Tokyo Gentleman Story

Chapter 7 It\'s All Slots

After leaving the shopping street, Sen Xia did not go back immediately, but took advantage of the time left to head towards the community library.

Japanese libraries not only function as libraries, but videotapes, DVDs, etc. can be rented in this place. This is similar to the VCD rental houses in the 1990s, but it is more standardized. Its just convenience, probably because Japans copyright management is relatively good, so until the 21st century, their library has always had this business, and in terms of lifespan, it is much stronger than the **** VCD rental.

Well, who told the Japanese to develop such an inefficient Internet? The **** Internet has been in harmony in the world as early as the 21st century, so authors who have not subscribed can only go to the corner and cry, and then reluctantly wield the knife from the palace, compared with In other words, the fate of Japanese light novelists is still good.

Mori Xia borrowed a set of videotapes from ”You You White Book ”.

Although the original author of this animation work, Yoshihiro Fujian, is a king of draftsmen and a king of suspending publications, but I have to say that his works are of high quality.

This is an anime work that is worth studying. Whether it is an animation or a manga, it can be said that it is a good work.

After the work was done, Sen Xia was ready to go back.

If possible, Sen Xia actually wants to write animation scripts and the like, but doing animation or something is more troublesome than writing novels and making games, and many times it is thankless, if you just let your own work be adapted. , it is simple.

Eh, speaking of which, it would be great if the aliens could give him two golden fingers back then, Mori Xia sighed in his mind.

As a traveler, I don even have any useful golden fingers. This is really tragic. Why do I have no system, supernatural powers, such as the golden fingers that dazzle the sky, and the necessary halo of brain damage that a traveler must have. , you can make the people around you become idiots…

You see, isn that all those novels about business rebirth? When celebrities see the protagonist, they will give a discount, and then Xiao Ma is willing to offer QQ as a younger brother. When you buy express delivery, Ma will deliver it to your door in person. .

Even if there is no such aura of the king, there is still some kind of instant memory, the right hand like a copier, those who can remember every word of the work, and then can have a god-like style of painting. Sen Xia is envious.

”boom–! ”

”Um… ” ”Wow… ”

Probably because he thought too much, Sen Xia accidentally bumped into someone when he left the library. Fortunately, he stood firm and didn knock the things off his hands.

”Sorry, are you alright! ” After seeing that he bumped into a girl, Sen Xia hurried over.

”It doesn matter. ” The other party rubbed her head and stood up, but the plastic bag in her hand was torn, and the video tapes and comic books inside were spilled.

”Im sorry, sorry. ” Sen Xia was a little embarrassed to help the other party pick up the things.

”No, this bag is about to break, I just use it for the last time. ” The girl waved her hand.

However, Sen Xias movements were very fast. At this time, he had already packed everything, and then he suddenly noticed the dress of the girl.

”Hey, are you a student at Horikoshi High School? ”

What the girl is wearing is the uniform of Horikoshi High School. This school also existed in the original time and space. Horikoshi High School is a training center for entertainers and a star-making factory in Japan, and is known as the cradle of Japanese idols. In this regard, this The school is also a noble and prestigious school in Japan.

Mori Xia also had the opportunity to go there, but the school rules of Horikoshi High School are very strict, so Mori Xia chose Sakano School at the suggestion of her sister at that time.

”Well, yes. ” The girl nodded, she also noticed Mori Xias clothes, ”You are a classmate at Sakano School, please give me more advice. ”

One of the two schools is in Setagaya district and the other is in Nakano district. The distance from Musashino is not very far. It is not uncommon for the two to meet here.

”Well, yes, my name is Tianhai Senxia. By the way, Ill get this for you. ” Senxia saw that it was inconvenient for the girl to hold so many books, so she took the initiative to bring some.

I don know if its an illusion. He always feels that the face of the other party has been seen somewhere. No, its not just the face, but also this voice and this tone. ?

It is very convenient to return books in Japan. There is a book return point similar to a mailbox at the entrance of the library or outside. As long as you put the book in, Mori Xia walked over and put the book in with the other party.

”Im sorry, I don seem to have introduced myself yet. My name is Kondo Nana, please give me more advice. ” The girl thought that she hadn introduced herself yet, so she turned around, put her hands behind her back, and introduced her name to Sen Xia with a smile. .

”Oh…Wait, ” Sen Xia wanted to hear something very serious, ”What did you say your name was? ”

”Nana Kondo. ” She thought that Mori Xia didn hear clearly.

Of course, Mori Xia heard Kondos words clearly, but what he was shocked by was the name of the other party. ”Nana Kondo ” may not be known to many people, but the name ”Nana Mizuki ”, as long as people who have watched Japanese animation, probably will not know the other partys name, and Nana Mizukis real name is called Kondo Nana!

If its just a name, Mori Xia probably won feel anything, but the student of Horikoshi High School, whose name is also called Kondo Nana… Ill go, shouldn it really be the legendary Nana Mizuki?

”Im taking the liberty to ask, Kondo-san, did you study seiyuu? ” In order to confirm his opinion, Mori Xia finally asked.

A surprised expression appeared on Nanas face, and then she nodded desperately: ”Tianhaisang, you are so amazing, you guessed it right at once! ”

Well, the guy who made Mori Xia familiar at first glance was indeed the legendary Nana Mizuki who didn run away.

Sen Xia doesn have any celebrity plots, but she can really talk to some celebrities in the industry. Thinking about it, I feel a little excited.

”Tianhai-sang, how did you know that Im studying seiyuu! ” Kondo Nana clenched her hands tightly, her big eyes full of curiosity.

Hello, you are Nana Mizuki, not Airu Chitanda.

”Cough, just guess, your voice is very nice. ” One of the famous ”Seiyuu Yu Sanjia ”, your voice is not good.

Nana also tilted her head: ”Tianhai-kuns voice is also very nice, it has a very kind feeling. ”

”Well, its alright. ” Sen Xia wiped her nose. The aliens are very pitiful, but they gave him a good body. In this respect, Sen Xia feels quite satisfied. Is this a consolation prize?

Nana seemed to be about to say something, but at this moment, she seemed to think of something, then put her hands together and made an apologetic expression to Sen Xia: ”Sorry, I had a good time chatting, I almost forgot about it, I still There are things to do. ”

”Well, we are destined to meet again. By the way, just call me Sen Xia. ”

Hey, I originally saw a celebrity, but Sen Xia still had some small thoughts in her heart. Isn that what the novel says, the protagonists domineering side leaked, and then Xiao Ma (Ma Huateng) and Da Ma (Ma Yun) were very grateful. Bowing his head Nabai, as for those legendary women in the business world who saw the protagonist, they even abandoned their husbands and children and put their minds behind them.

But the encounter between himself and Kondo Nana seemed to be just a chance encounter, and Mori Xia felt a little lost in her heart.

Nana probably really has something to do. She left the library quickly, and Sen Xia shook her head and walked in the direction of home. Anyway, he is not a seiyuu. It would be good to have the opportunity to cooperate or be a friend in the future. If there is no fate , and there is no need to forget.

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