Seeing Sun Cheng tightly holding onto the [Scout Template] that he had bestowed upon him, a faint smirk appeared on Starscream's lips.

After he had put away the [Scout Template], Starscream concealed his mocking expression and his face was once again filled with a smile.
He asked, “So? Little guy from the [Cassette Legion], are you satisfied with my gift?”

“Very satisfied!”

Sun Cheng couldn't help but express his satisfaction.
Evolution is the instinct of every living being, and mechanical life is no exception.
Unfortunately, after completely absorbing the memory data of 'Frenzy', Sun Cheng's consciousness seemed to have been affected.

The difficulty of advancing from a low-level Decepticon to a higher level was much higher than one could imagine.
At least, it was much lower than the possibility of a human going from rags to riches by working hard.

Decepticons are a strange race.
Sun Cheng, who has already digested all of 'Frenzy's memory data, is also shocked by the information he has absorbed.

This kind of mechanical life seems unable to naturally give birth.
In any case, in 'Frenzy's memory, low-level Decepticons seemed to have come out of a factory-like production line.
They only needed enough resources and energy, as well as some life energy that could not be explained in words, to give birth to a Decepticon.

Therefore, compared to investing more resources in cultivating a low-level Decepticon to advance, it is more cost-effective to directly give birth to a higher-level Decepticon with fewer resources.

That is why, from the era of the [Cybertronian War] to the present, there have been few low-level Decepticons who have been able to advance before their lifespan ends.

Although it's unclear what Starscream's motives are for bestowing him with a higher-level [Scout Template] filled with life energy, with it, Sun Cheng only needs to gather enough resources to transform his mechanical body and advance to a higher level Decepticon.

After receiving benefits from Starscream, Sun Cheng couldn't help but throw Soundwave's instructions out of his mind and his gaze towards Starscream became fiery.

“Lord Starscream, please give me your orders.”

Although he didn't know what he wanted him to do, at the thought of possibly obtaining a higher-level [Spark] after completing the task, Sun Cheng became even more excited.

“Help me out, and you won't be short of benefits!”

Smiling, Starscream looked down at him with red eyes, and without beating around the bush, he gave him the task he needed to complete.

“I want you to do two things for me.
First, immediately send a interstellar transmission to Soundwave and tell him everything about me being on Earth and this base truthfully.”

“Interstellar transmission…”

Sun Cheng was puzzled for a moment, then his face changed drastically.

He knew what an interstellar transmission was.
It was one of the highest technologies on Cybertron Planet, a super technology used for remote information transmission between planets.
It was said that advanced Decepticons could even use it to transmit information across galaxies.

However, although every Decepticon had the ability to use interstellar transmission, no one would use it casually.

Because every interstellar transmission requires a huge amount of energy to be consumed in an instant, causing great damage to the Core.

Sun Cheng conservatively estimated that sending a transmission directly from Earth to Soundwave in the lunar base would consume four to five hundred points of energy, which would immediately severely weaken him.

Moreover, the other party asked him to send a transmission to Soundwave and inform him of his presence on Earth.

After a little thought, Sun Cheng realized that Starscream's first request was too strange, so he had to ask courageously, “My Lord, do you want me to send an interstellar transmission to Soundwave and expose this base?”

Although the base where Starscream was located in a mine in the mountains of Tucson City was not good, it was rich in geothermal resources.
Once the engineers laid out geothermal power generation equipment, it would become an energy base that could provide a continuous supply of energy for his forces, which was not bad.

Moreover, Sun Cheng did not believe that this base was built just for energy.

Therefore, as soon as he heard the other party mention that he wanted him to report everything he saw to Soundwave, and even expose this base, even if Sun Cheng was stupid, he quickly realized that Starscream might be asking for too much.

“Yes, I will have someone take you around the base later to get to know it, and I want you to honestly report everything you see to Soundwave.
What? Can't do it?” In the end, Starscream still had a smiling face, but it was full of ferocity and cruelty.

Feeling that his blood-red electronic eyes had locked onto him, Sun Cheng felt his heart tighten and quickly nodded in agreement, “I can do it, my Lord Starscream!”

As soon as he finished speaking, he felt a sudden lightness in his body and couldn't help but take a breath.
The blue light in his eyes also dimmed.

“Turned around on the brink of death again!”

Sun Cheng sighed bitterly.
Just now, he sensed that if he dared to say anything negative, Starscream would definitely slap him down and make him a thing of the past!

“Very good!” Starscream nodded at him, and his eyes were filled with satisfaction.

He was truly a cunning character.
After using a combination of threats and incentives, he now reassured Sun Cheng, “Don't worry about energy consumption.
Baricade will take you to the supply room later to replenish your energy!”

These words eased Sun Cheng's mind a little.
He knew he had no resistance in the face of this Decepticon leader.
So, apart from his secrets being exposed, he was most worried about being used up and then kicked out, or even crushed.

Starscream's reassurance may have been just a means to an end, but it at least proved that he still had value in the other's eyes, and for the time being, he didn't have to worry about safety issues.

Breathing a sigh of relief, Sun Cheng gritted his teeth and asked, “My lord, what about the other task you gave me?”

“I want you to go to a human military base with Baricade and help me get something!” Starscream answered calmly.
As soon as he finished speaking, he turned to look at Baricade.
This Decepticon warrior who was imposing in front of Sun Cheng seemed to have lost his presence in front of Starscream.
He had been quietly waiting on the side and didn't say anything.

Seeing that Starscream was looking at him, Baricade nodded and assured him, “The ambush has already been set up in advance.
With me and Lord Starscream, it's enough!”

It seemed that they were planning to do something big!

Sun Cheng could only smile bitterly.
These two big shots didn't give him any details, obviously anticipating that he would definitely report to Soundwave.
So they simply asked for his help, without mentioning what the specific task was or which human military base was the target.

What could he do?

He could only agree immediately, but his heart was raised again.
He had a feeling that these two tasks were probably a big trap!

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