Due to seeing blood during the mission and fearing being discovered, Sun Cheng hurriedly left the research center.
Outside the center, the police car transformed from Baricade was still parked in its original position.

Obviously, the other party had already captured his whereabouts in advance.
As soon as Sun Cheng approached the police car, the passenger door opened with a swish.
Two cold gazes fell on Sun Cheng, making him tremble in fear of his terrifying partner who had made little progress tonight.

However, Sun Cheng didn't dare to gamble and run away.
He clearly remembered from the memory data of “Frenzy” that there were hundreds of Decepticons stationed at the front base on the far side of the moon.
Although only the high-ranking Decepticons above level three had the ability to fly in outer space, if Sun Cheng dared to escape and couldn't leave Earth, it was only a matter of time before he was found and shattered by the enemy.

At this moment, suppressing the inexplicable warning from the “Core,” Sun Cheng carefully climbed into the passenger seat.
The car door slammed shut not because Baricade was afraid he would escape, but because he started the car and drove in the opposite direction of the research center.

“How's the search going?” The cold mechanical voice sounded.

“I have found a lot of clues.
Although I can't confirm whether 'Lord Megatron' and the 'All Spark' are on Earth or not, there is one thing that is beyond doubt: Decepticons have visited Earth before, before us or a long time ago!” Sun Cheng carefully organized his words and repeated them in his mind before answering him cautiously.

“So, you haven't found any information about the 'Megatron Leader'?” Baricade's voice turned cold, carrying a hint of killing intent, causing Sun Cheng's “Core” to jump around in fear.

Sun Cheng quickly replied, “Lord Baricade, I have almost accessed all the interconnected networks of countries, enterprises, institutions, and research institutes in this world through intrusion, but I can't find any information about 'Lord Megatron.' Even some of the clues I found have been erased! “

In the end, Sun Cheng was still worried that Baricade would not accept these words, so he bit his teeth and took out his iPhone 5.
After transforming his right arm and connecting it to the phone through a borrowed port, he showed Baricade the many clues he had found and downloaded to the storage area, especially the “Cybertronian text” imprinted on many historical sites on Earth and the black-and-white photo of Karl Benz with the first car he had made.

“Hmm, Elder Text? The Pathfinder has really been here…”

The middle-aged white man projected by Baricade was quickly attracted by the frequent flashing images on his iPhone 5 screen.
Especially when he saw some “Cybertronian texts” and photos of Carl Buntz's car, the usually silent Baricade showed a surprised expression on his face and even inadvertently revealed something!

“Elder texts? So there is a kind of elder texts in those advanced encrypted texts that I cannot decipher? But what about the Pathfinder? Is it a kind of Decepticon?”

Recording the secrets inadvertently revealed by Baricade in his mind, Sun Cheng wanted to clarify what the “elder texts” and “pathfinder” were, but he didn't dare to ask Baricade.

After a moment of hesitation, he asked again, “What should we do next, Baricade?”

Baricade was silent for a while before answering, “Continue to investigate the information about 'Megatron Leader'!”

He did not mention “All Spark”, which made Sun Cheng's blue eyes flicker.
He carefully recalled that he had been sent by Soundwave to assist Baricade in investigating the intelligence on Earth for so long, and the words “All Spark” had never been mentioned by Baricade.

“There must be something behind this that I don't know about…”

The more he thought about it, the more he felt that there was something suspicious behind it.
But Baricade's attitude also made Sun Cheng feel relieved.

Immediately, he agreed, “I have already invaded the global Internet, and basically confirmed that there are forces on Earth that specialize in clearing this kind of intelligence.
So, if we use conventional methods, it will be difficult to continue to investigate!”

At this point, suppressing the anxiety in his heart, Sun Cheng played a little trick.

He wanted to test Baricade's attitude towards him now.

Two cold gazes were quickly projected onto him, making Sun Cheng's core tremble violently.

Fortunately, he obviously won the gamble.
Although Baricade snorted coldly and grunted in dissatisfaction, saying, “Finish your words…”

It seemed that he was not going to continue targeting him.

After reaching this conclusion, Sun Cheng couldn't hide his excitement.
He quickly threw out the organized words he had prepared, “Yes, Baricade.
What I want to say is that if we want to continue to investigate, I need to invade the government, defense, and military insiders of various countries on Earth.
But if I do this, I cannot guarantee that our existence as Decepticons will not be exposed!”

After speaking, Sun Cheng couldn't conceal his excitement and looked at Baricade with anticipation.

It was not that he hoped Baricade would grant him access to invade, but quite the opposite.
Sun Cheng hoped that the other party would decisively refuse his request.

Compared to the fragile human beings, the advantage of Decepticons as mechanical life forms was too obvious.
Even he, the lowest-level Decepticon spy, could easily beat a team of professional soldiers.
If a high-level combat Decepticon like Baricade were to take action, even directly facing the army of a small country on Earth, it would be as easy as pie.

However, inherent strength does not mean that Decepticons are fearless of humans.
In fact, because they pay more attention to individual combat effectiveness, the alloys equipped by Decepticon's senior warriors can resist most light and heavy weapons on Earth, as well as small ground-to-air and ground-to-ground missiles.
But when faced with tactical nuclear weapons and strategic nuclear weapons produced by the human race, they have to back down.
As far as he knew, Decepticons not only feared human nuclear weapons, but some high explosive bombs and depleted uranium armor-piercing shells equipped by some human countries could also severely damage Decepticons.

It was precisely because there were too many risks and uncertainties in a full-scale war with humans that Decepticons were not willing to try to explore the bottom line of various countries on Earth unless they could bring the main force of the Decepticon army stationed on Cybertron Planet across more than 10,000 light-years or replace the leader of the Decepticons with a madman.
At least, the Decepticon leaders in the base on the dark side of the moon currently didn't have that intention!

Sure enough, as soon as Sun Cheng made his proposal, he was met with a silence from Baricade.
After a while, he coldly replied, “I will consult with Lord Starscream…”

There was no sound all the way!

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