Tokyo Gentleman Story

Chapter 6 My name is Nana

Moris home is located in the southeast of Musashino.

Musashino is an agricultural product supply base and residential area in the suburbs of Tokyo. It is located on the west side of Tokyo. Going westward from Musashino can be said to be in the countryside.

Because its a suburb, this place doesn have much of a metropolitan feel.

But Mori Natsus home is in a good place. To the southeast is Setagaya Ward, to the east is Suginami Ward, to the northwest is Nerima Ward, and to the east of Suginami Ward is the legendary Shinjuku and Shibuya.

Musashino is different from Setagaya in the wealthy district. There are not many high-rise buildings here. They are all very ordinary houses.

”There is a gym class today. Im sweating a bit. Ill take a shower first. Ill leave the ingredients to my brother. ” When he got off the subway and approached the house, Xuenai instructed.

”Well, alright. ” Sen Xia handed the schoolbag to Xuenai, and then headed towards the nearby supermarket. Although you can buy a little bit at the convenience store, the price of the convenience store is higher than that of the supermarket.

There is a shopping street not far from Sen Xias home, so it is very convenient to buy ingredients.

Since her parents disappeared, its her younger sister who is cooking at home, and Sen Xia sometimes helps to buy ingredients, just like now.

Unlike the Setagaya district, which is full of large roads, the roads in Musashino are not wide, and some small roads can even accommodate only one car, but I have to say that the streets here are very clean, and the streets are not wide. , gives a very warm feeling.

Not far from Kichijoji in Musashino in Mori Natsus house, there are several shopping streets on the side of Kichijoji, and the shooting location of the shopping street in the animation ”FATE-UBW ” is there.

But Mori Xia didn want to go to that kind of amazing place. There is a small commercial street here called ”Deshan Shopping Street ”.

Mori Xia walked over from the tree-lined corridor next to it. This tree-lined corridor is very long. Although there are houses on both sides, but in the corridor, there is a feeling of being in the forest. I have to say that the Japanese are here. The details are still very good. Although it is a city, there is such a wonderful place.

To the north of the tree-lined corridor is the Tokyo Metropolitan Waterworks Bureau Water Purification Plant, not far from the shopping street.

In the ”forest ”, Sen Xia can see a few wild cats from time to time.

Japan is a very strange country. In this place, dogs must wear collars and be led by people to go out, but the restrictions on cats are very small, so there are not many stray dogs in this place, but stray cats are often seen.

The boulevard is very quiet, giving people a very comfortable feeling, but now is not the time to enjoy it. After crossing the boulevard, Mori Xia arrived at the Deshan Shopping Street.

This is a relatively remote shopping street.

Although it is a street, there is a canopy here, and the ground is covered with tiles. The road on the street is not wide, and at first glance, it seems a little crowded.

Entering the shopping street, on the right side of Senxia is a KFC fried chicken shop. There is no seat, just a window, selling fried chicken and burgers. Just as KFC has its own recipes in China, KFC entering Japan also has its own strategy.

There were not many people in the shopping street now, so he went straight to the Asahi Fresh Butcher Shop.

Although it is a ”fresh meat store ”, this store not only sells meat, but also vegetables and fruits, and even cooked food.

After choosing the ingredients, Mori Xia took another bunch of bananas.

Don get me wrong, bananas are not bought because of some strange thing, but because the price of fruit in Japan is skyrocketing. Relatively speaking, bananas are the cheapest, so if you want to eat fruit in Japan, bananas are the most suitable.

In order to ensure nutrition, when Sen Xia came to buy vegetables, he would occasionally choose two bunches of bananas.

As for other fruits, Senxia has only one word to say about their prices: ”Haha. ”

After everything was ready, Sen Xia went to the counter.

”Ah, Xuena, you
e here! ”

Standing here at the counter was an all-white-haired grandmother wearing a Japanese-style kimono. When she saw Mori Xia, she smiled and said hello.

”Its not Yukino, Im Mori Xia, Granny Asahi, you forgot your glasses again. ”

One of the characteristics of Japanese shopping is that they don say a few words. People say that Japanese people are the most polite people, but it is very strange when shopping. Young people will leave immediately after buying something, no It is common to say ”thank you ” to the clerk, but the elderly will say ”all touch (thank you) ” and ”ali gado (still means thank you) ” when shopping.

However, Sen Xia and Xue are frequent visitors to this commercial street, and there are many people here who are also related to Sen Xias neighbors, so Sen Xia and Xuenai often meet people who say hello when they are here. Will chat.

”Oh, its Mori Xia. ” Grandma Asahi put on her glasses and took the bag from Mori Xias hand with a smile.

After paying the bill for Mori Xia, Grandma Asahi took out two more croquettes: ”Moren Xia, take this, its for you and Xuena. ”

Croquette is a kind of snack made of fried potatoes and minced meat. It originated from France but has been improved by Japan. It is one of the more traditional foods in this country. It is tied with crepes and octopus balls. Japanese animation has the most overseas exports. one of the three major foods.

”Thank you mother-in-law. ” Sen Xia did not refuse. Every time he and Xuenai came to buy something, mother-in-law Asahi would give them a croquette. .

”By the way, Mori Xia, how was your first day in high school? ”

Asahis mother-in-law has presbyopia, but she doesn like wearing glasses, so after handing the croquette to Senxia, ​​she took off the glasses and put them aside.

”Well, the school is very big and very good. ” Sen Xia replied.

Japan is an aging society. The elderly in this country are very lonely, and their children rarely go home to see their parents. Unlike the Chinese people who rarely go home because they are busy with their careers, this kind of atmosphere in Japan is closer to a kind of A feeling of indifference.

In fact, since the 1980s, the number of people living alone in Japan has been increasing, especially the elderly. In Japan, children have the right not to support their parents, so if people living alone die suddenly, it is not uncommon for them to go unnoticed for days, weeks, months, or even years.

Speaking of which, mother-in-law Asahi gave Mori Xia and Yukino croquettes because of this relationship.

Asahis mother-in-laws husband died early, and her two sons live in Osaka, so she is usually home alone. About half a year ago, when Mori Xia and Xuenai came to buy ingredients, they suddenly found that Granny Asahi was not here, and Xuenai was a little worried, so the two went to Granny Asahis house together.

As a result, it turned out that Asahis mother-in-law had collapsed at the entrance, and it was Mori Xia and Xuenuo who sent each other to the hospital together.

Senxia doesn reject chatting with mother-in-law Asahi and listening to her nagging, because the old man just wants you to talk to them more.

”Is the tuition enough? Sakano Academy is private, right? ” Mother Asahi asked with concern.

”Well, no problem, the savings left by my parents are enough, and if there is really no way, I will go to Uncle Sato. ”

Satos uncles name is Sato Ichiro, and he is the current guardian of Mori Xia and Yukino. He is a lawyer. He is omnipotent in housework. Yukinos cooking skills and sewing skills are all learned from Sato Ichiro, but he does not live in Mori. Xias home, but has his own family.

”Ah, if there is little Sato, there will be no problem. ” Granny Asahi also showed a relieved expression.

The origin of the word ACG is Dawan. It was very popular in the 1990s, but it is rarely used in Japan now. The ACG and ACGN in the text are for the convenience of your understanding. After all, the vocabulary must be localized, and after all, it is a parallel world.

Personally, I am an extremely reasonable party, but I think that what I wrote like that is not the Japan that everyone remembers. It is as if Japan does not have the word anime. There are holes in our cognition everywhere. Some of them can be used as stalks, but everywhere Its tricky to use it, so the stalk of the parallel world is adopted, and it is also responsible for the readers.

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