Late at night, after a terrifying thunderstorm that came and went in the blink of an eye, a black and white Ford Mustang police car with the number 643 printed on its body slowly drove deeper into an abandoned factory on the outskirts of Fairfax City.

The headlights illuminated the area!

If someone happened to pass by the car at this moment, they would undoubtedly be frightened to the core.
Because as they looked into the car, whether at the driver's seat on the left or the empty passenger seat on the right, there was not a single soul inside!

“What the hell…
Was the core template damaged by the lightning strike just now?” Sun Cheng gradually regained consciousness, his head throbbing intensely as if a searing iron rod had been forcefully plunged into it.
The pain, nausea, and intense dizziness made him even contemplate the thought of immediate death.

To make matters worse, he was now experiencing hallucinations.

“…I am Frenzy…a mechanical life form from Cybertron Planet…”

“No, no…
I'm Sun Cheng, a failed college student who passed out after drinking too much…”

An overwhelming flood of unfamiliar memories and consciousness clashed in his mind, exacerbating his torment.

Fortunately, this state of mind didn't last too long.
Accompanied by a sudden and inexplicable sensation of coolness, Sun Cheng finally managed to completely assimilate the consciousness data of the Mechanical Life Form known as Frenzy, taking control of the mechanical body.

Yes, it was a mechanical body, not a human one!

Once he had fully processed the absurd information in his head, Sun Cheng regained his awareness.
He lowered his head, his face adorned with a pair of field of view lenses that covered an astonishing range of nearly three hundred degrees.
Even in the darkness of the night, he could clearly discern tiny particles on the ground over ten meters away to the left, with eyes that resembled high-definition cameras.
He stared at his own slender, metallic arms.

“…Is this not a dream? Have I actually transformed into a robot? This…”

Sun Cheng couldn't help but doubt!

Apart from the fact that the unique construction of a mechanical life form's body couldn't be faked, a barrage of information flooded his mind, originating from the storage and encryption of memory-related files, the energy consumption of the mechanical body, the wear and tear of its various parts, and even the mechanical body's ability to transform and combine.
All of this information manifested itself in his head, or rather, in the core template, at a frequency of once per second.

[Frenzy: Spy Robot]

[Faction: Decepticon (Cassette Legion)]

[Partner: Barricade]

[Height: 2.6 feet.
Weight: 27.51 pounds]

[Core: Level 1 Spy Template]

[Status: Good!]

[Currently executing mission 1: Go to Earth and search for information about the leader 'Megatron' and the 'All Spark'.]

[Secretly executing mission 2: Monitor Barricade and investigate the reason behind the sudden departure of the deputy commander, Starscream, from Cybertron to the Solar System decades ago.]

Caught in a state of confusion and panic about the events happening to him, Sun Cheng suddenly felt his head spinning.
Before he could even comprehend it, his incredible mechanical eyes had already conveyed the drastic changes in his surroundings to the core template within his brain.

“Hold on…
has the police car I was in also transformed into a robot? Is he my current partner, Barricade?”

As this thought emerged in his mind, Sun Cheng quickly realized his mistake!

“Damn it…
worthless Cassette Legion…”

Accompanied by a furious roar, Sun Cheng hadn't even hit the ground yet when he felt a weightless sensation, firmly caught in a pair of dark mechanical hands.
Warning, Exoskeleton sustains minor damage…”

Although the mechanical body prevented him from feeling the pain, the continuous warnings from the core template flashing in his mind, along with the sparks emitted by Barricade's tight grip on his mechanical body, indicated the severity of Sun Cheng's current condition.

“…I've run out of patience…
insignificant vermin…
Now, either tell me if the mission can still proceed or perish…”

With Baricade's cold, mechanical voice, the danger warning in Sun Cheng's mind became even more piercing, accompanied by an indescribable sense of despair.

In that moment, it was as if a voice emerged from the depths of his soul, incessantly issuing warnings.

I'm going to die!

I'm really going to die!

Lord Barricade…
it seems my template has been affected by the recent lightning strike…”

Under the imminent danger, Sun Cheng immediately replied, almost instinctively.

Even though he could sense the tremor and panic in his own voice.

A semblance of a smile appeared on Barricade's grim metallic face, appearing cruel and violent.

He seemed highly satisfied with Sun Cheng's terror, but as the glimmer in his two pairs of blue mechanical eyes flickered, his cold voice once again shocked Sun Cheng's core template to the verge of malfunction.
“Oh? Does that mean I need a new assistant?”

The fear and unease intensified, echoing the subconscious warning from Frenzy, the original owner who had been devoured by him.

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