The premonition was verified in just a second.
Throughout the next day, Sun Cheng finally experienced what it was like to be targeted without reason by others!

It seemed that the Camera Team held a deep grudge against the Cassette Legion.
Despite all the ridicule and sarcasm, Spectro always seemed to be trying to provoke him, seeking an excuse to attack him.

This dim-witted guy suddenly sent invasive information towards him.
Rather than just disrupting his defense functions, it was more like he intended to invade his Core.

What was even worse was that this guy would disappear from sight while leading him on a tour of the base.
If Sun Cheng wasn't careful, he would soon find himself surrounded by Decepticons, drawn by the alarm bells ringing in the vicinity.

Fortunately, Spectro was still wary of Baricade's warning.
Moreover, since the base had only recently been built and had not yet installed any armed defense systems, Sun Cheng was not in immediate danger.

Despite this, Sun Cheng was driven to the point of nervous exhaustion by Spectro's constant provocation.
At his current level, he was powerless to resist Spectro and could only follow him weakly, constantly on guard against his provocations while also keeping an eye on the Decepticon's underground base where Starscream and the others were located.

It had to be admitted that the Decepticon construction workers who he had previously underestimated were the most qualified slaves and workers.

According to Spectro, this base had only been established for about a month.

However, these hard-working Decepticon construction workers, who could work non-stop for twenty-four hours, had managed to excavate and expand a mine that had been abandoned for years, stretching for tens of kilometers.
This was a monumental project that even humans would have struggled to complete in several years.

Even more unimaginable was that while juggling this excavation project, the construction workers had also managed to decompose metal and manufacture machines.
This massive project was accomplished by over a hundred Decepticon construction workers that Starscream had brought from the Moon base.

From a human perspective, this base was undoubtedly still rough.

However, Decepticons were different from humans.
Sun Cheng quickly realized that this base was already well-formed when viewed from the Decepticons' field of view, after slightly shifting his perspective.

Starscream's base is mainly composed of three parts: the supply room that stores energy, the manufacturing factory that assembles various machines and parts, and the numerous geothermal power generators that are scattered throughout the area, with various passages intertwining between them.

Decepticons, as a mechanical life form, do not need to rest unless they want to save energy.
No wonder their efficiency is so high.

The geothermal resources near Tucson are abundant, and the mountainous areas are the most complex areas of the earth's veins here.
Decepticon engineers directly found suitable locations deep underground and densely set up groups of geothermal power generators from Cybertronian civilization.
They convert the continuous energy generated by the power of nature into electrical energy that Decepticons can directly absorb to supplement the energy of the core, or through a complex conversion program, transform it into easily storable energy liquid or energy blocks.

Conservatively speaking, when all the geothermal power generators start to work, this base can convert energy of no less than a hundred points per day, which is comparable to a medium-sized thermal power plant.


Sun Cheng was kicked from behind and slammed into the wall again.
After landing, he turned around and saw Spectro standing in the distance, looking down at him without any concealment.

“…Boring, are you already so weak after being resurrected? No wonder the Cassette Legion is all trash…”

Silently getting up from the ground, Sun Cheng continued to walk towards the hall where he first met Starscream and his team.

In the brief contact, he had already realized that Spectro's head was definitely not normal.
He not only continued Decepticon's usual temper tantrums but also seemed to have poor memory.

At first, Spectro also targeted him with various jabs, but he didn't directly attack.
Unfortunately, it didn't last long before he couldn't help but really attack him.

Sun Cheng had no way to deal with him.

He couldn't win in a fight.

So when he realized that Spectro was really coming for him, he tried to avoid him as much as possible.

Unfortunately, this guy was also idle and annoying, and he actually tracked him down every time.
Every time he was found, he had to endure a few hits, and the guy started hitting harder and harder.

However, thanks to the fact that this guy seemed a little dim-witted, Sun Cheng accidentally extracted a lot of information he didn't know from him.

After digesting all memory data, Sun Cheng originally thought that the unfortunate Decepticon he possessed was just a new low-level spy.

However, Spectro from the Camera Squad seemed to be familiar with him.
In his repeated provocations, he mentioned the Cybertronian Civil War more than once.
From his tone, it seemed that the original 'Frenzy' was also a high-ranking Decepticon, but had apparently died in battle and was only recently resurrected for some reason.

Although these were just speculations based on what he heard from Spectro, after summarizing them, Sun Cheng still felt that there were many problems behind him.

He was eager to learn more, but he now wanted to avoid Spectro and was unwilling to have more contact with him.
He could only temporarily suppress the new doubts in his heart.

Seeing him back down and run, Spectro laughed crazily and chased after him as if he had lost his mind.


With just a slight distraction, Sun Cheng saw a shell hole that was only two or three centimeters away from his feet.
Feeling uneasy, he quickly turned his head to look and immediately started running away.

“Damn, is this guy trying to kill me?”

Just now, when he briefly looked back, he saw that Spectro had already raised his right arm, revealing the rapid-fire machine gun he was equipped with.
Sun Cheng felt his scalp go numb.

As far as he knew, all the rapid-fire machine guns used by the Decepticon army were loaded with shell-less energy bullets, which were several generations ahead of the entry-level shell-less bullets developed by humans.
They not only had special effects on electronic equipment, but the heat generated by the explosion upon hitting the target could easily destroy the memory alloy on his mechanical body.

This was not even Spectro's most terrifying weapon.
It seemed that he was also equipped with a chemical cannon that could easily corrode the special alloy mechanical body of high-ranking Decepticons.
If this guy crazily fired at him, Sun Cheng did not dare to say whether he would be killed by a single shot.


The dense bullets kept shooting towards his direction, Sun Cheng ran and jumped, struggling to avoid them, and the blue light in his eyes became even more intense.

“Hahaha, keep running, keep running…”

Spectro kept waving his right arm and laughing like a clown, letting the grating electronic sound make people frown.

Suddenly, Spy Template detected an electromagnetic wave nearby, and after realizing it was Baricade, Sun Cheng couldn't help but feel even more annoyed, grinding his teeth in anger.
He shouted, “Lord Baricade, if you don't come out soon, I'm afraid I won't be able to serve you and will die here first!”

Each one of them were either crazy or neurotic.
Sun Cheng now deeply regretted returning to this world again!

What kind of people were in the Decepticon legion?

From his brief encounter, not a single one of them was good.
Either they were hiding somewhere plotting against him, or they were blatantly scheming against him.
No one saw him as a person.

The more he thought about it, the more frustrated he became.
Sun Cheng was determined to join in with Starscream's plan to scheme against Soundwave and help take down this group.

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