After enjoying a filling meal and having quilts to keep her warm in the cellar at night, Leng Yiyao had a good sleep.
When she woke up the next day, her whole body was refreshed.

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The streets outside did not seem to be too far away.
The conversations of the pedestrians were not clearly audible.
Judging from the frequency of discussions by passers-by, despite the city already being under martial law, it failed to hamper the normal life of the people in the city.

She walked to the basin and pricked her ears in an attempt to listen as she washed.

The indistinct “click” sound of a key twisting, prompted a smile upon her lips, and she quietly looked towards the door.
Sure enough, the man from last night had already walked inside with a package.

“Here- these are a new set of clothes.
The ones you’re wearing might be unsuitable.” Smiling, he gently handed the package to her along with a small bottle: “The bottle contains medicine for your wound.
The gauze is kept by the bedside, do you want me to help you, or…”

“I’ll do it myself.” Leng Yiyao took the stuff with a smile, and glanced at the door that was not yet closed.

Following her gaze, the man glanced back.

The moment the door was opened, the hustle and bustle of voices was carried inside.

——”I heard that something big happened last night! A robber broke into the palace!”

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——”Is that something that needs to be mentioned? Didn’t you see police guarding all the intersections? It is a pipe’s dream to want to get out of the city now!”

——”I also heard about it.
It was said that two corpses were found in an old house nearby.
Nobody knows who killed them!”

——”Shhh! Be careful of your words! Lest you’ll be caught as an insider!”


The man saw that her gaze seemed to fall outside the door, and suddenly smiled: “Should I take you out for a walk?”




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Yesterday, he was extremely cautious, going so far as to warn her about the bloody storm brewing in the outside world.
But today he was so kind as to take her out for a walk?


Leng Yiyao patted her face to make sure she was awake.


“Since the cellar is cold and damp, staying for too long will not be good for your injury.” He tapped the baggage with his fingertips: “There is a veil in there.
Remember to wear it when you go out so that you can walk easily”. Walking was secondary.
The most important fact was to keep her appearance hidden.


Just now, he had suddenly changed his mind.

This woman, irrespective of her origin, stayed put in the cellar.
She was stubborn to a hilt and nothing could be pried open from her mouth1.
It seemed better to take the opportunity of the martial law in the city and observe her reaction along the way.
Who knew, perhaps he would find out something interesting. 

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If she really had other companions, then….


Leng Yiyao held her forehead with her hand and stared at the man with a fixed look.

Has this person had enough? Doesn’t he have things to do every day? He doesn’t worry about other matters but comes here to bother her,  does he want to have a fight?

As far as she knew, except for the nobles, most people in this city did not have the privilege to roam leisurely at will.


“Okay!” If you don’t want to go, don’t go!.

She shook off her baggage, opened it, and sure enough, there was a set of the most inconspicuous black robes and a veil inside.

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“Look, there is no fitting room here, how about you leave?” She blinked at him with an expression of -“If you’re tactful enough, please leave immediately.”

The man’s eyebrows trembled, and an inexplicable sense of powerlessness suddenly appeared in his heart.
Obviously he was the master, so why was he being kicked out of his own house by the girl?

However, this tone, he endured it!

When he turned around to leave, she helped him close the door of the room quite considerably, to show no disrespect!

Leng Yiyao took care of herself very quickly.
Tending to her wounds and changing her clothes, she simply combed her hair and covered more than half of her face with a veil, only revealing a pair of deep and quiet eyes.
She bent down and pulled the knife the man had hidden in the depths of the cellar at some point.
Placing it under her black robes, she then knocked on the door casually to signal that she was ready.

When the two walked out of the cellar facing the sun, she discovered that the city was far beyond her expectations!



Original- Dead duck has a hard mouth, cannot be opened by prying(Chinese Proverb meaning:-person is stubborn to a hilt)

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