Baricade took Sun Cheng out of the base in a manner similar to escorting someone, and drove straight into the desert far from Tucson.
Only then did he transform and throw Sun Cheng out.

“I need to go see an old friend.
You stay here and send interstellar messages.
Wait for me here after it's done…”

“Yes, Lord Baricade!”

Seeing him quickly transform back into a police car and drive off in another direction, Sun Cheng looked up at the mesmerizing starry sky, which resembled the Milky Way, and sighed slightly.
He sat down on the sand and began to write the contents of the interstellar message.

He had no intention of running away, even though he really wanted to.
But, ignoring whether he could really escape, Sun Cheng didn't believe a word of what Baricade said.

“Who knows, he might be watching me nearby!”

With this alertness and uneasiness, he suppressed the urge to escape and began to write the interstellar message.

Admittedly, Cybertronian text was truly magical.
It was similar to a programming language that humans created for computers, but more sophisticated.
This mechanical civilization had perfected the technology of compressing images and language into text.
Each symbol, which looked like a child's scribble, contained rich information left by the writer.
Even more incredible was that the advanced Decepticons had mastered the technique of encrypting text.
Just thinking about it was unbelievable.

Sun Cheng had realized that Starscream probably had designs on his boss, Soundwave.
However, this guy seemed to be sure that he would win, and didn't force Sun Cheng to write the content according to his wishes.
This gave Sun Cheng, who had been feeling unjust for the past few days, the opportunity to operate.

As he thought and wrote, he spent half an hour before he finally produced a message that he was very satisfied with.
After looking at the quiet and somewhat frightening desert around him, he even scanned the area with the Spy Template to confirm that he hadn't detected any suspicious electromagnetic waves nearby.
Then, he lightly pressed a spot on the back of his head, and a crystal emitting a rich blue light appeared.

That blue alertness was his Core, and also the most important part of the mechanical body that Sun Cheng had taken over.

Any slight injury would put him into a coma, and if the problem was more severe, it could even lead to death.
Therefore, unless it was absolutely necessary, no Decepticon would easily expose their Core to the outside world.

But now he had no choice, because interstellar communication required the Core, so he had to take the risk of being attacked and severely damaged while exposing it.

With Soundwave's communication frequency stored in his memory chip, Sun Cheng made some angle adjustments towards the direction of the moon.
Then, he gritted his teeth and activated the interstellar communication function.
After locking in Soundwave's communication frequency, he input all the content he had written.

The next moment, he silently gave the command to send to the Core.
In an instant, he felt as if all the strength had been drained out of his body.
He was weak, …

Before his consciousness drifted away, Sun Cheng subconsciously looked up to the sky and saw a beam of light shooting straight towards the direction of the moon from his location, and a Decepticon emblem was clearly visible in the air.

On the far side of the moon, in a huge crater that seemed to have been hit by a falling meteorite, Soundwave walked out with a gloomy face.

With anger, he kicked a piece of surface rock that had already completely turned into sandstone, and the immense force sent it flying like a shell until it completely disappeared.

“Master, did Dirge refuse to awaken Starscream again?” With a high-pitched flattering voice, a huge bird-shaped robot with two machine guns hanging from its belly slowly flew around him, and only after seeing Soundwave extend his right arm did it obediently land on Soundwave's right arm.
It was the Laserbeak of the Cassette Legion.

“Hmph, stupid Dirge!” Soundwave was extremely angry.
“How long has Megatron been gone, and this idiot wants to find a new master for himself!”

“He's not the only one with this idea!” Laserbeak said, “I just received a star transmission from the robot dog.
Lord Shockwave has also left Cybertron Planet and is missing, and sent Thunderbolt to track him down, while also sending the robot dog and Buzzsaw to support us!”

“Thunderbolt?” Soundwave clearly didn't expect it.
“That guy finally left Cybertron?”

Thunderbolt was one of the high-ranking members of the Decepticon army.
Everyone who knew him would naturally label him as “smart” and “dangerous”, and even Megatron, who was proud and impulsive, trusted him greatly.

