Tokyo Gentleman Story

Chapter 8 Senior Sister Dafa is Good

”I am back. ”

Opening the door and walking into the entrance, the first thing Sen Xia did was to take off the coat of the school uniform and then take off the tie.

Different from the gorgeous girls school uniforms, the mens school uniforms of Sakano Academy are very ordinary Japanese suits, and the most interesting design of this suit is the rigid tie. I don ask you to change the design. Anyway, change the material of the tie. , Now this tie hangs around the neck, it is no different from the torture instrument. And the most pitiful thing is that the school does not allow you to change school uniform accessories without authorization.

At this time, he thought of Nana Mizuki again, eh, if he went to Horikoshi High School at that time, wouldn the situation be completely different?

”Brother, you
e back, Ive already taken a shower. ” As soon as she took off her tie, Sen Xia heard her sisters voice, she was preparing dinner, and when she saw Sen Xia came back, she said, ”Give me the ingredients first, water. Its still hot, so hurry up and take a shower. ”

Ahem, lets talk a little here, Japanese bathing is divided into two parts: bathing and bathing. Taking a bath is to take a shower next to the bath. After the bath, enter the bath to take a bath. And the water in this bath is not meant to be changed, but for the family to take a bath. Because of this, Japanese bathing is often concentrated in a certain period of time. After you wash, I will go in.

Sen Xias habit is to take a shower after returning home, and for my sister, this is a shameful waste, so before or after my brother takes a bath, my sister will also go to take a bath, and sometimes just go in and wash together, over time, Even her younger sister Xuenuo also developed the habit of taking a bath as soon as she got home, and was taken away by Mori Xia.

”Well, ” Mori Xia handed the ingredients to Xuena, ”Youll catch a cold if you wear an apron like this, so change your clothes anyway. ”

Yukinos character is very gentle and virtuous. It is not an exaggeration to use ”perfect ” to describe her performance outside. She is simply a standard ”Yawa Nadeko ”, but the problem is that her sister, who is very ladylike outside, is very careless at home.

Not in terms of personality, Xue is a very well-behaved child, but… how should I put it, in front of my relatives, Im too defensive.

In the past, when her mother was still alive, she would remind Xuenuo to pay attention, but when her parents died, her unpreparedness broke out completely.

”Well, its at home anyway, what does it matter, its brother, you, hurry up and take a bath! ” In the eyes of my sister Xuenai, the most shameful brother was the one who wasted water resources.

”Tsk. ” Sen Xia shook her head.

He is a little bit of a clean freak. At this time, Sen Xia secretly rejoices that there are only two people in his family. If there are more than a dozen people in the family, then go take a bath now… Uh, Sen Xia wants to die. .

Mori Xia doesn have any serious cleanliness addiction, but she can stand Japanese peoples different thinking.

Sen Xia went up first to get a change of clothes, then threw the nightgown to Xuena, and then entered the bathroom.

After entering the bath, a fragrance drifted into Mori Xias nose, and she didn know if it was her sisters scent or the scent of body wash.

It sounds charming, but its actually kind of helpless, because if Sen Xia is the first to take a shower, her sister Xuenai will sometimes rush in halfway through and ask to take a bath with her or wipe her back or something. Sen Xia expresses pressure on this. big.

Japan is a very strange country. Some fathers and daughters even take baths together until their daughters reach adulthood. Adults in Japan are 20 years old, but Mori Xia can stand it.

If it was still a child, it would be fine, but my sister is getting older and older, and there are differences between men and women. This kind of thing really needs to be paid attention to. Probably because of the relationship between twins, the brothers and sisters are all mixed up, whether it is clothes. It doesn matter whether its other utensils or anything else. For the growing younger sister, Sen Xia feels that it is necessary to keep a little distance from the past.

Just like now, in order to prevent being attacked by his sister halfway, Sen Xia always asks her sister to wash first…

”Brother, will the water be cold? ” came the voice of my sister from outside.

”Uh, no! ” Sen Xia came back to her senses and started to rinse.

”Huh… ”

After entering the bath, Mori Xia also relaxed. Its no wonder that Japanese people like to take a bath. At this time, it really feels very comfortable. For Japanese people who have a lot of pressure in life, this should be very suitable. One of the ways to soothe it.

”Eh, but its really nice to have a younger sister. ”

Sen Xia sighed.

In a previous life, my parents once sighed that they wanted to have a daughter again, but it never came true, and one of Sen Xias friends who had a younger sister always complained to Sen Xia that her sister in the real world could make all the younger sisters control it. His fantasy collapsed and his spirit collapsed, so at that time, Sen Xia was a little fortunate that he did not have the role of ”sister ”.

But after arriving in this world, the parents wish came true because they gave birth to twins in one breath.

Although Sen Xia felt that her sister sometimes behaved inexplicably, her twin sister was indeed a very gentle and lovely child. Every time she was with her sister, Sen Xia felt warm in her heart.

The only thing that gave Sen Xia a headache was her sisters unconscious personality. Thinking of this, Sen Xia realized that her cheeks were a little red…

After taking a bath, dinner was ready and put in the dining room, and Xuenuo had already put on the nightgown given by Mori Xia, so she didn look as bad as before.

After eating, Mori Xia went to wash the dishes with her sister. The Japanese use a divided meal system. For two people to eat, it takes eight or nine plates. It is very troublesome to clean, but it is undeniable that the divided meal system is very hygienic and clean. Yes, Sen Xia likes it very much. If he doesn need to wash the dishes, he feels better.

Japanese students studies are as heavy as **** students, and Sakano Academy, a famous school, attaches great importance to this aspect. It is absolutely impossible not to do it, so after finishing the housework, Mori Xia and Yukino gathered around a table homework.

Although this is Yukinos room, before they graduated from elementary school three years ago, this was where Mori Xia and Yukino lived together. After the separation, the younger sister Xuenuo often rubbed against Senxias bed after he fell asleep. No way, in order to appease Xuenuo, brother Sen Xias activities are still carried out in this room where the two brothers and sisters once slept together, and only return to his room when he sleeps.

Because the school just started, the homework was finished quickly.

”Xue Nao, have you decided which club to join? ” Sen Xia asked.

”Well, just like the middle school, Im going to the Kendo Club, and Ive learned a bit, and it won affect my part-time job at the shrine, ” Xuenuo replied.

A middle school is a junior high school, and the Japanese name is somewhat different from ****.

As for the part-time job Yukino said, it refers to the part-time job at the nearby Toba Shrine. The name of this shrine is taken from Emperor Toba. As for whether there is such a shrine in the original world, Mori Xia has long stopped discussing this kind of thing. After all, it is a parallel world, discussing this kind of thing… I can only say that if you are serious, you will lose.

”What about brother? ” she asked.

”Animic Club, probably the club related to ACGN, our school is the only one. ” Mori Xia originally wanted his sister Yukino to join the animation club, but after hearing that her sister had plans, he gave up This idea, he respects his sisters wishes.

”Does my brother want to draw comics or play games? ” Yukino was a little curious.

The Japanese have a strange ergonomics, and its even okay to say that they are less healthy than any other country.

In Japanese light novels, and even in various traditional literature and myths, there are endless stories of marrying a sister, a sister, or even a mother, but the Japanese don care at all. This kind of content can appear openly, which is simply not to be seen in other countries.

But it is undeniable that for Mori Xia, the Japaneses very casual sexual concept can bring a lot of inspiration to his creation – who told him to never forget the 18X series of small butter?

But he would never tell his sister that he was going to do something like butter.

”Well, everyone is interested. Writing novels and making games are very interesting. ” So he said.

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