Tokyo Gentleman Story

Chapter 5 Similar but Different Worlds

Japanese schools have a very tight class time. Each class at Sakano High School is 50 minutes. The first class starts at 8:40 in the morning, and each class has a ten-minute break until the end of get out of class at 12:30. Then, they only have There is a 50-minute break, and the class starts at 1:20 in the afternoon and lasts until 3:00.

After that, from 4:00 to 6:00, it is the time for club activities.

Of course, if there are no club activities, it is almost time to go back, and some cram schools will choose to start classes at 4 oclock in the afternoon – the style of tutoring in Japan is even worse than that of ****. Of course, Japan is not called a cram school, but a more professional name called ”private school ”.

”elder brother! ”

After school, a girl stood at the door of the classroom and waved to Sen Xia.

The jet-black bangs draped over the snow-white forehead, and the long straight hair was bundled into a ponytail, and the ends of the hair fell down to the waist. Because the skin was very fair, the hair, eyelashes and pupils appeared darker.

The girl just stood there, and the quiet and elegant temperament naturally exudes. The girl has delicate facial features, big eyes, a small nose, and lips that make you want to kiss it. She seems to be delicate Like a doll, lovable.

The girl was smiling at Sen Xia at the moment. That violet-like smile was intoxicating and yearning.

”Xue Nao. ”

Sen Xia packed her schoolbag and walked out under Tong Gu Xiaos envious, jealous eyes.

Amami-Yukino (あまみ-ゆきの, Amami-Yukino), this is the name of Mori Xias younger sister, she is a twin who looks almost identical to Mori Xia, and she is now in the first class of high school next door to Mori Xia.

Mmmm, a very beautiful girl, and she was the first girl Mori saw who wore the school uniform of Sakano Academy.

Although Yukinos figure is delicate, it gives people a feeling of wanting to take care of her. A safe-born figure is simply perfect under a slim school uniform.

”How does it feel to start school? ” Sen Xia asked while walking beside her sister.

”Well, the classmates are all good people. ” Xuenai smiled, and then said hello to the classmates next to her, ”Brother, do you care? ”

”Its nothing, Im just afraid that you will be bullied. ” When Sen Xia said this, he thought of Takayuki Kiritani. This guy approached him at first, but it was not because of Xuenai, if someone like Takayuki Kiritani dared to approach For my sister, this danger must be eliminated.

In addition, Mori Xia is also worried about school bullying. In Japan, school bullying is a common occurrence. In Japanese comics, the childhood shadows of many protagonists are not because of school bullying. This is the reality in anime. map.

”By the way, brother, someone in our class asked you about your situation and said that there is a handsome guy in the second class who is very similar to me. ” Xuenai smiled.

”Don worry about them. ” Sen Xia shook her head.

In Japan, the number of beautiful girls is definitely a minority. The beautiful girl I saw before and the current sister are the exceptions, but why do Japanese girls look so cute?

The reason is simple: makeup.

Japanese girls are among the best at makeup in the world. There are not a few girls who are goddesses and dinosaurs before and after removing makeup. Unlike our big ****, girls are all natural!

Sen Xia also has some eyesight. The beautiful girl from before has a rare plain face, which is easy to see.

As for the others… ahem, you can play with it from a distance.

”Is there no girl you like? ” Xuenuo tilted her head, ”The boys seem to be discussing the topic of girls today. Does my brother have no interest in girls? ”

”How is that possible? ” Mori Xia shook his head. He was not as short-sighted as these Japanese. ”Its just that he doesn like it, and the school also prohibits dating. ”

Sakano School used to be a religious school and a girls school, so some places have strict requirements, especially for girls, the school rules such as not being in a relationship were set when it was still a girls school.

But on the contrary, in school, the requirements for boys are not so strict. For example, Sen Xia now has half-length hair that is not long at the shoulders. It is properly dragged out in the **** and pushed out with a flat head. But here, there are many boys with longer hair than Senxia.

I came down from the corridor and went to the shoe cabinet to start changing my shoes.

Japanese schools have a rule that they have to put on special indoor shoes indoors, so after entering the school, the first thing students do is go to the shoe cabinet to change their shoes.

There is a very classic scene in Japanese comics. When a classmate opens the shoe cabinet, he finds a letter of confession in it. The shoe cabinet in that place is the shoe cabinet that goes in and out of the school to change shoes.

Mori Xia took off her indoor shoes and put on small leather shoes… Uh, to be honest, Mori Xia doesn like leather shoes very much, but theres no way around that. Sakano Private Schools school uniform includes shoes. , There are both indoor and outdoor shoes. This is the spirit of a famous school, but it is a big slot for Senxia who hates leather shoes. After changing the shoes, Sen Xia tugged on the tie that was strangling her neck again. To be honest, the girls uniforms in this school can at least be said to be beautiful, but the boys uniforms are a fool.

”Is your neck uncomfortable? ” Yukino next to her had also changed her shoes.

”Its a little bit, the tie here is too hard and a little awkward. ” Sen Xia also changed her shoes and walked out of the school with her sister.

The surrounding streets don look like many people, despite the high population density in Japan, but during non-commute hours, there are very few people you can see on such ordinary streets, unless you go to a commercial street. places like that.

Walking on such a street with my sister, I do have a very comfortable feeling in my heart.

Then, Sen Xia saw a man in a suit hurried past him, completely destroying the mood that Sen Xia had just created.

”Tsk. ” Sen Xia tilted her head.

The pace of life in Japan is fast, and everyone is in a hurry, forming a strong contrast with this pleasant street.

After walking for a while, they had reached the intersection and were waiting for the red light on the opposite side.

The Japanese abide by traffic rules. Even if there are no pedestrians on the road next to them, they will not run red lights. Mori Xia thinks this is a good habit.

”Hey, why do Japanese schools only have elementary school backpacks… ”

While waiting for the red light, Sen Xia complained again.

Sen Xia had a habit in her past life, that is, she likes to carry a backpack when she goes out. This kind of backpack is convenient and comfortable, and it is very suitable as a school bag and a computer bag. But in Japan, most of the backpackers are elementary school students. After middle school and high school students, their bags will turn into shoulder bags or even briefcases.

The bags of Mori Xia Junior High School are not bad. They are very common standard bags, which can be carried on one shoulder. However, the schoolbags of the high school of Sakano School are very ugly backpacks that can only be carried in the hands of a briefcase. The school uniform is indeed very temperamental, but for Sen Xia, this is a big slot.

”If you have a backpack, it will be very childish. ” Xuenuo tilted her head, she stood quietly, holding her schoolbag in front of her, looking like a lady.

”Of course its not the kind of backpack for elementary school students. Im talking about something like a canvas bag or a travel bag. ” Senxia said.

”Hey, isn that an otaku? ” Yukino was shocked.

”Uh… ”

Wearing a T-shirt, sneakers and jeans underneath, and carrying a large backpack… Ill go, in Japan, this is really the standard otaku dress!

Sen Xia couldn refute it!

”Well, the green light is on, lets go home first. ” Fortunately, the green light saved Mori Xia, who was in embarrassment. After he hurriedly dragged Xuenai across the road, he entered the subway station.

Unlike the streets with few people outside, the subway station finally gained some popularity.

The subways in Japan during rush hour are very crowded, but on weekdays, its fine. Walking into the empty and clean subway, Sen Xia and her sister set foot on the way home.

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