On the other side, Qinghe County Wangfu was also not calm, because Qinghe County Wang was announced by the emperor to enter the palace.

    Qinghe County Wangfei was in a hurry, and kept complaining that Jiang Rou shouldn't do these things, especially that she shouldn't threaten the doctors in Shengjing, which was undoubtedly provoking the emperor.

    Jiang Rou still had a cold face and didn't react much, “Father doesn't know anything, even if the emperor called him into the palace, he won’t be able to ask anything.
The gu worms are from the Dong family, and the one who warned the doctor not to go to the Wei’s mansion for consultation is just a servant.
At most, Qinghe County Wangfu is a crime of laxity, and now the emperor wants to use father to handle errands, so he won't annoy Qinghe County Wangfu.”

    Jiang Rou said lightly, as if she could just open her mouth and push everything away to someone else's body to pick herself clean, but her heart was still beating, fearing that the emperor would investigate the matter carefully and pursue it.

    “But your father will be angry when he comes back.
Last time, your father warned me about plotting against the Wei family.
This time is the Wei family again.
Your father must…”

    “So what!” She was interrupted by Jiang Rou's stern voice, “If it wasn't for the Wei family, I should have married now, the people in Shengjing wouldn’t laugh at me as an old girl who can't get married”

    “The Wei family killed me first!”

    Jiang Rou became emotional, Qinghe County Wangfei sighed and patted her daughter comfortingly, “But you already know that Madam Wei didn't say those words.”

    Jiang Rou sneered, “I know and so what if I know about it, anyway, the Dong family said it was Dong Mingfang, and she didn't refute it herself.
If she wanted someone to blame, blame herself that she has a good family who wants to harm her.”


“Rou'er, mother knows you have a hard time these two years, I have suffered too.
It’s mother who is incompetent and didn’t protect you well back then.
But mother still advises you to stop after this time.
I always feel that this Wei family is a bit evil and not easy to deal with.”

    Jiang Rou looked at the distressed woman in front of her, and softened a little, “I don't blame you for what happened back then, but I was blind and didn't see the wolf ambition of that bitch.
As for the Wei family, I just not reconciled.”

    “If Wei Yunzhao didn't reject me back then, the Wei family would never have come to where it is today.
And now he would rather marry a man than look at me.
Why? I, Jiang Rou, can't get pregnant.
There is nothing worthy of him, Wei Yunzhao, but he would rather have a man than me.
I waited for him for two years, and I just waited for this result, mother, how can you let me go.


Qinghe County Wangfei  said: ” The man is not what Wei Yunzhao wants to marry.
The emperor gave him the marriage, and Wei Yunzhao didn't dare to refuse.
If I had known that you hadn't given up on him, I should have asked your father to ask the emperor to give the marriage to you.”

Jiang Rou's heart trembled, she didn't dare to answer these words because she was guilty.

    She liked Wei Yunzhao, but not so deeply, and what she liked was Wei Yunzhao who was alive.
She never thought of marrying a dying person. If she really wanted to, she would take the initiative to mention it without being told by others.

    But she didn't, and she knew why.

    But Jiang Rou wouldn't say it.
Now that Wei Yunzhao was awake, although his legs couldn't move, Jiang Rou thought he would stand up and have a bright future. She just wanted everyone to know that it was Wei Yunzhao who betrayed her.
She had waited on Wei Yunzhao for two years and hadn’t married yet.

    She wanted Wei Yunzhao to feel guilty about her, and she also wanted Wei Yunzhao to marry her.

    Jiang Rou: “Mother, it's not too late.
When this matter is over, I will let Wei Yunzhao leave Jiang Lin, and come to propose marriage to me willingly.”

    Looking at her daughter's confident face, Qinghe County Wangfei  didn't know what to say, but she had a bad premonition in her heart, thinking that this matter wouldn’t be so easy to pass.

    The mother and daughter waited for a long time before Qinghe County Wang came back from the palace.

    Qinghe County Wangfei  went to greet him, ” Qinghe County Wang is back, what is the matter that the emperor called you into the palace…”


Qinghe County Wangfei  was pushed aside by Qinghe County Wang before she finished speaking, and he went straight to Jiang Rou.
The slap landed on Jiang Rou's face, “Naughty girl, if you want to die, don't drag the entire Wangfu to be buried with you, you are not worthy!”

    After the slap, everyone in the room was stunned, and Qinghe County Wang was full of anger, his eyes were red, as if about to breathe fire.

    Jiang Rou put her hand carefully on her face, and stared blankly at Qinghe County Wang, “Father, did you hit me?”

    “I’m not only hit you, I'm going to keep hitting you, you bastard, you're so bold, where do you borrow a few more courage so you dare to rebel”


Qinghe County Wang raised his hand to slap her again, and when it was about to fall, Qinghe County Wangfei rushed over to grab his hand, “County Wang, master, what are you doing, what can't you say well, Rou'er is a girl, how can you beat her?”

    Qinghe County Wang  threw off his wangfei’s hand and said angrily: “If she is a son, our whole family should be reunited in the underground by now.”

    “Didn't you want to know why the Emperor called me into the palace? Then I will tell you, the emperor asked me if I wanted to sit on the throne!”


   The words shook Qinghe County Wangfei, and she almost fell to the ground.

    Qinghe County Wangfei shook her head in a murmur, “How could it be? Impossible, we never have such thoughts.
We just warned a few doctors not to let them go to Wei’s mansion.
There is absolutely no other thought.”

    Qinghe County Wang sneered, ” Why? Do you want to have other thoughts? Don't you think it's enough to bully others at the feet of the emperor and cover up the sky with one hand?”

    “The crown prince, the eldest prince, the second prince, even the empress don’t dare to do such a thing.
County Wangfu is nothing but dare to threaten the doctor not to diagnose and treat a patient, tell me, what is county Wangfu?”

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