Just as Sun Cheng's memory data was about to be fully read, a strong will forcibly expelled Starscream from his Core.
Starscream couldn't help but utter a soft sound of surprise, and when he looked at Sun Cheng, who was in his hand, his expression suddenly became suspicious.

“My lord…
Lord Starscream!”

Just as he regained control of his body and before he could even be happy about it, Sun Cheng suddenly felt the grip of the mechanical body around him increase dramatically.
He saw that the transformation was about to happen and he couldn't help but shout in panic.

“How interesting!”

It was as if Starscream had just come to his senses.
He looked at Sun Cheng with constantly changing expressions for a while before giving him a meaningful glance and tossing him casually next to Baricade.
“Take him to the supply room to replenish his energy.
Once you're done, go directly to the attack site to meet us.
I need to get that thing as soon as possible!”

“Yes, I understand!”

Baricade apparently noticed his subtle changes, but he had known Starscream for too long and knew better than to ask what he had seen in Sun Cheng's memory chip.

So although he was curious about what Starscream had seen in Sun Cheng's memory, he didn't ask.
After giving his order, he just picked up Sun Cheng, who was lying motionless on the ground, and walked directly to the supply room.

Soon, only Starscream was left in the supply room.
He stood there scratching his chin, looking at the strange sets of data he had projected in front of him, and muttered to himself in a low voice, “Can't decipher it? Can't even get started? Are these special characters that have never been seen before ancient Cybertronian text? Frenzy was born in the lunar base, could it be him who did it?”

His voice grew smaller and smaller, and his face grew more and more impatient.
After a long time, he muttered under his breath, “Damn fallen Cybertronian…”

“Have you regained your memory?”

As he carried Sun Cheng towards the supply room, not long after leaving the breeding room, Baricade couldn't help but ask.

Sun Cheng, who was still trying to digest the new memory data that had just emerged in his head, was startled by the question and replied, “Yes, Lord Baricade!”

He had indeed “regained” his memory, but strangely, he had not been affected by the consciousness of Frenzy.
Sun Cheng, who had fully received all of Soundwave's memories after Starscream completely unlocked the seal, naturally knew what Frenzy meant.

“The Cassette Legion” was born thousands of years ago during the “Cybertron Civil War”.
Initially, it was made up of eight high-ranking Decepticons with code names such as “Recon Vehicle”, “Laserbeak”, “Buzzsaw”, “Ravage”, “Rumble”, “Frenzy”, “Ratbat” and “Overkill”.
However, because Cybertron Planet was still at war at that time, the Decepticons and another kind of mechanical life called “Autobots” fought fiercely for control of the planet.
Therefore, “The Cassette Legion” was sent to the battlefield soon after its formation.

As members responsible for the most dangerous intelligence work, it was inevitable that some of the members of “The Cassette Legion” would die in battle, including “Recon Vehicle” and “Overkill”.
Later, new members such as “Buzzsaw”, “Slugfest”, “Tyrannosaurus” ',' Slugfest ',' Horned Dragon ',' barbarous'  joined the group, but most of them did not survive until the end of the civil war.

[ShaneFreak: If anyone can find proper names, Thank You…
I couldn't]

The “Cybertron Civil War” had just ended over a hundred years ago.
Unfortunately, the two most outstanding Decepticon spies, “Laserbeak” and “Frenzy”, were killed in the last battle when they tried to capture Megatron, the leader of the Decepticons.

Although Sun Cheng had not fully assimilated the memory data of “Frenzy”, he also discovered many suspicious points from it.
It seems that the internal situation of “The Cassette Legion” is not as harmonious as he imagined.
Although Soundwave, the commander, is powerful, none of his eight generals are good companions except for the machine dog, who is loyal to Soundwave.

“Laser Bird” thinks that his spy ability is better than Soundwave's and has been trying to gain Megatron's favor to replace Soundwave as the leader of “The Cassette Legion”.
“Buzzsaw” is unruly, and his passion for destruction is creepy.
“Ratbat” is a cold and solitary person, and his disregard for everyone except himself makes it impossible for him to be loyal to anyone.