However, Thunderbolt was not a powerful warrior, so Megatron dared to reuse him, making Thunderbolt's position in the Decepticon army somewhat embarrassing.
All his power came from Megatron's trust rather than his military achievements.

When Megatron was still leading the Decepticon army, Blitzwing was full of power and arrogance.
However, after Megatron's disappearance, the Decepticon army quickly split into two factions, led by Starscream and Shockwave.
Under their coordinated suppression, Blitzwing's status declined day by day after the end of the Cybertronian Civil War.

So, when Soundwave left Cybertron, he didn't find it too strange that Blitzwing would leave as well.

Instead, it was a bit surprising when Shockwave sent Buzzsaw to him.

In the Cybertronian Civil War, the Decepticon army paid a heavy price to defeat their arch-enemies, the Autobots, and gain control of Cybertron Planet.
Although the rewards for the veterans who survived the war were not extravagant, they were satisfactory.
Many senior Decepticons who had made contributions during the civil war received generous rewards.

Soundwave was also one of the beneficiaries, gaining a lot of Energon and energy cubes.
He also replaced some individuals as one of the commanders of the current Decepticon army.

The members of the Cassette Legion, especially Buzzsaw, also benefited from this.
Without the suppression of Laserbeak and Frenzy, Buzzsaw, with his simple brain circuits, could not be controlled by anyone.

As a result, just after Soundwave had dealt with a few subordinates who challenged his authority, he discovered new challengers popping up.

“Well, it's time to let them see what happened to Laserbeak and Frenzy.
I do need their help now.
With Buzzsaw and the machine dog, and with the cooperation of Blackout and the others, even Starscream would not dare to delay the search for Lord Megatron's actions any longer…”

Thinking of this, Soundwave's expression softened a bit, and he continued to ask Laserbeak, “How long will it take for Blackout and the others to arrive at the Solar System?”

“About two months!” replied Laserbeak.

“So long? Tell them to speed up!” Soundwave ordered impatiently.
“Starscream has been missing for several days now.
Although Dirge said he was upgrading his weapons, I have a feeling that this is just a delay.
He arrived on the moon decades before us and has too many secrets hidden here! I even suspect he might still be on the moon!”

“Yes, master!”

Laserbird flapped its wings and said, “I'll go urge Blackout to hurry up…”

It was about to take off, but suddenly saw Soundwave's expression change.
In the next instant, the Spark placed in his chest suddenly lit up.

Immediately realizing that it was an interstellar communication, Laserbird folded its wings and waited quietly on the side.

About two or three minutes later, after Soundwave finished reading the contents of the communication he just received, his face had completely darkened.
“Damn Starscream, is he really not on the moon anymore? That bastard Dirge, he still wants to hide it from me…”

“Master, who is the communication from?” Laserbird curiously asked.

“Frenzy from Earth!”

He reached out and tapped on Laserbird's forehead, instantly transferring the contents of the communication to his head.

After quickly reading it, Laserbird was also surprised, “Starscream still has a base on Earth? Although it seems to be newly built, why is there a 'Nursery'? According to the information from Frenzy, this base is far inferior to the moon and does not have the possibility of incubating 'Newborn Eggs'.”

“Could the All Spark really be on Earth?”

Soundwave gritted his teeth and roared, “Damn it, we must not let Starscream find the All Spark first!”

As one of the commanders of the Decepticon army, Soundwave not only saw the All Spark but also knew its importance to the Decepticons.

Based on his understanding of Starscream, if the All Spark was not really on Earth, he would not have left Cybertron and come to this remote star system.

And once this schemer mastered the All Spark, a new civil war within the Decepticon army was likely to erupt.

At this thought, Soundwave's face could only be described as ferocious.
He quickly gave Laserbird an order, “Hurry up and urge Blackout to speed up.
I want you to go to Earth as soon as possible to see Frenzy and confirm the authenticity of the communication!”

“As you wish, my master!”

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