Tokyo Gentleman Story

Chapter 4 Sister Dafa is good

”…I don understand. ” Tong Gu Xiao watched it for a long time, but only in Chinese, he still couldn understand what was written on it, he simply took out the booklet and started to read it.

”It doesn seem to be there. I originally wanted to join a club like this. I go to the club every day to watch animations and chat about comics. It seems to be quite interesting… ” Takaya Kiritani flipped through the booklet, but it was still true. Couldn find anything about this.

”Probably has something to do with the schools traditions. Its normal not to. ”

Mori didn know if there was such a school in the original Tokyo, but in this world, Sakano Academy is one of the most famous schools in Tokyo.

”Forget it, ” Tong Gu threw the booklet on the table and stretched out.

”That… If you are looking for the ACG club, I have seen one. ” The boy sitting on the right hand side of Mori Xia looked here.

”Oh, yes, where is it? ” Upon hearing this, Takashi Kiritani seemed even more excited than Senxia.

”On the penultimate page, there is an Animic club. ” The boy pointed to the booklet in Kiritanis hand.

”Im really grateful, Harada-kun. ” Mori Xia saw the name on his notepad.

”Animic? What kind of weird name is this? ” Kiritani muttered as he turned to the penultimate page, and he saw the clubs name in a corner. ,What means? ”

”Animation, manga, games, and novels…heh, this club really has the same requirements as mine. But the word Animic should be a coined word, and it should mean anime! ”

”Animic ”, which is the combination of animation ”Anime ” and manga ”Comic ”, is a new word. There is no word for ”anime ” in Japanese, but there is no doubt that the meaning of this English word is to represent the Japanese word. ”cartoon ”.

A word full of temperament in middle school.

”Its a strange name, but apart from this club, there seems to be no other ACG club here, right? ” A smile appeared on Tonggus face, ”If you look at it this way, this must be a big club, and there must be a lot of girls in this club. Come on~! ”

”Ill go take a look first, do you want to come with me? ” Sen Xia took out his booklet and tore off the last page of the application for admission.

”Of course! ” Tong Gu nodded desperately.

After the two filled out the form, they headed towards the department where the animation club was located.

From the classroom, it is the corridor. The floors of the school are all wooden and painted. .

Sakano Academy is very big. After the two left the teaching building, they walked towards another building.

Unlike ****, most of the well-known schools in Japan are private schools, such as Waseda University, which is completely private. Sakano Academy is not only a famous school, but also a private school. It is located in the northeastern area of ​​Setagaya District, Tokyo, Japan. This is a wealthy area in Japan. Sakano Academy has a long tradition, giving people a very simple and peaceful The breath of the air, walking on both sides of the campus, looking at the cherry trees that are about to open, does not have a certain feeling.

Oh, yes, although when it comes to Japan, cherry blossoms must be mentioned, but in fact, the national flower of Japan is the chrysanthemum…

”Sen Xia, what works do you like to watch the most, can you recommend one for me? ” As he was walking on the road, Tong Gu Xiao suddenly asked.

”Animation, manga, games, light novels, all of them. ” Mori Xia said seriously.

Tong Gu Xiao was stunned: ”Hey, are you an otaku?! ”

”Im serious, and I like 18X and Little Butter the most. ” Mori Xia patted Kiritani on the shoulder, um, he was serious, ”Well, by the way, lets talk about Sakura Communication, how about this comic? . ”

Since its Huangmao, you should really like this kind of comics, right?

”Sakura Communication…? Comics that I haven read. ” Kiritani scratched his head a little embarrassedly.

Mori Xias face was full of ”囧 ”: ”Then lets change the game, lets talk about Lance! ”

Tong Gu Xiao: ”… ”

Sen Xia: ”A junior student? ”

Kiritani Takashi: ”Is it a student of the same class? I have seen OVA! ”

After some conversation, Sen Xia has come to understand that this ”bad ” with yellow hair and a fierce face is actually a young boy who doesn even play 18X games.

”Ah, here it is. ” Fortunately, the two have already arrived at the teaching building where the animation club is located, so there is no need to continue the previous embarrassment.

”Hey, Mori, theres a beautiful girl over there! ” Just as Mori was thinking about joining the club, he was suddenly pulled by Takashi Kiritani.

”What? ” Sen Xia looked in the direction Tonggu Takaya pointed, and there was indeed a girl there. This girl was sitting quietly on a chair in the garden in front of the teaching building, holding a book of ”Ranma ” in her hand. 1/2 ”, is reading quietly.

Then Sen Xia was stunned.

The long black hair hangs down to the waist, the girls beautiful face has no expression at all, but there is an indescribable feeling of melancholy in her bright black eyes, she sits there, it seems that she has naturally become a Like a work of art.

Although melancholy girls are rare, the experienced Sen Xia is not too surprised by this matter. He is actually moved, because the girl in front of him is the first one he has seen from hundreds of female classmates today. Two girls in school uniforms are also very attractive.

Her figure is fully displayed under the printed lining of the school uniform, and the wide lace headband on her head matches the school uniform to have an elegant feeling. The word ”slim lady ” seems to be made for her.

Sen Xia burst into tears, this is really not easy.

Look at the comic book in the girls hand again, how did you say that sentence, after a long drought meets the rain, when you meet an old friend in a foreign land, you are moved!

Not only is his appearance outstanding, but he also seems to be the same manga lover. At this time, Mori Xia even has an urge to join. However, if he rushed up like this, and then shouted ”The King of Heaven and Earth Tiger ”, the opposite side probably wouldn answer ”The River Demon of Baota Town ”, but would look at himself with a neurotic look?

It was probably about to go to class. After checking the time, the girl packed up the comics in her hand and left soon, leaving only the nympho Takashi Kiritani here to continue YY.

”Lets go, the class is about to start, lets go to the animation club first. ” Although she is a beautiful girl, Mori Xia doesn have sperm on her head. Tsukiya left here, and then came all the way to the classroom of the animation club.

”Oh, oh, the classroom is very big, there must be a lot of people in it! ”

Generally speaking, some departments in Japanese high schools are shared with other places such as science preparation rooms, music classrooms, etc. However, in Sakano Academy, many clubs have their own separate classrooms. Although the animation club is now closed, there are large classrooms ranging from more than 100 square meters to more than 200 meters in the animation club, and only large clubs have activity rooms.

”Maybe the beautiful girl just now will also be a member of the Animic club… Hey, the door seems to be locked. ” Kiritani impatiently walked to the door, but he found that the door here was locked.

”Its the first day of school today, so theres no activity. It should be fine in two days. ” Sen Xia tugged at his tie, this thing was really unaccustomed to.

”Hey, lets see again tomorrow. ” Tong Gu Xiao also looked disappointed.

Back in the classroom, the afternoon class is about to start.

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