How happy Zhou Shi when she saw so many dowry before, but now she felt so bitter when she moved the dowry.

    However, both of them wanted to follow Zhou Shi , so they didn’t dare to not listen.

    The solid wooden box was already heavy, let alone filled with things.
Momo was too old and had no strength, and Baishao had no strength either.
She carried a box and went out for a long time and didn't see her came back.
Zhou Shi went out to see, and saw two people were moving like snails.
At this speed, she was afraid that they wouldn’t be able to move all the dowries tomorrow.

    On the other hand, all the servants of the Wei's family on the road acted as if they hadn't seen these two people, and none of them came to help.

    Zhou Shi went to help, and almost smashed her own foot.

    She looked at Jiang Lin angrily, and insisted on her original idea.
This was a troublemaker.
Sooner or later, the Wei family would be broken up by him.
The Wei family was like a broken family less than half a year since this troublemaker entered the door.

    Zhou Shi finally compromised and offered to spend money to hire servants from the Wei family to help her moved her things.
Jiang Lin immediately agreed, “Okay, one hundred taels of silver per person.
You decide how many people you want.”

    Zhou Shi stared at him and opened her mouth to curse, but Jiang Lin stretched out his index finger and shook it in front of her, “If you scold me, the price will increase by one hundred taels, just scold me.”


Zhou Shi stomped her feet hard, swallowing all the curse words in her belly, she looked at Jiang Lin as if she wanted to eat people.

        Jiang Lin didn't feel any pain or itching, he first collected the money before letting his people to work.

    Zhou Shi's chose four servants who looked strong, and they couldn't help complaining, but they didn't dare to scold Jiang Lin.

    When the dowry was half moved, the housekeeper came back with two copies of the heli letter sealed by the yamen.

    At the same time, people from the Zhou family also came.
Zhou Shangcheng came in person, followed by several carriages.
It looked like he was here to pull the dowry.

    Zhou Shangcheng asked the concierge to report to Wei Yunzhao, and Wei Yunzhao told the concierge to reply that the dowry would be delivered outside the door, and it was quite a lot, you could move it away without waiting for him.

    Zhou Shangcheng almost turned his back on Wei Yunzhao's shameless words, “Good Wei Yunzhao, my Zhou family will remember what happened today, and it's best not to beg anything from my Zhou family in the future, otherwise, I want you to look good.”

    Zhou Shangcheng's tone was not kind, and his face was not kind, but no one paid attention to him, and he could only order someone to move the dowry.

    Zhou Shi didn't know that all her dowry was going to be transported back to Zhou's house.
After moving her things, she snorted at Jiang Lin and walked away arrogantly.

    Then when she went out and saw the carriages running away from her, she was stunned, “Where is my dowry? Who moved my dowry?”

    The maid who went to report to Zhou's house was still waiting for her at the door, and she answered as soon as Zhou Shi asked, “Master brought someone here to move it away.”

    “Slap!” Zhou Shi slapped the maid on the face , “Bitch, who told you to go back and report the news, how courageous!”

    Zhou Shi still felt puzzled, and slapped her backhand, with such force that the maid’s face was swollen on the spot.

    Zhou Shi pinched the servant girl's chin with cold eyes, “If I can't get the dowry back, I will kill you bitch.”

    After she finished speaking, she pushed the maid to the ground, and then ran to chase the Zhou family's carriage.

    The maid fell to the ground with her hands covered her face, her eyes full of bewilderment, but Zhou Shi , Baishao and the others didn't look back at her.

    After Zhou Shi left, Jiang Lin and Wei Yunzhao went to tell Wei Yunwan and her sister the news.

    The two sisters already knew about the fact that Zhou Shi got heli and took her dowry away, and it was not surprising.
Their mother didn't like them very much in the past, and thought they were useless girls.
Now she would leave them, they could have imagined it a long time ago of.

    Jiang Lin touched their heads one by one, “It's okay, you still have us, she doesn't want you, you just live a good life for her to see, there will be a day when she regrets it.”


The two sisters nodded, obediently followed their momo to learn needlework.

    The matter of Zhou Shi 's was settled, and Wei Yunzhao and Jiang Lin couldn't be idle either.
Wei Yunzhao asked Huaijiu to bring Sun momo to madam Wei's courtyard.
He went over to ask them some questions, and then went to the palace.

    Jiang Lin was not with him this time, he was afraid that madam Wei would do something to hurt Wei Yunqi if she got sick again, so he guarded her in the yard and told stories to the children.

    And not long after Wei Yunzhao left, madam Wei really came, and as soon as she came, she made a fool in front of Jiang Lin, and knelt down to him, “Master Jiang, I beg you to spare the Wei family and the Dong family.
Please go, we can't stand your troubles.”

    Madam Wei's face was full of sadness, and she looked at Jiang Lin with pleading eyes, Jiang Lin almost thought that he had done some heinous thing.

    He put Wei Yunqi down and asked the maid to send him to Wei Yunjia to play.
Wei Yunqi raised his face in confusion, “Brother, why does my mother kneel down?”

    Jiang Lin explained in a warm voice, “she didn't stand firm and fell, your elder brother has gone to invite a doctor for her, I will talk to your mother first, and I will pick you up in a while.”


The child was not so easy to deceive, but he chose to trust Jiang Lin, he walked to madam Wei, and touched his mother's face and said, “Then mother, when elder brother comes back, the doctor will treat you and you will be cured.”

    Madam Wei replied, not daring to say more, for fear that she would cry out on the spot.

    After Wei Yunqi was taken away, Jiang Lin asked madam Wei to get up, “There is no one else, there is no need to pretend, just speak up.”

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