Tokyo Gentleman Story

Chapter 11 Everything is EVA\'s fault

Tuesday, April 8, 1997, the second day of school.

Japanese high school and **** high school courses are similar, and the teachers explain the same things. After all, they are all East Asian countries. The textbooks in Japanese high schools are similar to the knowledge that Mori has learned in his previous life. If you can keep up with this aspect, you will really lose.

Of course, it is also necessary to read books and review occasionally. It is not easy to completely ignore your studies in a school like Sakano High School, which has a deviation value of around 70.

The deviation value is a calculation formula value in Japan for students intelligence and academic ability, which refers to the deviation value of the student relative to the average value. The so-called deviation value has nothing to do with the score of the individual test, but reflects the level ranking of each person among all candidates. Therefore, in Japan, the deviation value is regarded as a correct reflection of the learning level, and the deviation value naturally becomes the evaluation. The standard of learning ability, this school is not a famous school, the most standard manifestation is in the deviation value.

The calculation method of this deviation score is to subtract the average score from the individual score, then divide it by the standard deviation, multiply the obtained value by ten, and finally add fifty to obtain the deviation value.

Generally speaking, the median of the deviation value is 50, and the value is generally around 25 to 75. The higher the average deviation value of a school, the stronger the school is. If the deviation value is above 60, it can basically be better. University.

What, you ask what is the standard deviation? Very good, please go and review the content of the high school textbook about deviation. In short, it is to describe the distance that each data deviates from the average.

After the morning class was over, Mori Xia took out the bento.

”Oh, what a sumptuous bento, Sen Xia, I wanted to ask yesterday, did your sister make this? ” Takashi Kiritani came up again.

”Yes, but the same sentence: please stay away from her. ” Sen Xia would never let this guy get close to his sister.

Not only is he a yellow-haired man, but he is also an idiot. He can bear it. Let alone dating, even letting him get close to his sister would be a blasphemy!

After eating, Mori Xia and Kiritani went to the animation club again.

”It seems that the door is unlocked this time. ” After coming here, Kiritani found that the door of the animation clubs office was not locked this time.

Sen Xia walked over and knocked on the door.

”Come in. ” A female voice came from over there, very nice.

”With such a nice voice, she must be a beauty! ” Tong Gu was very excited.

Mori Xia directly ignored Kiritanis reaction. In the real world, there is a high probability that the soundness of the voice is inversely proportional to the appearance. This is not a novel or an anime.

”excuse me. ”

He opened the door and walked in, followed by Tong Gu.

Stepping into the classroom, what caught my eye was the huge and empty department room of the animation club. The department room was very big, but there was an open space in the middle, and there was nothing on it. In the back place, there were a few bookshelves, tables and chairs. It is full of comics and novels, and on the surrounding walls, there are posters of various animations, especially EVA posters.

In front of the window opposite Senxia, ​​there was a girl in a school uniform.

”Hey, are you the one from yesterday… senpai?! ” Tong Gu shouted.

Well, yes, this person is the beautiful girl they saw together yesterday.

Tong Gu Xiao was very excited, but Sen Xia was very calm, he walked over: ”Senior, hello, I am Tian Hai Sen Xia from the second class of the first year, this is my classmate Tong Gu Xiao, we want to join this club. ”

”You want to join the Animic club? ” The girl closed the comic book in her hand, then stood up, and tucked her long hair behind her head, ”Its a pity, but Im afraid it won work, because the club will be abolished soon. ”

”…Huh? ” Tong Gu, who was excited behind him, was stunned, ”Why, why is the club suddenly going to be abolished here?! ”

”My name is Chiba Chika (ちば-ちか, Chiba-chika), a second-year student and the president of Animic. Although you seem to be very enthusiastic, Im sorry, because Im the only one here, so this year The club will be abolished. ” She was expressionless, with a look of refusing people thousands of miles away.

Such an indifferent appearance made Mori Xia think of a certain character known as Sanwu: ”Ayanami Rei ”.

”But the clubs related to animation, comics, and games are the only one in our school, right? ” Mori Xia felt a little unwilling to return home just like that.

”You can go to the computer club or the painting club. It is said that there are not many people in the film club, but it is still a little far from the abandoned club. ” She downloaded another comic, but she never looked at the two of them directly, and she still had that expressionless look.

”Didn you say that the Japanese like ACG the most? Why is it so depressed?! ” Tong Gu couldn believe it, now his eyes widened, his hands swayed randomly with his movements, watching him make such a fuss, Bisenxia More like from ****.

”Because this is Sakakino High School, isn it normal for private high schools to be different from outside? And there is no rule that everyone should like anime! ” Chiba Chika sat back at the window again, Mori Xia kept looking at Chiba Chika, but the other party still didn look directly at him.

”Then why are you still here? ” Sen Xia asked strangely.

”Its still a month before the official dismissal of the Ministry. Im here pretty normal. ” She didn look up.

This character is really weird enough. Sen Xia strongly suspects that the reason why she still stays in this place to read is simply because it is quiet enough here.

”Then Im really bothering you. Well leave now. ” After Mori Xia finished speaking, he took Tonggu, who didn want to leave, and left here. Since the club had already been abolished, there was no need to stay any longer.

”Sen Xia, why are you walking so fast, Senior Sister is so beautiful, why don we stay a little longer? ” Tong Gu seemed unwilling.

”So you were yelling just now to attract the attention of Senior Sister? ” Although it was Huang Mao, Tong Gu was surprisingly innocent.

Sen Xia patted Tonggu on the shoulder: ”You still have that heart to die. Its impossible for you and senior sister. Haven you seen her expression and tone of rejection? ”

”… ”

Tong Gu wilted.

Sen Xia turned around, then took out her notebook and continued to improve the previous story.

”Ah, wheres my notebook? ” He touched his purse. The notebook that was originally there was gone, probably dropped on the road. He regretted that he shouldn be running around with the notebook. .

”Forget it, anyway, my name is written on it, and its all in Chinese. I guess few people can understand it. There should be a broadcast in a while. ”

So, Sen Xia took out another notebook and continued to conceive the following story.

But it didn take long for Sen Xia to discover that the class suddenly became very quiet, and at the same time, Tong Gu also poked his back.

”Have you not started class yet? ”

Although the lunch break in Japan is not long, there should be some time now.

”No, Sen Xia, its Senior Sister! Senior Sister! ”

Senior Sister?

Sen Xia raised her head, just in time to see Senior Sister standing beside her desk, she looked at her with a radiant face, surrounded by silent students. Sen Xia noticed that Senior Sister was holding a notebook in her hand. There was no doubt that it belonged to him.

”This is a novel you wrote! ”

Senior Sisters tone was very excited and high-pitched, completely different from the previous high-coldness.

It turns out that you are a hot-blooded senpai, Sen Xia was shocked.

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