As for “Rumble”, as a Decepticon warrior with powerful destructive power, he has never been convinced by Soundwave since he was included in “The Cassette Legion”.
“Frenzy”, who was originally an ambitious person, made “Rumble”, who was not very bright, his friend and henchman.
From the memory data that Sun Cheng received, they even confronted Soundwave face-to-face more than once.

In “The Cassette Legion”, only “Ravage” and the machine dog, who was later resurrected, could be used by Soundwave.
The former is simple-minded with not many ideas, and in reality, only the machine dog is truly loyal to Soundwave.

Sun Cheng couldn't help but laugh or cry at such a bizarre team that had achieved great military exploits.
He had to admit that Soundwave definitely had a reason to stab his own people in the back.

It's not surprising why Soundwave would go after Frenzy when he resurrected him after the war.

A call of “Lord Baricade” momentarily stopped Baricade's movements on the road, and it wasn't until a while later that Sun Cheng heard his laughter, “Not bad, it seems you've made your decision.
How about considering pledging loyalty to Lord Starscream like me?”

If it weren't for his memories being restored, Baricade's words might have been believed by Sun Cheng.

But as soon as he spoke, Sun Cheng secretly sneered in his heart.

From his regained memories, he already knew Baricade's origin.

This guy was born as a sworn enemy of the Decepticons – an Autobot, and his belief in “might makes right” had led him to defect to the Decepticons during the Cybertronian Civil War.

Well, as a rebellious person who ate both sides, he probably wouldn't be genuinely valued even within the eccentric Decepticon army.

But this guy, despite his violent temperament, had been skillfully maneuvering between the different factions within the Decepticons.

It was said that he had been loyal to Shockwave, flattered Blitzwing, obeyed Megatron's orders, and had never spoken ill of Starscream.

During the time when Megatron ruled the Decepticon army, Starscream, who had repeatedly rebelled, was practically a target that Megatron had set up, and the many small factions within the army would often spit on him or stab him for no reason, making it the daily norm within the Decepticons.

It's easy to imagine that someone like Baricade, who had joined Starscream's side as soon as Megatron disappeared, would claim to be loyal to someone.

Sun Cheng estimated that he didn't even believe it himself.

However, even though he sneered in his heart, he didn't show it on his face, and even promised very crisply, “As long as you don't mind serving under Lord Starscream!”

Obviously, his immediate stance satisfied Baricade, who soon led him to the supply room and personally called a spider-type Decepticon equipped with a Medical Template to give him some instructions before leaving.

Before leaving, he even reminded him, “After replenishing your energy, come to the cultivation room to find me.
Lord Starscream may already be getting impatient, and we need to complete the task he assigned us as soon as possible!”

“I understand, my lord!”

As soon as Baricade left, Sun Cheng was immediately carried by the spider-like Decepticon responsible for the cultivation room to a strange machine and asked, “Expose the Core!”

Sun Cheng nodded.
He knew this was indeed a necessary process for supplementing energy, so he directly exposed the Core.

The next moment, the spider-like Decepticon casually touched the machine and immediately projected a light screen in front of him.

After inputting some data quickly on the light screen, the spider-like Decepticon saw several transparent tubes, resembling plant tendrils, floating out of the machine in no time.

Soon, after the tubes adhered to his Core, a continuous stream of aqua blue liquid flowed into his Core through the tubes.
A series of small energy fluctuations resembling lightning suddenly appeared on his body.

“Ding…energy source detected…absorption function activated…”

In an instant, Sun Cheng felt as if his body was a parched land that had just encountered a downpour of rain.
A feeling of joy and satisfaction emanated from deep within his soul, and he couldn't help but devour the constantly flowing energy into his body.


The spider-like Decepticon next to him looked at the light screen with some confusion.
“Not enough with 500 energy points? Why does it consume so much?”

Without any hesitation, he added another 500 energy points for Sun Cheng.

After all, Baricade personally delivered it, and he even mentioned Starscream.
His identity was definitely not comparable to that of the lowest-level medical Decepticon like him.

However, this move unexpectedly helped Sun Cheng a lot.
With ample energy continuously flowing into his Core, he unexpectedly detected an unknown attraction from a certain corner of his body.

With a little curiosity, he immediately explored the place where the attraction came from.
Soon, he felt as if there was a terrifying vortex there.
Before he could react, his consciousness was attracted into a water blue spherical space that had been troubling him for several days.

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