Everyone had left in a flash, leaving Sun Cheng alone in the large office.

Feeling low, he stood still in his spot for a while before he let out a sigh and closed the office door.
He walked towards his desk, the one at the far end of the not-so-large office.
They had obtained this place temporarily when they received entrepreneurial support from the school.

Although there were only a few desks and five desktop computers lent to them by the school, which were neither high-end nor low-end, the office was simple but warm.
Sun Cheng and his team had created too many beautiful memories here.

Unfortunately, none of it remained.

Walking towards his favorite desk, Sun Cheng's lonely expression deepened.
The desk no longer had the shadow of his roommate's high-end laptop, and the few scattered files on it were covered with a layer of thin dust.

It seemed like no one had used it for some time.

His fingers gently slid across the desk, feeling the rough touch of the dust on his fingertips.
After a moment of silence, Sun Cheng took out a USB flash drive from his pocket, his eyes flickering.

“Don't be like what I'm thinking!”

He murmured to himself, more like a self-consolation.

Sun Cheng quickly regained his focus and walked over to the desk next to him.
He didn't sit down but turned on the computer directly.

If he remembered correctly, the computer provided by the school had a Chinese version of Linux system that was modified to protect against Microsoft XP.
Later, some team members were not used to it, and a few computers were changed to Windows 7.
However, none of this affected what he was about to do.

He entered the safe mode first and used his suddenly emerged computer skills, which he himself had not fully understood, to carefully examine the computer in the office.

“Nothing? Could it really be my imagination?”

Still puzzled, he opened several other computers one by one, and after checking them all, he didn't find any Trojan horse inside his laptop as he discovered earlier.
Sun Cheng returned to the first computer he opened.

After hesitating for a moment, he took out the USB flash drive again and inserted it into the computer, ready to install the system from the flash drive to this computer to verify his guess.

More than forty minutes passed, it was a long wait.

Perhaps it was because he had been staring at the computer screen for a long time, Sun Cheng clearly felt a little dizzy.

He rubbed his slightly dizzy forehead, but his hands didn't stop moving.
After the computer finished installing the system, he quickly set himself the highest authority and entered the C drive.
It took only a short ten seconds for him to find the inconspicuous Trojan horse folder among many system files.

Instantly, Sun Cheng's face sank, and some neglected fragments of memories rushed into his mind.

“Ah'cheng, if you want to make a career, I fully support you.
You know my family's situation, I can't help you financially, but if you don't mind, I can lend a hand!”

“…Don't think the money is too little, Ah'cheng.
These seven thousand yuan were hard-earned by me, it should be enough for some time…don't refuse…hey, you are just too stubborn…oh well, consider it as a loan from me.”

“When it comes to borrowing money, a classmate in our class mentioned a campus loan platform the other day.
It seems to have preferential treatment for college students' entrepreneurial loans, I don't know if it's true or not!”

“Huh? The repair shop didn't detect any problems? Why don't you just reinstall the system, here, I have a classic version of the XP system installation package…”

The more he remembered, the more Sun Cheng felt that the words that had moved him deeply were full of doubts.
He felt like a big stone was pressing down on his chest, and the dizziness in his head became stronger.

“My head hurts, could it be the hangover from last night?”

In just a moment, his vision began to sway.
Even if he was still drowsy, Sun Cheng realized that there was something wrong with his body.
He had to pull a stool from the side and sit down.
He wanted to lie down and see if he could recover.

He didn't expect that as soon as he closed the computer and moved the keyboard in front of him, he felt the dizziness getting closer and his eyelids getting heavier.

As a result, he hadn't been lying down for a few minutes when he suddenly blacked out and passed out.

“What's going on?”

As soon as he opened his eyes, Sun Cheng found himself not in the office located in the old campus of the school, but in a strange yet familiar aqua blue spherical space.
He couldn't help but shout out loud.

Unfortunately, although he had made a shouting motion, he did not hear his own voice.
It was only when he felt that empty feeling of losing his body that he realized what had happened to him.

“A spherical space emitting an aqua blue light, unable to feel the body…
does that mean that everything that happened last night was not a dream?”

As if a sudden enlightenment, Sun Cheng's face changed slightly.

To verify his speculation, he quickly raised his head, like a ghostly figure, and looked towards the center of the spherical space.
Sure enough, he could clearly see that in the center of this mysterious space, there were two equally sized screens standing on the left and right.

He drifted towards one of the screens, and as soon as he approached, he saw the figure of a young man leaning over a table, which appeared on the dim screen.

“Office, it's me!”

Suppressing his excitement and anxiety, after the experience last night, Sun Cheng roughly realized that something seemed to have changed in him, but he couldn't determine whether these changes were good or bad.

Last night, because he was too eager, Sun Cheng didn't take a serious look at the screen.

Now that he was sure he could leave from here, he became interested and carefully examined the screen in front of him, and soon saw something he had not noticed last night in one corner.

There were two sets of numbers, which looked very regular, with a different colored star symbol in front of each one.
They were Blue Star: 65/1000 and Red Star: 51847:56:12.

Sun Cheng didn't understand the meaning of the first set of numbers, but the second set of numbers after the Black Star was decreasing with his breathing, like a countdown.

After staring at it for a while, Sun Cheng vaguely gained some confidence and silently calculated for a moment, and came up with a number: “36 days? Does this have any special meaning?”

However, there was too little information available, and no matter how much he racked his brains, he couldn't figure out what these two sets of numbers meant.
He had to give up and continue to carefully examine the screen until he confirmed that there was nothing more on the screen.
He then drifted disappointedly to the other screen next to it.


As if sensing his arrival, as soon as he approached, the other screen also lit up, and a familiar image of Sun Cheng was projected onto it.

“That's the office of the research center I invaded last night? Why is it still the same image? Hasn't anything changed since I suddenly passed out in that office last night?”

On the screen, the same image that Sun Cheng saw last night was displayed, a small mechanical figure the size of three heads falling onto a chair.

After carefully examining it again, he quickly found two sets of numbers from the corner of this light screen.

One set of numbers was the same as the one on the adjacent light wall, displaying a blue star in front and 65/1000 behind.
The second set of numbers was different from the previous one.
It had a white star symbol in front and a completely new set of numbers, 1/1, behind it.
Sun Cheng, who was trying to analyze something from it, felt helpless.

“It seems that I wasn't dreaming last night, but what is this place exactly? What happened to my body? Are these two light walls really representing two different worlds? What should I do? Should I verify it?”

Although his subconscious mind kept warning him that everything he was experiencing now was not only surprising but also terrifying, not to mention the fact that the idea of freely traveling between two worlds alone is pseudoscience.
Just recalling his memory from last night when he was almost strangled by Baricade in another world proved that this kind of adventure not only had risks but also endangered his life!

Sun Cheng swallowed hard and stared firmly at the light wall in front of him.

After all, he was still a young man.
After hesitating for a while, he couldn't resist his desire for this unexpected encounter.

He hesitated for a moment and then, without looking back, he gritted his teeth and ran towards the light wall in front of him.

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