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Leng Yiyao’s stomach suddenly made a loud noise at this moment, successfully interrupting the silence between the two.


She lowered her head, glancing at her stomach, and suddenly raised her head and grinned at him quite self-righteously: “I’m sorry, I ate too much.
Probably got indigestion.”


She ended up eating too much and this body was really too fragile.
This seemed to be the first time she had faced such a situation in front of a man.
So embarrassing…However, regardless of this matter, the man whose face was still covered, could be regarded as an inanimate object.


As for his vaguely satisfied attitude towards Lu Ming’s death, she guessed there might be just two possibilities.


One is that he himself is opposed to Lu Ming, and emotionally speaking, he couldn’t see the good in the other.
And if the other party was dead, wouldn’t that just be perfect?


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The other one was relatively simpler.
He was in a position opposed to Lu Ming.
And now that he was dead, it would prove to be beneficial for him.


Of course, no matter what kind of possibility it was, for now, he would not do anything to put her at a disadvantage.
After all, even if she was the real murderer, she would not do him any harm.
And if she was not the real culprit of this killing, then she had nothing to do with him.


Therefore, from the current point of view, the two of them were in the same boat and not on the opposite sides.


The man blinked, as if he had never seen a woman displaying such thick skin despite losing her face.


Previously, the two brawny men with short – sighted eyes saw that she was injured and without a veil, and tried guessing as to which noble’s fugitive slave she was.
But according to his observation when he bandaged the wound, there was obviously a knife wound on her abdomen, and it was caused by a Shamshir scimitar.
But her skin was delicate and fair.
She obviously did not seem like a woman who had been exposed to the sun for a long time.
Such skin was very rare to have in the desert areas.


If she really was the murderer who killed those people.
A woman who killed fifteen royal attendants and one captain, would she have no accomplices?

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No matter how you thought about it, it felt inconceivable.


But if she had a companion, why didn’t anyone come out to help when she was almost raped by those two men before?


His eyes were deeply focused on her face.
Therein, he couldn’t see a trace of tension, let alone a guilty conscience, as if the whole city which was on guard, was just stormy weather for her.


This woman was too mysterious.


Her actions were not as cautious as the noble women, but the courage she displayed was amazing and extraordinary.
Her gaze was firm, it felt real yet unreal at the same time, making people unable to see through her.


What was the reason? He was afraid that even if he continued to ask, there would be no results.

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He simply stood up, turned the light in the cellar a little brighter, and smiled at her slightly: “You take a rest early, I will change your dressing tomorrow.”


“Okay, thank you.” Leng Yiyao waved her hand, smiling at him naturally.


The man chuckled and turned to open the door, as if returning to the mode of getting along as he did when he first arrived in the room.


The moment the door was closed, the corner of Leng Yiyao’s mouth pursed and the bottom of her eyes turned cold, while the man outside was thoughtful with a smile in his eyes.


No one won this round.


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He couldn’t figure out her bottom, and she couldn’t figure out his origin.


It’s just that, in the end, she was still a step behind in this game of chess.

After all, the only weapon in her hand was abducted by the man, ‘along the way’.


However, in this world, who said that a sharp blade would be the best weapon?


Leng Yiyao touched her palm, smiled lightly, and lay on her back on the only bed in the cellar.

Since she dared to directly slice a prince who had garnered much attention, would she be afraid of a man who hides his head and shows his tail1 in front of her ?



cáng tóu lù wěi to hide the head and show the tail (idiom); to give a partial account

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