frowned, “Do you wrap yourself like this? What, what trick are you trying to play?”

    Seeing the red quilt, Zhao Qiuru's heart skipped a beat, feeling an ominous premonition, and immediately rushed ahead of Jiang Lin and said, “Master Hou, since Lin'er had entered the door, let's sit down and talk slowly, today is Lin'er's huimen, you don't like to be angry.”

    At the same time, Zhao Qiuru guided Jiang Lin to look at the maid beside Jiang Jinyue.

    Jiang Lin ignored her at all, looked at Anyang Hou and said, “Didn't father say that he could find the clothes in the dowry? The son just brought the dowry with him when he returned home today, and opened the dowry at the door in front of everyone.
From the box, I found two quilts.
Although they are not clothes, I thought that wrapping myself thickly won’t be considered an insult to the lintel, and my ancestors won’t blame me, so I just dressed up like this.”

    Jiang Lin said and throwing the quilt away, “Father doesn't like me wearing it like this, so I don't want this quilt anymore.”

    Anyang Hou frowned even more, with a cold light in his eyes, as if he wanted to see through Jiang Lin, “You said that the dowry is only this two quilts?”

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