The poison mentioned by the imperial doctor was not complicated, but it would disturb people's mind and make people have hallucinations.
If it was discovered early, the poison would be cured. If it was later, he was afraid that people would get mad and die in the end.

    Hearing that she would die, Madam Wei was obviously also afraid, and murmured, “How could it be? My sister-in-law said it was an ordinary poison, and nothing would happen.
As long as I endured it for a while, it would pass.
How could it be, it's impossible, I don't believe it.


The imperial doctor  prescribed the medicine, and Jiang Lin handed it to Baiji to boil the medicine.
Baiji and Baiwei would stare at madam Wei and let her drink the medicine in the future.

    Before the imperial doctor  left, he also took Wei Yunzhao's pulse.
It was still the same, the remaining poison was not cleared, his pulse was a little weak, and he couldn't move his legs.

    As soon as the imperial doctor left here, the housekeeper said that the Dong family came.


    Jiang Lin sneered, “It's so fast, it shows how guilty you are.”

    Madam Wei also heard it, she got off the bed and told the housekeeper, “Quick, go and invite someone in.”


   The housekeeper didn't move, waiting for Wei Yunzhao's order .

    Wei Yunzhao said: “Madam is sick, she can’t see any guests.”


    The housekeeper responded and turned around to leave.
Madam Wei was in a hurry, “Yunzhao, it's your grandmother and aunt who came here, they are elders, how can you turn people away.”

Wei Yunzhao asked back, “Then what should I do? Find someone to tie them up and send them to the yamen in the name of murdering a five-years-old child?”

“If the mother feels that the son is too lenient, the son can also do what mother wants,” Wei Yunzhao said and was about to call someone.

    Madam Wei stepped forward and grabbed Wei Yunzhao's hand and shook her head at him, “No, Zhao'er don't do this, they didn't do it on purpose, it was the people from the Qinghe County Wangfu who forced them, it’s not their fault.”

    Wei Yunzhao pushed Madam Wei away “The son knows that if there is a grievance, there is a debtor, and the son will slowly settle the matter with them.”

    After finished speaking, he asked Jiang Lin to push him away, leaving Madam Wei looking at the backs of the two of them in a daze.

    Madam Wei knew in her heart that the Dong family must be included in what Wei Yunzhao said, because the mourning star said that he would trouble the Dong family, and Yunzhao had already been bewitched by him.


    Outside the gate of the Wei’s mansion, Old Madam Dong and Madam Dong apparently didn’t expect that the Wei family wouldn’t even let them in.

    When Old Madam Dong came, she couldn’t come in without a report.
It took a long time, but she was not allowed to enter after the report.

    Old Madam Dong began to talk yin and yang and mock them again, the concierge straightened his body and stared straight ahead expressionlessly, as if he hadn't heard anything.

    The housekeeper said that if the work was done well, the young madam would reward them with money when he was happy, and the young madam was not short of money now.

    The concierge didn't talk to the them, Old Madam Dong and Madam Dong insisted on their identities, and they couldn't bear to beg the concierge to go in and report again, so they could only leave full of resentment and unwillingness.

    As soon as they got into the carriage, Madam Dong scolded, “A fifth-rank petty official dares to be so arrogant, bah, sooner or later even this fifth-rank petty official will be wiped out, what the hell.”

    Old Madam Dong didn't agree with these words, she just urged the coachman to drive back quickly, the Wei family wouldn’t let them in, and they couldn't pass the words in, for fear that something might happen.

    It was said that it was ordered by Qinghe County Wangfu, but the Qinghe County Wangfu denied it and said that those things were all done by the eldest daughter-in-law of the Dong family.
If the Qinghe County Wangfu wanted to push things on their heads, Old Madam Dong wouldn’t dare to think about the consequences.

    Madam Dong scolded non-stop all the way, Old Madam Dong was a little annoyed, she stretched her face and scolded, “Shut up, I blame you too, who told you to gossip and offend the Qinghe County Wangfu, otherwise there won’t be so many troubles now.

    Madam Dong curled her lips, “I was just chatting with people, and anyone who knows will know.
Besides, no one is talking about Jiang Rou now.
That's all over.”

    Old Madam Dong snorted , “If the matter hadn't been pushed onto Mingfang's head, the Dong family would be the one suffering, and your son would be the one suffering!”

    Madam Dong nodded her head twice.


    “It's all your mouth, if you don't stop.
If you dare to grin and talk nonsense again and cause trouble, be careful that I will smash your stinking mouth.”

    Madam Dong didn't dare to say anything, and she became dumb.

    As soon as she returned to the mansion, Old Madam Dong called the whole family to discuss the countermeasures.
One was to prevent the Qinghe County Wangfu from pushing the matter to them, and the other was to defend the family from causing trouble.

    What the Dong family was most worried about was that the Wei family would make a big fuss, especially when it involved gu.
The emperor hated witchcraft and gu the most.
If there was a trouble, the entire Dong family might be ruined.

Dong began to regret, “I shouldn't have agreed to plant the Gu in the first place.
He is still a child, and Wei Yunzhao loves his younger brother.
I'm afraid he can't be kind this time.”


After speaking, he gave Old Madam Dong a complaining look.

    Old Madam Dong was not happy anymore, “If something happens, blame me.
You all nodded at the beginning.
If it wasn't for your official position, would I have done such a thing? That child is so cute, I can't bear it in my heart.”

    “Okay, what's the use of talking about it now, the most important thing is to find a way to stabilize the Wei family.” Old man Dong stopped it.

    “Father, we can't even see Wei Yunzhao face to face.
It's not easy.”

    Old man Dong got up, “I'm going to see him, I don't believe if a grandfather like me go to see him in person he still dares to refuse to let me in!”

Dong offered to go with him, and the carriage that had just returned from the Wei’s mansion started to go to Wei’s mansion again.

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