Tucson, a city located in a desert valley surrounded by mountains.

It is located in Pima County, southern Arizona, USA, almost spanning the entire United States from Washington, D.C.

Despite the long distance and to avoid attracting human attention, it took almost fifteen hours for Baricade to drive Sun Cheng's police car on empty roads, to reach Tucson.

Silenced throughout the journey, Sun Cheng finally felt the car slowing down and stopping.

“We're here!” Baricade said.

Looking out of the car window, Sun Cheng couldn't help but feel suspicious.

With his vision, even though it was late at night and there were no lights around, it didn't affect his observation of the surroundings.

“Is this a mountainous area?” he asked.

Hundreds of meters away were hills, barely visible in the darkness, resembling terrifying beasts waiting to prey on their next victims.

This feeling made Sun Cheng uncomfortable, especially when the Spy Template installed in his body suddenly warned him as Baricade opened the passenger door.

Although it was only a moment, it had just captured a hostile gaze from the endless darkness.

“Get out of the car!” Baricade urged impatiently.

Sun Cheng had to jump out of the car and cautiously keep watch around him.
The two pairs of electronic eyes on his head were utilized to their maximum, trying to find the target that had shown hostility towards him.

Unfortunately, he was going to be disappointed.

There was a clatter, and after the sound of metal and gears grinding stopped, Sun Cheng suddenly felt his body light.
Before he could react, he was already grabbed by Baricade.

Baricade, who are we here to see?” Although Baricade only held him in the palm of his hand this time, unlike the previous time when he had murderous intent, the feeling of being at the mercy of others was still terrible.
Sun Cheng tried to control himself, not to make any moves that could provoke a reaction from Baricade, but his Core was still jumping wildly, and the warning voice in his mind was incessant.

It seemed that Baricade was very satisfied with Sun Cheng's attitude of not resisting, and although he didn't stop walking, he started heading towards the nearby mountain area.
However, he answered Sun Cheng's question in a cold tone, “You will soon find out who the big shot is!”

Baricade's pace was fast, and even though he was carrying Sun Cheng, they didn't walk much slower than running.

He didn't take Sun Cheng up the mountain, but instead walked around the mountain for at least four or five kilometers before they saw a long-abandoned rusty railroad track leading straight to the nearby mountain.

“An abandoned mine?”

Following the railroad track with his gaze, Sun Cheng quickly spotted the outline of a mine and wondered if Baricade was planning to take him inside.

It's no wonder he was suspicious.
The mine was obviously a product of human activity in the past, and just by looking at the rust on the railroad track, it was clear that it had been abandoned by humans for at least ten years.

The height of the nearby cave alone was not something Baricade could enter after transforming.

As they were still puzzled, the two had already arrived in front of the abandoned mine.

Seeing Baricade stop, Sun Cheng was about to ask about the situation when he suddenly felt dizzy, and when he came to his senses, he found himself sitting in the passenger seat while Baricade had transformed back into a police car.


With the engine roaring, Baricade controlled the wheels to maneuver on the abandoned railroad track, and without hesitation, he drove into the mine.


Although the surveillance equipment was quite concealed, as soon as they entered the mine, Sun Cheng's two electronic eyes frequently caught the fluctuations of the monitoring devices, causing him to murmur in his heart.

At the beginning, Baricade's speed was clearly not fast, and the vehicle made occasional collision sounds, perhaps hitting some abandoned rocks or minerals.
However, Baricade had no intention of avoiding them.

After going through four different tunnels, Sun Cheng, who had been staring outside the window, suddenly brightened up.

It turned out that although the railroad track only went up to this point and then stopped, this side of the abandoned mine had obviously been renovated.
Not only was it more spacious, but there were also cables and other things around.

As they moved forward, heading straight towards the depths of the mine, Sun Cheng counted the time silently in his mind.
When he reached 129 seconds, the area suddenly opened up in front of him, revealing a huge space that was at least ten meters high and possibly over a thousand square meters in size.

After they exited the fork in the road, Baricade stopped without any warning and transformed, throwing Sun Cheng off guard and sending him flying.
He first collided with a metal pillar not far away, then fell to the ground.

“Hey, you idiot, don't interfere with my work!”

Sun Cheng picked up his phone and stood up, but before he could confirm whether it was broken, he heard an angry mechanical voice beside him.

He looked over and his eyes lit up.
The one who had just yelled at him was a robot that looked like a bulldozer and was two heads taller than him.
Sun Cheng had seen information about this Decepticon, a Production Template named Core, in his memory.
It was just like him, a low-level Decepticon.

“Shut up!” he yelled back in annoyance.
After making sure his phone wasn't damaged, Sun Cheng looked around with interest.

This was a small Decepticon base hidden deep in a mine in the mountains near Tucson.
Although its scale was obviously inferior to that of the moon base he remembered, it was still quite impressive.

There were at least thirty or forty Construction Templates busy shuttling back and forth in the hall alone.
Some were moving machinery from nearby mine tunnels into the hall, while others were busy assembling.
It was a bustling scene.

Due to the fact that they were using Spy Templates, there were some machine equipment data among them.

Sun Cheng studied them carefully for a while and was able to identify the machines that the Construction Templates were assembling as sets of geothermal generators.
This piqued his interest and he stared at them intently.

“You seem very interested in my geothermal generators, little guy from the Cassette Legion…”

Suddenly, a voice rang out not far from him.
Sun Cheng immediately reacted and turned his body around to look, only to be startled by what he saw.

Standing not far away from him was a giant Decepticon who looked even bigger than Baricade, smiling at him.

This Decepticon's mechanical body looks very funny.
Although it is huge, it is somewhat graceful, and it is somewhat similar to a crab.

However, even though this Decepticon appeared with a smile and looked very friendly, after Sun Cheng saw who he was, he was so shocked that his “Core” almost crashed, “Lord Star…

Sun Cheng's eyes were full of despair.
“Damn, why is it him…”

If he had known that Lord Starscream had also come to Earth, even if he was given ten times the courage, Sun Cheng would not dare to come and see Lord Starscream.

The reason is simple: this Decepticon named Starscream has a reputation in the Decepticon army that is too terrifying!

Starscream, a Leader-level Decepticon, commander of the Air Squadron and deputy commander of the Decepticon army, has a reputation that is second only to Megatron in the Decepticon army.

Although “Frenzy” was a new spy born recently by Soundwave's hand, it did not mean that he knew nothing about the target that Soundwave emphasized the need for special caution in the secret mission.

According to the information he had, this notorious figure had launched at least six rebellions in the past thousand years, two of which almost overthrew Megatron's rule.

If it were humans, any country would have executed such a hero after a failed rebellion.

However, this lord had repeatedly rebelled and repeatedly failed, but Megatron had not done anything to him.
Not only did he still allow him to command the Air Squadron, but he did not even revoke Starscream's position as deputy commander.

Seeing this lord's calculations and methods is just the tip of the iceberg.

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