The news spread quickly, before Wei Yunzhao led the imperial doctor  into Wei’s mansion, the Dong's family already knew about it.

    Knowing this, there were worried, frowning, cursing, and mixed reactions, but all in all, they were dissatisfied with Wei Yunzhao for bringing the matter to the emperor, and also dissatisfied with Madam Wei.

    Madam Dong had a mean face, and now her face was stretched even longer, and she said in a weird way, “The Dong's family gave birth to her and raised her, but she refused to do even such a trivial matter for her mother's family.
I see that my little sister has a lot of troubles in her heart.
There is no Dong family and she only has a son in her heart.”

Dong also had a straight face and was resentful towards his sister.
He recently had gotten close to Qinghe County Wang, and Qinghe County Wang also actively showing that he intended to recommend him for promotion.
At this juncture, the Wei family dared to cause trouble to slow him down, of course he was dissatisfied.

    Between the son and daughter, old man and old madam Dong were naturally partial to the son, not to mention that this was related to the future of the entire Dong family.


    Old man Dong said to Old madam Dong: “Go to Wei's mansion and ask her to take care of Wei Yunzhao so that no bad things will happen.
Wei's family is no longer in order.
Only when her mother's family is well, her mother’s family can help her so that she won't be bullied and humiliated by others, let her be more obedient.”

    “Hey, the eldest daughter-in-law will come with me, let’s go now.”


    The mother-in-law and daughter-in-law hurriedly went to Wei’s mansion.

    Both Wei Yunzhao and Jiang Lin didn't know about the Dong family's idea.
If they knew, Jiang Lin would definitely tell them with a smile that this was nothing but the beginning.

    If they really wanted to make a fuss, they didn’t think about anyone like the Dong family!

    Wei Yunzhao led the imperial doctor  back to the mansion, but Madam Wei refused to cooperate, saying that she refused to let the imperial doctor to see her, insisting that she was not sick, it seemed that she had made up her mind to cooperate with her mother's family.

    Standing beside Wei Yunzhao, Jiang Lin whispered what Madam Wei said when she came to find him today.


    Wei Yunzhao asked Jiang Lin to push him into the door, stopped by the bed, and looked at Madam Wei on the bed through the curtain, “Does mother want to get heli or divorce?”

    His words startled Madam Wei and she sat up abruptly, “What do you mean?”

    Wei Yunzhao said: “Mother's heart is in the Dong's family.
Father is dead.
There is nothing in Wei's family worthy of mother's nostalgia.
The son thinks it’s better to let mother be free.”


    “Mother, don't worry, now the son is the Patriarch of the Wei family and he can write whether it’s a letter of divorce or a letter of heli, and I just wrote it to Zhou Shi this morning, so mother should know.”

    Madam Wei lifted the curtain and got out of bed, her face full of disbelief, her eyes glazed over, she walked slowly to Wei Yunzhao, “You want to drive me away?”

    “Yunzhao, I'm your mother,” she pointed at Jiang Lin, “You actually listened to the words of this disaster star and wanted to drive me away?”

    “It turns out that mother still knows that you are my mother, and the son thinks that mother only knows that she is the daughter of the Dong family.” Wei Yunzhao had a hint of sarcasm on his face.

    Madam Wei suddenly panicked when she saw Wei Yunzhao's cold and emotionless gaze, “No…
Yunzhao, listen to mother's explanation, mother is not for the Dong family, mother is for the goodness of the Wei family.”

    Madam Wei panicked: ” When eldest brother, your eldest uncle is promoted, he will definitely support the Wei family.
At that time, Yunzhao, you will no longer be a fifth-rank official.
When you become a big official, the Wei family will be able to rise again.
Mother did this for you.”

    “Yunqi is still just a child, and mother is reluctant to let him bear all this, and mother herself can't sleep all night, mother is also uncomfortable, mother can't do anything, now The Wei family is in trouble, only the Dong family is willing to help the Wei family, mother wants you all to have a good life, even if it is difficult, mother is willing.”

    “Yunzhao, mother is for your own goodness, listen to mother's words, don't meddle anymore, is this okay?”

    It turned out that there was such a great righteousness here, sacrificing herself and her five-years-old son in exchange for the goodness of the whole family, that was really great.

    Jiang Lin murmured in Wei Yunzhao's ear, “Your mother is brainwashed thoroughly by the Dong's family, she can believe this kind of nonsense.”

    Although Wei Yunzhao heard the word brainwashing for the first time, he had to say this was a very suitable description.


    Wei Yunzhao smiled, “I misunderstood my mother.
It turns out that my mother is doing it for my own good.”

    Madam Wei seemed to see hope when she heard what Wei Yunzhao said.
“Mother's painstaking efforts are for your own good, you and Yunqi are both born by mother, how could mother harm you.”

    Wei Yunzhao nodded, “Mother said that eldest uncle intends to support the Wei family, but how can I remember that when grandmother asked the Dong's family for help, it was you mother who brought her back when she pleaded.
Since the Dong family wanted to support the Wei family, how could they refuse to do even a little favor?”

    Madam Wei frowned and began to explain, “That's because your fifth uncle is not good enough, your eldest uncle thought it would be better for him to suffer a little bit, so he didn't agree.”

    “Is what mother said to suffer a little bit is the pain of being beheaded in autumn?”

    “The son is a little afraid of eldest uncle's support, the son is afraid that this support will kill me on the spot!”

    His tone became more serious, and his aura was overwhelming, Madam Wei trembled in fright, and her face turned pale in an instant.

    Wei Yunzhao also had no intention of chatting with her anymore, and said directly: “The imperial doctor is here, mother wants to see him, or not, it's up to you to choose.
Unless you want your son to make everyone know what the Dong family did.


The Dong family was weak, for the sake of her mother's family, Madam Wei naturally went to see the imperial doctor.

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