After feeding the juice, Jiang Lin was called by Madam Wei to talk about the Huimen ceremony tomorrow, and learned about the rumors outside.

[回门 huí mén: the first return of bride to her parental home]

    Old madam Wei's speed was quite fast, it only took one day from yesterday to now, and it had spread all over Shengjing.

    But Madam Wei obviously didn't want to pay attention to any rumors, so she handed Jiang Lin the return gift list, “Although the Anyang Houfu is shameless, my Wei family wants it.
See if there is anything to add to the list.
Let the housekeeper to add more.”

    There were a lot of things, but Jiang Lin didn't look at them carefully, because he didn't want to give any of them to the Anyang Houfu.

    “Mother, there's no need for the return gifts.
Prepare a few more carriages for me tomorrow, and I'll go get the dowry.” Jiang Lin folded the list and returned it to madam Wei.

    “Are you really going back to ask for the dowry?” Madam Wei frowned slightly, as if she didn't agree with Jiang Lin's doing so.

    Jiang Lin nodded, “Yes, mother, please give me a copy of the list of betrothal gifts from Wei's family,” the dowry and betrothal gifts were all indispensable.

    Madam Wei hesitated for a moment, and asked the maid to take the list to Jiang Lin, and then said: “Don't make too much noise, it’s your father after all.”

    Jiang Lin could feel that Madam Wei still had something to say, He could roughly guess what it was, but Jiang Lin pretended not to see anything, and smiled obediently at Madam Wei, “Don't worry, mother, that's my dear father, how can I be willing to let him go?”

    It didn't had to be too early to go back home, as long as you could get back for lunch.

    The General's Mansion was not far from Anyang Houfu's, and it took only two cups of tea in a carriage to get there. After Jiang Lin dressed up, he went out and got into the carriage, and then set off with a carriage.


[a cup of tea: 10-15 minutes]

    The six carriages lined up in a row, and they managed to attract the attention of the people on the street.

    If you were daring, asked the coachman whose carriage it was, there were so many.

    The coachman who got the order said: “The carriage of General Wei's mansion is taking the general's wife home.”

    The general's wife was familiar with the common people, and they had been talking about him these two days.


    “Let's go, let's follow and have a look,” someone smelled the gossip and immediately called for friends.

    Many people followed behind the convoy, and the carriage seemed to be waiting for them, and they didn’t fall behind after following them all the way.

    Outside the gate of Anyang Houfu, the common people didn't dare to get too close, so they watched from afar. Except for the front one, all the carriages of the General's Mansion were parked on both sides, resolutely protruding from the center.

    Jiang Lin, who was dressed in a bright red wedding dress, got off the carriage while everyone was watching.

    The wedding dress was the women's style he wore on the day of his wedding, and it was custom-made for Jiang Jinyue.
It was a bit small on Jiang Lin's body, so it didn't fit him at first glance.

    Returning home wearing a red wedding dress, this was obviously the first time for the people of Shengjing saw such a thing, and there was a lot of discussion.

    The gate of the Anyang Houfu was closed, and Jiang Lin asked Chang An to knock on the door without knowing what was going on outside.

    When the gate opened, Jiang Lin went to the steps and bowed to the gate three times, “The unfilial son returns home and begged father and madam to give me a piece of clothing.”

    Jiang Lin raised his voice, and the people watching behind him could hear him clearly.

    The crowd suddenly went into an uproar, “This…
this rumor is actually true.
The Anyang Houfu married the son out without even giving him any clothes?”

    ” It 's too shabby.”

    “Did you see that the wedding dress that Jiang Lin is wearing is a woman's wedding dress, he is a man, and asking him to wear a woman's wedding dress to marry is to deliberately humiliate him.”

    “It must be because Jiang Lin seduced men on weekdays and lost the face of the Anyang Houfu.
They did it on purpose.
This father and mother are really cruel.

    ” Otherwise, why would the dowry be withheld and even a piece of clothing is not given.”

    The chatter among the common people was in full swing, and Zhao Qiuru and Anyang Hou in the Anyang Houfu also got the news.

    Knowing that today was the day when Jiang Lin returned to the house, the Anyang Hou went back to the mansion early after the court, but deliberately didn’t allow anyone to open the door, trying to make things difficult for Jiang Lin, but who would have thought that Jiang Lin would start a fight right at the door.

    “This bastard, bastard, how dare he!” Anyang Hou trembled in anger because of Jiang Lin.

    “Come on, go, bring that evil to Ben Hou.
Ben Hou wants to see what he wants to make troubles.
If he dares to make troubles, Ben Hou will accompany him!”

    Anyang Hou walked around the room, humming from time to time.
Expressed his anger.

    And Zhao Qiuru, who was sitting by his side, also had a very ugly expression on her face.
She had already planned, according to what her daughter said, when that little bastard Jiang Lin came back today, she would force him to clarify that the rumors outside were all rumors.
That was how it went.

    Zhao Qiuru thought well, it wasn’t that she didn't give the dowry at all, it was just that she didn't give much. Anyway, as long as Jiang Lin entered the gate of the Anyang Houfu, she was the madam who decide what to do and what to say.

    But that little bastard started to make trouble at the door, Zhao Qiuru grabbed the handkerchief in her hand, wishing she could tear it to pieces.

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